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Natacha van Honacker


Facts of Natacha Van Honacker

Full NameNatacha Van Honacker
First NameNatacha
Middle NameVan
Last NameHonacker
ProfessionCelebrity wife
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseEden Hazard
No Of Children3
Married DateApril,2012

Natacha van Honacker is a gorgeous woman, and she is famous as the wife of Real Madrid midfielder and playmaker Eden Hazard

Eden is a Chelsea Legend and has joined Real Madrid only recently. 

He is Belgium National Player as well and is one of the best in the world.    

5 Fast Facts

5. Her wedding ceremony was held the low key.

4.  Her first meeting with Eden Hazard was in high school.

3. She was only a high school graduate then and had finished high school recently when she got married to Eden

2. They met through a familiar friend. It was love at first sight for both of them.

1. Husband has a net worth of 100 million dollars.

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Married Life with Superstar Footballer Husband 

She is happily married to Eden Hazard, Read Madrid Midfielder. The couple got married in April 2012

The ceremony was nothing grand as it was a low key one, and only close friends and family were invited. 

Here is a picture of the event, and it was all secret. The picture features her, her husband Eden and son.

Natacha van Honacker Wedding Picture With Husband Eden And Son
Natacha van Honacker Wedding Picture With Husband Eden And Son Source:

How They Met And How It All Started?

The loving duo met in their teenage. Their first meeting was when they were in high school and they met through a familiar friend. 

It was a friends gathering when they saw each other.

Sources suggest that both fell for each other in their first meet, and it was just the starting of a beautiful love story. 

Eden fell for her shy nature. After they first met, the couple started dating each other. 

Their love story has met its destiny. Here is a picture of her beautiful family, and it's like a dream.

Natacha van Honacker Family
Natacha van Honacker Family Source: The Sun

Wedding After Birth Of First Son

The couple was not married when they had their first child. The couple had their first son Yannis Hazard on 19th December 2010. 

It was the happiest moment of the couple’s life. 

Only after two years of the birth of Yannis, the couple decided that it was time now to tie the know and get married. 

In 2012 April, they did it finally in a ceremony, which was deficient key. 

She was just a high school graduate then and had finished high school recently. 

She always supports her husband and joins him when he is training. 

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Welcoming Second Son Leo And Them The Third One Sammy

Her second son Leo Hazard came to this world in February 2013. The couple has a total of three children.

Sammy came along and brightened their life. Her three sons are her everything. 

This picture of her three sons will bring a smile to your face.

Natacha van Honacker three Sons And Husband
Natacha van Honacker three Sons And Husband Source: The Sun

Her sons are often spotted with father in the football ground. 

They were placed several times at Stanford Bridge when Eden Hazard was a part of Chelsea. 

Eden has put his career first several times but loves to spend quality time with his family as well. 

Here is a picture of her two sons Leo and Yannis. They are adorable. 

Natacha van Honacker Sons Yannis and Leo
Natacha van Honacker Sons Yannis and Leo Source: Success Stories

Interesting Interview Of Life Partner

Former Chelsea superstar Eden Hazard shared the dream of winning for the country in an ongoing tournament going in Belgium.

 Being the part of Golden Generation, the footballer mentioned that the best players sharing common desire to do something special made the team filled with talent possible.

 The best advice he received while entering the national team was to work with full enjoyment. 

He revealed that the meal of the players is nothing like special rather mixes of everything, but eating too much is excluded. 

About the previous crossbar challenge and not living his promise, he said this time he would surely take the host to the dinner if he wins the world cup.

As he is the linchpin of football, the best advice he gave to a footballer who dreams of becoming like him is to play for the team, enjoy the process, and be happy and spread happiness. 

As per him, knowing that you have qualities, and is professionally a good player is the biggest thing that makes an exceptional player.

When asked to comment on his world cup boot, he said it’s beautiful and hope he wins wearing it on the match. 

To create a fun moment, the host suggested he pretend to make a phone call from his boot when he wins the match.  Eden even takes not to laugh, challenge, and win it.

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Husband Net Worth, Absolutely Majestic 

Her husband has a staggering net worth of 100 million dollars

His primary source of income is from salary from the football club, Chelsea in the past and Real Madrid now and from endorsements.

Blistering Salary

His salary from Real Madrid is 19.2 million Euros, and this is a staggering figure. It is equivalent to 17 million pounds per year. 

When broken down, his salary becomes 0.61 Euros per second and 36.43 Euros per minute

His income is 2,186 Euros per hour and 52,459 Euros per day.

The table below shows it in detail:

Time Frame (Per)Salary (Euros)

Husband’s Lifestyles and Cars

The family has a fantastic income and they spend exceedingly as well. The garage is filled with great super end cars. 

Eden owns Audi R8 V10 and it costs about 110 K pounds

He owns a BMW X6 as well, and it costs around 60 K pounds. His Audi RS4 Avant is superb too and it costs about 60,290 Pounds

It does not stop there as he has a Range Rover Sport costing about 60 K pounds and Aston Martin Vanquish as well. The Aston Martin costs whopping 199,950 pounds sterling

Here is a picture of his Aston Martin, which is the most expensive one he owns. 

Natacha van Honacker Aston Martin Costing 199,950 Pounds
Natacha van Honacker Aston Martin Costing 199,950 Pounds Source: The Sun


  1. Her nationality is Belgian.
  2. Her exact age and birthday are under review right now, but the age of her husband is 29. She might be around 26 but this is not confirmed.

Please stay tuned to for awesome biographies. 

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