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Nicola Lockhart

Facts of Nicola Lockhart

Full NameNicola Lockhart
First NameNicola
Last NameLockhart
ProfessionCelebrity Siblings
Mother NameCarmen Larbalestier
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SibilingsSamantha Lockhart and Lewis Hamilton

Nicola Lockhart is the half-sister of Formula1 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Her half-brother Lewis is crowned world champion for six times

Nicola's half-brother Lewis, full name Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, is a British racer currently competing in Formula 1, the only racer to win at least one race in every season. 

He has a record-breaking history crowned as world champion six times.

Winning moment of Nicola Lockhart's half brother, Lewis Hamilton.
Winning moment of Nicola Lockhart's half brother, Lewis Hamilton. Source: Facebook

Half-blood relation

Lewis Hamilton was born to his father, Anthony Hamilton, who was black British, and his mom Carmen Larbalestier was a white British making him a son of a mixed race. 

His parent's marriage could not work, and they decided to split. Lewis was just two years old when his parents got separated. 

Nicola was the product of his mom's second marriage. 

He lived with his mom and half-sisters until he was 12 and then moved to live with his father and stepmother Linda Hamilton, along with half-brother Nicolas.

Nicola has managed to remain out of the spotlight

Besides, being the sister of the record-breaker racer, Nicola has managed to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. 

She is happily married to her husband and a proud mother too. Lewis is often seen spending time with his nieces and nephews.

However, her brother Lewis was romantically linked up with several women such as Nicole Sherzinger, Rita Ora, and Nicki Minaj.

Nicola has one sister 

Nicola is blessed with a sister, and her name is Samantha Lockhart

There is not much information about her except that she is happily married to her husband and is blessed with wonderful kids.

Lewis's dad behind his success story

Lewis never fails to credit his family, especially his dad, for what he is today. 

His dad first bought him a remote-controlled car and go-cart for Christmas when he was seven. He started Karting when he was eight, and it was his hobby first.

Nicola Lockhart, with brother Lewis Hamilton, mother, and her sister.
Nicola Lockhart, with brother Lewis Hamilton, mother, and her sister. Source:

His father had four jobs and used to work 24\7 to keep them Karting. He has expressed how his father gave up everything for him. 

He praises his father for all the things that he has done for him and claimed that without his dad's sacrifices and support, he would not have been in this position today. 

His father always encouraged him to follow his dream and never give up. All the hard work, all the sacrifices, all the sleepless nights paid off with his son's immense success. 

His dad made his career possible. He is a proud son of his proud father.

Nicola Lockhart's half brother, Lewis Hamilton, with his father, Anthony.
Nicola Lockhart's half brother, Lewis Hamilton, with his father, Anthony. Source: Facebook

Nicola's relationships with Lewis Hamilton 

When it comes to family, Hamilton has always remained down to earth. He always talks about his family and his sisters. 

He is known as a family person and loves to spend his time with his nieces and nephews. 

He has two moms, and he equally loves them as they both have a vast contribution to him and his career. He is spotted with his half-sisters going for lunch along with kids. 

You can watch the video at the following link, where Lewis is seen playing with his nephews.

Changing his name to honor his beloved mom

Lewis is super close to his mom Carmen Larbalestier, and he is now in the process of changing his name to honor his beloved mom. 

He confirmed the news last month while speaking at the Expo 2020 Dubai, where he said he wants his mom to continue with Hamilton’s name. 

37-year old Hamilton went on to say that he is very proud of his family name Hamilton

Having said that, he added that none of them might know that his mom’s name is Larbalestier, and he is just about to put that in his name. 

He also said he does not understand the idea of women losing their name after getting married and that he wants his mom to continue with the Hamilton name. 

He explained that the name change would mean the world to his family and maintained that he is proud of his Hamilton family. 

According to him, he is changing the name to honor his mom so that his mother’s name can live on with the Hamilton name.

Lewis doesn’t accept calling him by his nickname besides his mom and his sisters

During the rapid-fire questions from Saudi Racer Abdulaziz Fudhili, Hamilton was asked if he had a nickname as a child, to which he said he never had a nickname but said that his mother calls him Lu

He went on to say that only his mom and his sisters get to call him Lu; otherwise, no one calls him Lu, and he also doesn’t accept others calling him by that name. 

Besides that, he was asked about who he thinks should play him in a movie, to which he answered, taking Michael B. Jordan

According to him, it would be cool if Michael plays him in the movie, and he also likes his acting. He was also asked about his cheat meal and his favorite memory.

According to him, his biggest cheat meal is pancakes adding vegan butter to them, and his favorite memory was when he won his first championship at the age of 10, and his dad was very happy. 

He said his dad very rarely opens up like that, and it was the first happy day he remembers.

Some of the life-changing moments of Lewis 

During an interview with Vanity fair, Lewis recounted seven life-changing moments of his life.

  • “Blue Peter” television appearance 

Lewis appeared on “Blue Peter” television in 1992, racing against adults. He was ten years then and was the youngest one. 

The racing was organized by Blue Pizza, the Kid’s channel in the UK. They did the racing in the garden of Blue Pizza headquarters. 

He recalled being extremely nervous but at the same time super focused. He says the reason he can do what he does is all because of those experiences.

  • Canadian Grand Prix in 2007

His second life-changing moment was in 2007. It was the time when he had just arrived in formula one as a McLaren driver. He was against a two-time world champion. 

According to Hamilton, they would put all the money on the champion that was racing for the team to take them to the championship, but he was quick and fierce. 

He described the moment to be the happiest moment, and the moment he saw his dad standing and smiling at him, he realized they had finally made it and justified all those sacrifices his father made for him.

  • Knighting in 2021

Knighting is a title given by the British King or Queen to a man for his achievements or service to the country, and it is very huge in England

It is the biggest honor Lewis received. He recounted getting a call from Downing Street and being asked if he wanted to accept it. 

Hamilton says feelings are different when you walk into a room with something incredible as “sir” is placed in front of your name. 

He remembered meeting Prince Charles at the age of 14 in 1999 when he had come to open up McLaren’s Formula 1 factory and chatting with him where he introduced himself and said he wanted to be Formula 1 champion one day.

When he stood up, Prince Charles was like, “it’s been a long time since he saw him, and he has come a long way.

  • F1 Grand Prix of Mexico in 2017

It was the year when he started taking his mom to the races along with him a lot more. According to him, his mother took the backseat and supported him in the background. 

He wanted his mother to feel included more than ever. 

Net worth

Since we have no information about her career background, there is any information regarding her net worth. 

However, her half-brother Lewis is the highest-paid sportsman in Formula 1 history. 

Net worth$285 Million
Salary$54 Million


  1. The age of her brother Lewis is 35.

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