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Nikki Danielle Moore


Facts of Nikki Danielle Moore

Full NameNikki Danielle Moore
First NameNikki
Middle NameDanielle
Last NameMoore
Birth CityLondon
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
SpouseJay Hayden
No Of Children2
Networth$5 M
Facebook Profile
Insta Profile
Date of BirthMay 11,1964
Age60 years

Nikki Danielle Moore is an American Actress who is popularly known for her phenomenal role as Jenna Sharpe on the Television sitcom 8 Simple Rules

She is also famous as the ex-wife of Jay Hayden

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Nikki Danielle Moore with her ex-husband Jay Hayden.
Nikki Danielle Moore with her ex-husband Jay Hayden. Source: Twitter 


Hayden is a popular American actor who is best known for his work in the ABC comedy-drama series known as The Catch, which aired from March 24, 2016, to May 11, 2017, and has played a role in Grey’s Anatomy, too. 

He also has a phenomenal recurring role in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Hayden was born in Northfield, Vermont, in the United States of America. He is of half-Irish and half-Korean descent. 

He graduated from the University Of Vermont. He won a Soccer scholarship at the University of Vermont, and this shows that he was really fond of playing soccer. 

As time passed by, he realized that he had an interest in acting, so from that day, he chased the dream of becoming an actor. 

He made acting his primary profession. He moved to Los Angeles to fulfill his dream. 


Talking about Hayden’s career, he started his acting by playing a major role in The House of Bunny (2008).

His popularity started to spread, giving him an opportunity to play in State of Emergency, A horror film where he played a lead role. 

Accordingly, he began to play in many other movies, including sports comedy and so on. 

Not only acting, but Hyden is also a co-owner of David Vincent, a construction company. 


Nikki exchanged wedding vows with Hayden in June 2005.

They are blessed with a son and a daughter, Hasey and Amelia. Hasey is currently seven years and Amelia is 12 years old. 

The couple would often post each other on their social media, flaunting their love for each other. 

They even attended many events together and even appeared on one of the episodes of Station 19 and also in It's Us.

Nikki Danielle Moore with her ex-husband Jay Hayden and children.
Nikki Danielle Moore with her ex-husband Jay Hayden and children. Source: Instagram

They had a perfect life together until fans started noticing that they had not posted each other on their social media since the fall of 2018

It came as a huge shock to the fans that the adorable couple was quietly splitting and had even filed for divorce. 

Before the official news came out, Nikki had given several hints of their separation. 

In one of her posts on Instagram, she revealed that she has replaced Hayden in her name and will now be addressed as Nikki Marie Bloss

She chose this name to honor her late grandmother, as she is one of her inspirations.

US Weekly reported on April 27, 2020, that after 15 years of staying together, Nikki filed for divorce, mentioning the reason as “irreconcilable differences,” on February 13, 2020

Nikki even requested spousal support from Hayden and also asked the judge to terminate the court's ability to award support to Hayden. 

She also demanded that Hayden pay her attorney fees. 

Only after Hayden submitted his response to the court, it was found out that the pair had separated on January 4, 2020. 

Hayden, on his part, has requested joint legal and physical custody of his children. 

He has even requested the separation of property and community property of assets and debts at the time of settlement or trials. 

The divorce is yet to be finalized. 

Nikki Danielle Moore with her ex-husband Jay Hayden
Nikki Danielle Moore with her ex-husband Jay Hayden. Source: Pinterest


Jay often posted pictures with his costars on his social media. But why did the fans start rumors about Jay dating his costar, Jaina Lee Ortiz?

The rumor started after Jay posted a picture with Jaina on his Twitter on New Year's Eve in 2021

In the picture, Jaina is spotted kissing Jay on his cheek, so everyone speculated that the costars were dating each other. 

However, this was not Jaina's first appearance on Jay's social media, as he posted a picture with Jaina on his Instagram on March 6, 2019, to promote their series Station 19.

On July 2, 2023, Jay posted a picture of them vacationing in Italy, which added fuel to the fire. 

Jay shared pictures with Jaina where they could be seen spending quality time with each other in Lago Specchio di Venere, which is located on the Island of Pantelleria

In one picture, they were on the lakeside posing for selfies, whereas in another, they were covered in natural mud and couldn't stop smiling.

Jay uploaded another video on July 7, 2023, highlighting all the main events from their trip. 

They seemed to have enjoyed swimming in the ocean, eating some delicious food, enjoying some stunning views, walking in the rain, enjoying a dance or two, and many more. 

Not only Jay but Jaina also uploaded a story of them together on her Instagram and also uploaded a TikTok. 

She only posted one picture with Jay, them covered in mud picture, as her story, and she wrote, "Probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life!"

However, they have not said anything to confirm or deny the dating rumors. 


Here in this interview, Nikki shares her role in Sorority Row, A horror movie. 

She says that she plays the role of a girl called Joanna, who gets brutally murdered in the shower. 

She claimed that it was a fun scene to do as she got to do her own stunt in it. She also said that it took nearly 12 hours to shoot the scene. 

Jaina Lee Ortiz on romance rumor with Jay Hayden 

Hayden and Ortiz are yet to confirm their relationship status, although they have sparked dating rumors, going on vacation and appearing at several events together, and most recently, they were seen celebrating Christmas together. 

Talking about the romance with her Station 19 co-star Hayden, Ortiz told People that what is interesting is that they have never posted a picture and that she thinks intimacy to be sacred. 

“I have posted very friendly-ish photos that give an idea, but sure. Use your imagination”, she added. 

Hayden added that she likes “keeping PDA to herself “ because then “what else do I have?”. 

When asked about the recent post that sparked romance, she replied by saying that they can infer. 

It only makes it more spicy, and she is down for that.

Hayden anticipated that his kids were going to rip to shreds for his Sexiest Man Alive photos

Back in 2022, Hayden and his co-star Boris Kodjoe were featured in the 2022 issue of People’s Sexiest Man Alive

During an interview, they anticipated how their co-stars would react to being featured in the issue including their children. 

Hayden said their co-stars were going to annihilate them, to which Kodjoe agreed, saying that they were ready for that. 

Talking about how their kids would react, Hayden said that he is going to be ripped to shreds by his kids for that, and agreeing to that, Kojdoe added, ”Definitely. If we want to live, we have to deny it.” 

Besides that, they also expressed their excitement of being part of the hit show Station 19 which features numerous strong, powerful female firefighter characters. 

Hayden said it’s what their daughters need to see. 

They need to see strong, powerful women being able to do the job and do it amazingly, and when their kids visit the set and see the female writer, female camera operator, female director, female producer, and then the female star, that’s sending the message they want their kids to have.


Nikki has a net worth of $1 million - $5 million, and her ex-husband's net worth is somewhere between $1 million - $12 million


  1. Nikki was born on May 11, 1964, and her current age is 58 years.
  2. She was born in London but holds American nationality.
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