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Noah Shannon Green


Facts of Noah Shannon Green

Full NameNoah Shannon Green
First NameNoah
Middle NameShannon
Last NameGreen
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameBrian Austin Green
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameMegan Fox
Mother Professionactress and model
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsBodhi Ransom Green and Journey River Green
Date of BirthSeptember 27,2012
Age11 years

Noah Shannon Green is famous as a celebrity kid of Hollywood actress and model Megan Fox.

Megan rose to prominence from the blockbuster hit" Transformers."

With her acting career debut in 2001 with the family film Holiday in the Sun, Megan rose to prominence from the blockbuster hit action movie Transformers in 2007 as Sam Witwicky's love interest Mikaela Banes followed by two of its sequels that earned her different award nominees

Along with worldwide fame, she was named the sexiest woman in the world in 2008

After her breakthrough role, she earned a lead role in Jenifer's Body, a supernatural horror black comedy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many more.

The marriage ended in divorce

Megan married actor Brian Austin Green on June 24, 2010, after dating for years. 

The couple first met on the set of the US sitcom Hope and Faith in 2004 and eventually fell in love

Before Megan, Brien was engaged to actress Vanessa Marcil in 2001 after dating for years. 

The couple broke up shortly after the birth of their first child, Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green

However, Megan's marriage to Brien came to an end after nine years of marital relations.

Noah Shannon Green with parents Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green and siblings.
Noah Shannon Green with parents Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green and siblings. Source: Instagram

An Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Despite being a celebrity, the couple chose to organize an intimate wedding ceremony

It was an intimate sunset wedding ceremony on the beach of Hawaii assisted by the son, Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green, who was eight.

Wedding picture of Noah Shannon Green parents Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green.
Wedding picture of Noah Shannon Green parents Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Source: Pinterest

An On and Off relationship between his parents

His parents started dating shortly after his father's break-up

The couple got engaged in 2006 but broke their engagement in 2009 after Megan was romantically linked with her co-star

But they patched up and got engaged on June 1, 2010, before tying a knot on June 24

On August 15, they decided to part ways, filing a divorce

But they reconciled the following year and announced the news of her third pregnancy posing with her baby bump at CinemaCon

Everything was going well until Megan filed for divorce in 2019

It seems that Megan has moved on with Machine Gun Kelly.

Noah Shannon Green mother Megan Fox with Machine Gun Kelly.
Noah Shannon Green mother Megan Fox with Machine Gun Kelly. Source: Instagram

Noah has two younger brothers and an elder half-brother

Noah has two younger brothers, Bodhi Ransom Green and Journey River Green

He has 18 years old elder half-brother, Kassius, born to his father with his previous relationship with Vanessa Marcil

According to Vanessa, Kassius was completely cut off from Noah's lives and his two brothers, along with his parents, Brien and Megan, seven years ago

She even claimed that Kassius has never met his youngest brothers and is not allowed to know where they reside.

Noah Shannon Green with his siblings.
Noah Shannon Green with his siblings. Source: Instagram

Noah's responses to bully

Noah has been a fashion lover since his early days. He used to design and draw outfits for himself. 

He often gets bullied for his dress-ups, but that does not affect him. 

Since he is so in love with dresses, he doesn't care about other opinions towards him. 

As a mother, Megan has always taught him to wear confident in whatever he wears and has supported his dressing sense and style no matter what others say. 

Noah was seen wearing a gown in 2017, inspired by the Disney movie Frozen.

It could have been tragic for him but instead, he made it his strength and fought against bullies. 

Noah Shannon Green in Frozen Elsa dress up.
Noah Shannon Green in Frozen Elsa dress up. Source: Pinterest


Ellen mentioned that the last time she was in the show, she just had a baby, which was almost two years ago. 

Megan Fox corrected her and said that the two babies are sixteen months apart. 

Ellen was surprised by the fact as she looked amazing. 

Ellen confirmed herself by mentioning that Noah Shannon Green is the first one and Bodhi Ransom Green is the younger one. 

On the query about she was working during the pregnancy, Megan shared that she was shooting “Ninja Turtles.” 

Megan further revealed that neither of her kids was planned. Talking about her pets, Megan said she had two baby goats named lulu and Koko, two dogs, and a Bengal cat

They both prefer Brian, and they won’t let her if he is near them as they are very protective.

We can see the interview from the link below

Noah’s fashion choices

As per Noah’s mother, Megan, he is really into fashion and wears whatever he likes, even dresses, despite receiving negative feedback

Megan once shared that when Noah wore dresses to school, all the boys laughed when he entered the class, but he said he didn’t care as he loves dresses too much. 

Megan also revealed that Noah designs and draws outfits for himself and is very talented.

Does Megan Fox have Psychic Powers?

Noah’s mom Megan was spotted in an interview with CONAN on TBS. The interviewer there tried to clear the claim Megan made of her being a bit psychic or having a portion of psychic abilities? 

Megan replied, clarifying that there is a history in her family. She shared about her great grandmother, who was blind physically but could see spirits. 

Elaborating, Megan said that she has stuff in her family which are either legitimate or people around them think they are psychic. 

