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Nevada Alexander Musk


Facts of Nevada Alexander Musk

Full NameNevada Alexander Musk
First NameNevada
Middle NameAlexander
Last NameMusk
Father NameElon Musk
Mother NameJustine Musk
Gender IdentityMale
Date of Birth2002

Nevada Alexander Musk was a child of Elon Musk and Justine Musk

Sadly he passed away and it was a tragic moment for the innovator and entrepreneur

He was born in the year 2002, but God took him away the very same year. 

 Father's Triumph before The Misery

Elon Musk was having a very successful year in his business. eBay had decided to buy Paypal for a staggering 1.5 billion dollars and everything was going so well. 

His project SpaceX was facing financial issues, and this deal gave him 100 million dollars to fund SpaceX

Elon Musk Paypal Time
Elon Musk Paypal Time Source:

This amount was something more to the employees as well as this gave them at least two years of job security under Mr. Elon Musk. The mission was termed impossible by many but Elon was willing to do everything to achieve it. 

The amount from his share at Paypal had given more life to the project of traveling to space. 

He also got the required profile now to hold meetings with delegates and high profile government officials. 

He now had control over the suppliers and it was a terrific year for the high achiever.  

Tragedy Of Passing Away Of Son, Nevada Alexander Musk

When everything was great, the unthinkable happened. Elon's wife Justine had just given birth to a gift from the god, son Nevada

He was only ten weeks old but god decided to take him away. It was a tragedy and the parents were broken. 

It was precisely when the biggest deal of Elon's Life, the eBay deal, was announced and the excitement just fed away like it did not mean anything. 

Elon has five children now. Here is a picture of Elon's children. 

Elon Musk Children
Elon Musk Children Source: Pinterest

Cause Of His Death

The event was heart-wrenching. The leading cause of death was described as sudden infant death syndrome. 

He was in a nap and his parents had just put him to sleep. The world of the mother fades away like a movie. 

Everything went dark and the most significant pain and suffering in the world which is passing away of a child had destroyed the couple. 

He was deprived of oxygen for too long and the doctor could not do anything. His brain was dead. 

Justine, the mother, and wife of Elon spend three days on life support thinking any miracles would bring him back. After three days, the parents decided to take him off it. 

Justine buried her feelings, and Elon never wanted to talk about it. He was broken too and he never wanted to talk about it in public. 

The couple went to the IVF clinic after the passing away of Nevada. It was only two months after the incident. 

She got pregnant again as the couple had planned to do so. Elon and Justine shared a twin and a triplet. 

Divorce Of Parents

Elon has suffered three divorces in his life. His marriage with Justine Musk also ended in 2008. 

He got married to Talulah Riley in 2013 and got divorced in 2016. He was married to her before in 2010, and they divorced in 2012. 

They came back together but this time also it was not meant to be. 


Justine Musk shared few incidents during her years with her ex-husband, Elon Musk

She defined Engineers as a distinct and deeply tribal mentality. 

Once when Justine’s dad came to visit her, she was taken in to see Elon as he lands first company. 

As they were crossing through the office park, they saw lanky dudes in jeans and t-shirts, and they were racing these remote-controlled contraptions around the parking lot and banging them into cars, and her dad asked are they the children of the engineers, and Justine said that they were Engineers.

Mother of Nevada Alexander Musk, Justine, further talked about Elon style, and he could not look cool or hip as he has to look like an Engineer. 

She further shared much interesting and funny stuff about Elon. She wraps up her talk with Elon’s advice which was 

“To always go beyond memorizing formulas, passing tests. To always go deep into the underline principles of any subject to track any problem down to the root cause, bury it in the dirt and dark”.

We can see the entire interview from the link below

Nevada’s parents’ divorce

Justine and Elon met during Justine’s first year of studying at Queen’s University in Ontario.

Elon took the first step after seeing her from across the room in their dorm common area. 

The pair tied the knot in 2000 but got separated in 2008. 

As per Justine, Elon filed for divorce in late spring 2008, and after six weeks, he texted her to say that he was engaged to British actress, Talulah Riley who had moved to Los Angeles with him. 

The reason behind their split is considered as Elon’s “alpha” behavior and him being obsessed with his work. 


  1. His grandparents are Maye Musk and Errol Musk.
  2. He passed away in Orange County, and this tragedy pushed Elon Musk back but he managed to overcome the grief.

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