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Paloma Pilar Duffy


Facts of Paloma Pilar Duffy

Full NamePaloma Pilar Duffy
First NamePaloma
Middle NamePilar
Last NameDuffy
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameSean Duffy
Father ProfessionAmerican politician, former sports commentator, television personality, and prosecutor
Mother NameRachel Campos-Duffy
Mother ProfessionAmerican television personality
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsEvita, Lucia, Maria, Margarita, Valentina, Xavier Jack, John-Paul, and Patrick
Date of BirthMay 18,2008
Age15 years

Paloma Pilar Duffy is the fifth child and second daughter of American television personality Rachel Campos-Duffy and American politician, former sports commentator, television personality, and prosecutor Sean Duffy

Parent’s wedding

Her parents are such a loving couple. They got married after having love affairs for several months. 

They met for the first time on the set of the reality show ‘Road Rules: All-Stars.’ Afterward, they began dating. They tied a knot on 10 April 1999

They are still together and spending blissful marital life.

The couple posted a beautiful wedding photo of themselves on their 20th marriage anniversary on their respective Instagram accounts with a very heartwarming caption on 10 April 2019.

Here is the photo from Rachel's Instagram, where the handsome groom kissed his beautiful wife. They look stunning in their elegant wedding dress. 

The caption is, 

‘I told you on one…’ 

Parents Wedding Photo
Parents Wedding Photo Source: Instagram

Announcement and her birth

Her mother announced that she was expecting her fifth child in December 2007. She had revealed the gender of the child in January 2008

Paloma Pilar Duffy was born on 18 May 2008 in the United States. Her weight and height were 6.48 lbs and 19 inches at the time of birth. 

Her four siblings and father welcomed her first home entering with pink balloons, and her mother welcomed with a bunch of pink roses. 

That was such a happy moment for the family. 

Announcement Of Her Birth
Announcement Of Her Birth Source: Long Island Families


She has eight siblings together to date. She has five sisters and three brothers. Her sisters are Evita, Lucia, Maria, Margarita, and Valentina and the names of brothers are Xavier Jack, John-Paul, and Patrick

Her youngest sister Valentina has Down syndrome

The bonding between brothers and sisters is very strong. They enjoy each other company very much. 

Here is a family photo of her, and the photo was taken on the graduation day of her older sister Evita

Paloma Pilar Duffy with her parents and seven siblings
Paloma Pilar Duffy with her parents and seven siblings Source: Instagram

Father’s baking buddy

She has a unique relationship with her loving father. She is often seen in her father’s workplace and several other places. She looks so mature at a young age. 

Her father posted a photo with her where the father-daughter duo is busy baking in their kitchen on the occasion of Christmas.

 They are posing with a smile while baking cookies. The photo is so cute. The caption is 

‘Special holiday…’

Father's Baking Buddy
Father's Baking Buddy Source: Instagram

First day of school

On 23 August 2018, her father posted a photo of her and her sister MariV first day of their new class.

On that day, her parents took them to school to make them comfortable with the teachers and their friends. 

In that photo, Paloma is carrying her school bag and seems excited for her first day in school

First Day Of School
First Day Of School Source: Instagram

Rachel thinks it’s beneficial to have lots of kids

In a conversation with FOX News, Rachel mentioned how she handled her family. Rachel stated that it is not as easy or perfect as it seems. 

But however it is, it’s a lot of fun, she added. She also shared that she and her husband find a way to do it. 

She also revealed her secret to doing it, which is having an awesome partner in your life. The lady says that both of them are great teams when together. 

Not only this, she mentioned that if you have a lot of kids, they automatically learn how to be cooperative. 

Rachel also says that these all are children who do not at all feel entitled because they can’t for real. 

Instead, they learn to help and support each other, and also, being the parents, they expect them to help as well. 

In her view, too, she thinks they are being grown as good kids too. She feels so because of that reason only. 

Other than that, when asked about how does Rachel sees the intersection between family and politics? Rachel said that in her family, it is just what it is. 

She revealed how many of their children had been raised as they were running for congress, or even their father was already into being a congressman. 

She continued by stating that politics and family are part of their lives. 

She said she loved this type of topic the host brought up during this interview, in her viewpoint regarding the implications of marriage and family. 

Rachel answered there were many. She said one talks about their marriage culture with having your last gust. 

She also mentioned that it all comes down to their personal responsibilities. 

Rachel also made us think that if you try to look at the marriage culture around or even the lack of it in the country now or the ways it’s been secularized is totally overwhelming; she added. 

Especially for her, they just go about what they can do, how to raise their family, and also give top priority to how their children are being raised with character and with all the tools they need to be successful. 

Net worth

She is the daughter of celebrity parents. Her parents have a considerable amount of net worth and salary. 

Her father has a net worth of 100 thousand dollars. He manages to earn that sum of income from his attorney professional and also from his television career.

 He became a district law attorney in 2002, and at the same time, he was a commentator on the ESPN Sports channel, which helped him to add in his income. 

His political career also gives him a name and fame. He was elected for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010 and 2012. He resigned from Congress on 23 September 2019

Her mom has a net worth of 500 thousand dollars. She earns that sum of money from her television career.

She has a co-host for several talk shows on different channels. Some are shown below.

ABC NewsThe View
Fox NewsOutnumbered


  1. Her current age is 12.
  2. She is American by nationality.
  3. Her mother, Rachel, had suffered from two miscarriages.
  4. Her maternal grandparents are Miguel Campos and Maria de Pilar.
  5. Her paternal grandparents are Carol Ann and Thomas Walter Duffy.

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