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Noah Solskjaer


Facts of Noah Solskjaer

Full NameNoah Solskjaer
First NameNoah
Last NameSolskjaer
ProfessionNorwegian Footballer
Birth CityKristiansund
Birth CountryEngland
Father NameOle Gunnar Solskjaer
Father ProfessionNorwegian football manager
Mother NameSilje Solskjaer
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsKarna Solskjaer and Elijah Solskjaer
Height190 cm
Weight82 kg
Date of BirthJune 8,2000
Age24 years

Noah Solskjaer is the son of famous football manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. His father is a coach of Manchester United Club.

Ole is the son of Oivind Solskjaer and Brita Solskjaer.

Family and siblings

Noah's parents name are Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Silje Solskjaer

Noah's parents started dating in 1992, and they got married in 2004 in a beautiful place named Florida

Noah's parents got married during the time his father was a player of Manchester United

Noah has two other siblings: named Karna Solskjaer (17 years) and Elijah Solskjaer.

His sister is also a football player and is planning to play for  Manchester United Senior team. 

Noah Solskjaer's parents Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Silje Solskjaer
Noah Solskjaer's parents Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Silje Solskjaer Source: Instagram

Family's Love for football 

Every individual of the Noah family is interested in some sorts of sports, mainly football. 

Noah's whole family is involved in the football business. They are those family who is born for football. 

The love for football from them is indescribable. They enjoy every moment of football and consider it their life. 

The football field can be considered as their second house. The passion for football is so infinite to them.

Noah's talks about his favorite player

Noah has always loved watching and playing football since he was a small child. 

He was motivated and inspired by many players and has dreamt of becoming one of them since the beginning. 

Noah has stated that he is inspired by Michael Carrick's game. 

Michael Carrick is a former player assigned as a team coach at Manchester United

Michael is a professional football coach. He loves watching Michael Carrick's game

Michael inspires Noah to be a better player. Noah has learned a lot from Michael's games

His recently favorite player is Wayne Rooney, an English football manager who manages the Championship club Derby country.

Beginning of his career

On 30 July 2019, Noah debuted with his Kristiansund first team members after playing opposite of Manchester United

This whole game was organized through Noah's father, Ole Gunnar

The game was a friendly match. It was a small step for Noah towards his dream. 

Noah was a member of Kristiansund from the year 2014

Since day one, he has been playing and learning with the member of Kristiansund. 

In November 2020, Noah did his public appearance through Kristiansund, and later on, he did a professional agreement with Kristiansund till 2020 December

So we can say that Noah is the former midfielder of Kristiansund. This is the beginning of Noah's dream. 

And hope to see him in the coming future.

Noah Solskjaer with his father Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and sibling
Noah Solskjaer with his father Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and sibling. Source: The Sun

Noah’s father: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Ole Gunnar is a professional Norwegian football manager and head coach and manager of club Manchester United. 

He was born on 26 February 1973 in Norway. Since a young age, Ole has always loved playing football. 

He has played at a local football club at the age of seven. 

But during the ages between 8-9, he tried to get involved in his father's career, which was Greco-Roman wrestler. 

But later on, he failed and gave up on it. So instead, he started to get involved in his path, which was football. 

He was a player in Manchester United and currently became team coach of it.

Noah's parents had a breakdown

The beautiful couples Ole Gunnar and Silje started dating in 1992, which is like 29 years ago. 

Things were good and beautiful at the beginning of their relationship. 

But after times, problems started to arise, and the love between them started to fade away slowly. 

It was heard that when Ole was in the military, the things between them started to be off. 

It was believed that they both broke up. 

Mainly, Silje's feelings started to feeling worst due to many reasons: lack of communication between Ole and Silje

Later on, it was found that they both talked and solved their problems. 

The feelings started to bloom once again; this time, their relationship was so strong that nothing could break it. 

Their relation got a beautiful name called "Marriage." They got married in a beautiful place in Florida in the year 2004

And they are a happy family of five.

Net worth and earnings

Noah Solskjaer's earnings are unknown. 

But his father, who is the manager of Manchester United, has a net worth of around 22 million kr and it is believed there are more amounts with him than 22 million kr.

 Net worth 
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer22 million kr 
SourceFootball coach and Former player 

Age Height and Weight

  1. Noah Solskjaer was born on 8 June 2000.
  2. Noah is 20 years old.
  3. His height is 1.9m (6'2"), and weight is 82kg (180 pounds).

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