The lady explained that every human being has some kind of psychic ability which they are unaware of. 

It is just the brain that gets open and uses it more than others in some way, she added. Megan also said how people ask her to do reading and be engaged in that kind of stuff. 

However, she said, she is not a professional psychic or an astrologer. Later, the host asked her if she did feel any spiritual connection or did she believe in astrology? 

Megan immediately accepted the fact that she does believe in astrology but doesn’t live her life by it. 

She confessed that it has some advantages giving an example of neuroscience and astronomy.

Megan confronted that she makes people’s charts if she is going to be working with them for a long time. 

Other than that, she is highly engaged in reading, more like the Myers-Briggs psychology test, and the Enneagram test, which is more like the psychological type. 

Lastly, she said she tries to learn who people are by raising uncomfortable questions about them. To know more, visit the link given down below.

Weird facts 

Here, we will mention some weirdest facts about Megan Fox. We bet you were unaware that the lady has a thing for Tattoos. 

Altogether, she has nine tattoos. Some of them can be seen on her right shoulder and ribcage. Other than that, she began acting to ignore college. 

She confessed that she didn’t want to act on Transformers, which was her big break, but her main target was only making money. 

She feels ugh while touching tissue and newspapers. Well, the lady confronted having a sweet tooth and enjoys unbaked things like fudge, Brownie mix, Dough, and Cake mix. 

His father confessed to saying no when it comes to working things out with his mom

Brian Austin was asked if he and his ex-wife Megan would work things out, to which he replied saying he would never say never. 

Reminiscing his old days with his ex-wife, he said of being in a beautiful relationship for 15-years of togetherness, sharing a lot, and going through a lot together. 

He went on to say that the paths are different now, where both of them are on their paths doing what they feel they need to be doing to make themselves happy. 

He feels it’s important for them as parents to take care of themselves because it is connected with the kids. 

If they are taking care of themselves, they are taking care of their kids. He wished Megan as well as himself the best. 

He also admitted not having a problem with her new boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, since they both are happy and would be selfish to think that “I want that person to be happy with me.” 

He described his marriage not as a failure but as 15 incredible years they spent together raising three amazing kids. It was and is still a special relationship.

His mom is engaged to be married 

His mom Megan is engaged to be married to her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. Machine confirmed the news of their engagement on the 11th of January 2022 via his Instagram, sharing the picture where Megan was flaunting her engagement ring. 

The engagement ring had a two-stone piece symbolizing their birthstone, the emerald of Megan, and the diamond of Machine Gun set on two magnetic bands of thrones that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart. 

Whereas Megan also shared the video of the proposal where Machine Gun was on his one knee proposing to her under the Banyan Tree where Megan was seen wiping her tears of happiness while accepting his proposal. 

It was on the same spot in Puerto Rico where they first fell for one another.

Noah Shannon Green mother Megan Fox flaunting her wedding ring.
Noah Shannon Green mother Megan Fox flaunting her wedding ring. Source: Instagram

New member of the family

There is a new member in the family, and that is their Bengal cat named Whiskey. The couple introduced their new member via their Instagram, where the couple was seen posing with Whiskey wearing leopard print pajamas.

Noah and her siblings have found their new pet Wiskey with whom they will be spending their time when their parents are not at home.

His dad’s message to the people who criticize the way he dresses

Talking to TMZ back in 2017, Brian Austin was asked what he feels about the people who talk about Noah wearing dresses and if it affects them. 

Austin said he has heard from people that they do not agree with Noah wearing dresses. He gave the message to all those people, saying he did not care. 

According to him, the way he chooses to carry himself, be it be dresses, googles, slippers, and whatsoever, is his life, and he is not harming anyone wearing a dress, so it’s awesome if he wants to wear a dress. 

Both of his parents support his preference with their whole hearts.

The acting was not what his father had planned 

While talking about fatherhood on First Class Fatherhood, Brian Austin opened up on his career where he said acting was not what he planned for.

According to him, he has been acting since he was nine, and he didn’t see it coming because he didn’t plan it. 

Since he was born to a musician father who is a drummer, he eventually studied drumming when he was younger. 

He went to all the music academies to learn music and thought he would end up being a drummer in some band. 

When he was nine, he happened to stumble with one of his mates, who at the time was acting. 

Through him, he met his agent, and he soon landed a few commercials and students films. 

The school he was going to study music was on the USC campus, so the student directors from the USC campus would come over, and they would select kids for their student films as well as their graduate projects. 

He did a few of those, and from then, acting sort of took off and became a career for him. 

It became one of those things where it was like he was sure he wanted to do other stuff but didn’t have time which he says is fine for him because it gave him an amazing life and amazing platform to use.

Net worth

Noah is currently relishing the lavish lifestyle provided by his parents from their impressive net income.  

His mother, Megan, has a net worth of:

 Year Net Worth 
Megan Fox2020$ 8 million
Source:  Actor, model


  1. Noah was born on September 27, 2012, in the United States of America.
  2. He recently celebrated his 8th birthday.
  3. Kristi Branim Fox is his aunt.

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