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Facts of Norbert Klopp

Full NameNorbert Klopp
First NameNorbert
Last NameKlopp
ProfessionCelebrity Parent
Birth CountryGermany
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseElisabeth Klopp
No Of Children2

Norbert Klopp is the father of a German professional football manager and former player of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp.

He was also a former goalkeeper.

Early life 

Norbert resided with Elisabeth in a town called Baden-Wurttemburg that lies in south Germany. He worked as a traveling salesman, also known as a vendor. Klopp used to be a footballer back in the day and was a goalkeeper. 

The pair had two older daughters and son Jurgen Klopp. Norbert was always a fan of football, and he encouraged his son to do the same. He was a big supporter of VfB Stuttgart, a German sports club based in his home town. 

Norbert taught his children how to ski and play tennis. It is said that Norbert and his wife were complete opposites. 

Elisabeth was understanding, maternal, and caring, while Norbert was rigid and had to understand. The family lived most of their early years in the countryside.

Norbert Klopp Wife Elisabeth Klopp with her son Jurgen Klopp
Norbert Klopp Wife Elisabeth Klopp with her son Jurgen Klopp Source: Lifeblogger

Jurgen opens up about his father, Norbert Klopp

In an interview in 2018, Jurgen Klopp admitted that his father was a tough man, but he loved him and his family a lot despite his hard outer shell. Norbert was described to be a pusher, someone who pushes people to do the best.

"He wasn't the most patient guy, so it was very awkward when I wasn't as good as he wanted. He was a natural mentor, a rough one, a drill sergeant instead," 

said Jurgen.

According to Klopp, at five or six years of age, his daily training practice was to race his father from the training pitch to the halfway line.

He also said that Norman made him a quick player and did not fail to educate his kids every day.

Jurgen continued with, 

"When I played for Mainz, he was always proud, and I wasn't a decent player. Sadly, the year before I became a manager, he died, but I'm Christian and think he now has the greatest place in the world to see it all."

Norbert Klopp's battle with cancer

Norbert was a hard and rigid man, but he tried to fill fire and energy in others' lives. It was found out that Norbert had cancer in 1998. The battle went on for two years after Norbert gave up and passed away in 2000.

This was a big blow to the Klopp family, especially Jurgen, as he could not tell him he had become the Liverpool manager.

After the death of his father, Jurgen addressed his fans with tears running down his face. He said that whatever he has become is because of his dad. He is glad that Norbert is in a better place. 

Relationship, ex-wife, and kids 

It might be surprising, but the Liverpool manager has been married twice. He was once married to Sabine Klopp, but their relationship ended with the divorce in 2001. They have a son together named Marc

Jurgen is currently married to Ulla Sandrock. She is famously known for her philanthropy as she made extensive donations to the Liverpool team. 

Sandrock has also spent months in Kenya as a teacher. She also has a son named Dennis from a previous marriage.

Net worth and earnings 

Jurgen Klopp's net worth is estimated to be $26 million. His amount has recently spiked after Liverpool won the Champions League in 2019.

His earnings and time period are calculated as follow:

Time period Estimated earnings 
Per day £27,472
Per week £1,92,307
Per month £8,33,333
Per year £10 million

Age, height, and weight

  1. Norbert Klopp died at the age of 68 in 2000.
  2. His height and weight are unavailable.
  3. He had ash brown hair.
  4. His eyes were hazel.
  5. Klopp loved sports.
  6. He played football in a small team as a youngster.
  7. Klopp was raised as a Christian.

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