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Facts of Nalani Kele

Full NameNalani Kele
First NameNalani
Last NameKele
ProfessionFormer dancer
Birth CountryPolynesia
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseShecky Greene (1972-1982)
Date of Birth1932

Nalani Kele was a Polynesian-born dancer mainly recognized as an ex-spouse of late legendary stand-up comedian and the Vegas headliner Shecky Greene

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She had a successful nightclub act

As a dancer, Kele performed at clubs along the Las Vegas Strip in the 1960s and 1970s, including Stardust Hotel

She had a successful nightclub act, the Nalani Kele Polynesian Revue, from the 1960s to the early 1970s.

Nalani Kele had a successful nightclub act, the Nalani Kele Polynesian Revue at Stardust in Las Vegas
Nalani Kele had a successful nightclub act, the Nalani Kele Polynesian Revue, at Stardust in Las Vegas. Source: Instagram 
Nalani Kele at her young age
Nalani Kele at her young age. Source: Instagram

She was married to Greene for a decade

Her marriage to Greene lasted for a decade. She met Greene while she was a long-running nightclub hit. They got married on the 6th of December, 1972. 

It was the second marriage to both of them. She appeared alongside Greene on American television game shows Match Game and Tattletales. 

The couple ended their marriage in 1982

Following their marriage, Greene married for the third time to Marie Muso, daughter of American jazz saxophonist, Vido Musso

It was his longest marriage, as she was with him until his last breath.

Does she share any kids with Greene?

Kele does not share any kids with Greene

But Greene was the father of two adopted daughters, Alison Greene and Dorrian Hoffman, whom he adopted with his first wife, Jeri Drurey.

Nalani Kele with her best friend
Nalani Kele with her best friend. Source: Instagram

The cause of her ex-husband’s death

Greene sadly passed away at the age of 97 at his home in Las Vegas. He died of natural causes, as confirmed by his widow, Marie Musso Greene

Marie, who was Greene’s wife of 41 years, when asked about what it was like spending her life with Greene, said that her life with him was fun. 

He always made humor out of whatever he could and made her laugh and feel good. It was a happy time.

About her legendary ex-husband 

Greene, who once was one of the biggest stars in Las Vegas, left an indelible mark in the showbiz industry. 

He has also been credited with several films. Here are a few things you might not know about Greene:

  • He thought of becoming a gym teacher

Greene, in an interview, said he never felt that he wanted to do Broadway. He was a very good athlete and kept on saying that he wanted to become a gym teacher. 

He did comedy when he was a kid, imitating his older brother, who would do dialects until he went to junior college. 

While at college, they had an amateur night at the club Silhouette on the North Side of Chicago and he won the contest. 

After winning the contest, he felt like he could please people so he started getting into the business slowly. 

  • He served in the navy

Greene served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He served there for three years before being discharged in 1944

  • He struggled with depression and bipolar disorder

Greene confessed to having all kinds of problems disorder with being bipolar. 

He said he was bipolar, north polar and south polar, and also went through a terrible depression, so he never worked on anything. 

Besides that, he also struggled with stage fright, panic attacks, gambling, and alcoholism. 

According to him, the more the money started getting bigger, he gambled the bigger. 

The more he gambled, the bigger he had to get a salary that kept on working. 

”I am just wondering if I ever never gambled if I would ever be in this business. It was the business that kept me in the gambling or the gambling that kept him into the business”, he said.

  • He nearly ended up being in jail

Greene, in an interview, shared a story that he said people might not know unless he writes a book. 

He said the police came up to him in his apartment to arrest him. He was shocked when they asked what did he do to that woman. 

He didn’t know which woman he was talking about. He was single at the time and had a girl from Tropicana with him in the other room. 

When they asked what he did last night, he said he didn’t do anything and was completely unknown. 

There was a lady that had come off the plane and was in a comatose state. 

She was out of it completely and was dressed as a nun and there was a letter that said the only voice that could get her out was Shecky Greene

They showed him the picture of the lady in a Downtown hotel in Las Vegas spelled backward. They took him to the Southern Memorial Hospital. 

He saw a woman who was out of it. The doctor thought he did it with a psychiatrist and all the help at the hotel. 

The next day, as they were taking her away to the hospital, he grabbed the woman’s hand and asked if she loved Shecky Greene and if she wanted to kiss him. 

She talked for the first time and said yes. He then kissed her. He also stopped them from what they were doing with the woman. 

He got to know about her sister, whom he called and informed.

Net Worth 

Her net is yet to be revealed. As of now, we have the net worth of her ex-husband. 

Her ex-husband, Shecky Greene, at the time of his death, had an estimated net worth of $2 million.


  1. She is 91 years old.
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