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Olga Kurylenko Follows A Strict Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Published Tue May 28 2019 By paper-boat
Olga Kurylenko Follows A Strict Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Olga Kurylenko is a fantastic actress, and she has a body that everyone dreams of having. 

She follows a strict diet, and her workout routine is on point. 

She had to go for a leaner body for Quantum of Solace. 

Her secret behind a fantastic body is not a gym, and this might shock a lot of people. 

Instead, she takes dance classes to get that fantastic figure. 

She said that,

“I don’t go to the gym! I take dance classes. It’s partially for the role, [but] it’s so much fun though. To feel your body moving.

Olga Kurylenko Eating Cabbage For Bigger Boobs

In an interview with Team Coco, Olga revealed that she used to eat cabbage for bigger boobs. She also said that she still does.

Here is the interview in which she revealed the secret of her sexy figure. 


Workout Routine

Olga uses cardio equipment like jump rope and few dumbbells to get that sexy figure of hers. 

Her complex yoga skills are unbelievable. If there is one person in this world, who can make yoga pants look like a dream on her, it is Olga. Watch this video of passion personified. It is too hot to handle.

Diet Plan

She loves food and does not compromise but she manages to dance to burn the calories. 

She is into skydiving, kickboxing, training, martial training and the main reason she does all of these is to increase her stamina and power. Despite all of these, her main secret is definitely the dance lessons.

She is also an example of someone who wants a healthy figure does not have to go on strict dieting plans and hardcore gym lessons. As she has mentioned that she eats what she loves and takes the help of dance lessons to burn them out.

However, a person must be very dedicated if they want their dream body but you don’t have to leave everything behind and go on diet plans which you do not want to. 

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