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Facts of Mya Powell

Full NameMya Powell
First NameMya
Last NamePowell
ProfessionCelebrity Half-Sister
Birth CountryUnited States
Mother NameVeronica Gutierrez
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsDevin Booker and Davon Wade

Mya Powell is a half-sibling of Devin Booker

By the way, who is Devin? Devin, real name Devin Armani Booker, serves as a professional basketball player for the association named Phoenix Suns.

Mya also has a half-sibling Davon Wade.

Mya Powell with her brother Devin Booker.
Mya Powell with her brother Devin Booker. Source: Facebook

Devin dated Jordyn Woods for a year?

It is still confusing if they had dated for a year or not. 

Let us go back to the time when there was a rumor about the individual (Devin and Jordyn) being together. 

The rumor had risen at that time because of the presence of the two in what appeared to be a double date. 

In a gap of months, there was a claim of falling in love with each other. 

Even some of them mentioned that it is still unsure about the official announcement of tying the knot, but these two are a couple. 

However, neither of them has confirmed or given statements about their relationships.

Is the player the boyfriend of Kendall Jenner, the model?

Well, it is kept hidden whether these two individuals are together or not. 

One year before, both of them were spotted going for a road trip. 

While Kendall and Devin didn't speak a word and let their fans on a guessing game on their relationship. 

It was then claimed that they were just good friends. 

Later on, mentioned that they weren't serious about each other and were just hooking up; further added that the lady had been engaged with numerous guys because she is young and beautiful and is followed by many male fans.  

However, nearly a year after the rumors, Kendall uploaded one of the pictures with him on February 14, on Valentine's Day (Celebration of love).

Mya Powell brother Devin Booker with Kendall Jenner.
Mya Powell brother Devin Booker with Kendall Jenner. Source: Pinterest

Are Kendall and Devin planning for their marriage?

Mya Powell brother Devin Booker spotted together with Kendall Jenner.
Mya Powell brother Devin Booker spotted together with Kendall Jenner. Source: Pinterest

As we all know that among the sisters, Kendall is very private about her personal life. 

In 2020, the rumors of Devin and Kendall were all over the internet, but the two remained silent on it. 

However, the lady posted a picture of them later on. 

It has also been stated that the guy has been right in the home of the Kardashian-Jenner family. 

And all the members think that he is perfect. Moreover, Devin was invited to one of his sister's birthdays in Tahiti

Kendall has been caught happy with the player, but still, the talk of their marriage isn't confirmed yet. 

Take a look at Devin's parents

Devin is a well-known player today, but who are his parents? 

Many of you might know about Devin's father, Melvin Booker, who was recognized as the Big Eight Player back in 1994, whereas his mother Veronica Gutierrez is a cosmetologist. 

His parents' meet-up was when Melvin (father) was engaged in basketball for the Continental Basketball Association in Michigan. 

Young Booker was grown in Grand Rapids while his pops follow his basketball career internationally. 

Due to this, the junior Booker met his father during the summer. 

His father being a professional player had taught his son to have the knowledge of Basketball IQ, further adding that it plays an important role as athleticism. 

Devin Booker linked with National team career

In this topic, let us take a look at Devin's connection with the National team. 

The ethnological background from his mother's side captured the interest of Puerto Ricans, Mexican, and U.S. national teams

The player has been engaged in the USA select team back in 2016 and coached against the U.S. Olympic team. 

A year before, in 2020, he was nominated as a finalist to perform in the United States men's Olympic basketball team. 

But due to the ongoing pandemic, it got postponed.

She is the inspiration behind her brother’s success

Mya grew up alongside her half-brothers Devin and Davon Wade in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mya would watch and cheer from the deck when her brothers used to play basketball and kickball from the early days. 

Mya has Microdeletion syndrome, a genetic chromosomal disorder. She is a huge basketball fan and gushed about her brother Devin on the first day of PE in middle school, where she said that her brother was better than every single of them.

After Devin got drafted by the Suns in 2015, her brothers moved to Arizona. She would ask her mother to FaceTime brothers where she would wake up her brother early in the morning. 

According to Devin, Mya is everything to them and credited her for changing their lives for the better. 

He added to not being anyone in the world who brings more joy to him and his family and supports Mya in everything she does.

Devin is the brand ambassador of Special Olympics, an organization that helps in spreading awareness about the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities. 

He said Mya motivates him every day and has inspired him in many of his amazing works. He has celebrated the accomplishments and witnessed the challenges Mya has experienced as a person with intellectual disabilities.

Mya Powell is extremely close to her brother Devin Booker.
Mya Powell is extremely close to her brother Devin Booker. Source: YouTube

Is Mya going to be an aunt?

Her brother Devin has been dating supermodel Kendall Jenner and Kendal’s mom Kris Jenner is already predicting who is next after welcoming her 11th grandchild Wolf

During an interview in “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Kris Jenner was asked which of her daughters she hopes will have a baby next to which she took Kendall’s name, giving the reason she is the only one who doesn’t have a baby. 

When Ellen asked if she wanted to have a baby, Kris replied she would eventually love to have a baby. In Ellen’s point of view, Kendal is not going to be the 12th as she thinks that there is going to be one before she has one. 

Kendall, who is very private about her relationship, confirmed her relationship with Devin in the KUWTK reunion part two. 

They had sparked rumors but had not officially confirmed their relationship until the reunion. 

According to the sources, the couple celebrated their 1st anniversary on the 13th of June, 2021, which means they will be celebrating the 2nd in the coming June.

Ten essentials her brother Devin Booker cannot live without 

NBA star Devin revealed his ten essentials with GQ Sports which he cannot live without. Here are the ten essentials:

  • His passport

Booker's love for traveling began when he was 12 years old after he visited his dad in Italy, who at the time played basketball in Italy

Once he got to Italy, he loved it so much that traveling became a part of his life, and every summer, he travels to different countries.

  • Decks of Bicycle playing cards 

Booker grew up playing cards. According to him, Spade was his game until he got to NBA and discovered Booray, which became his new go-to game. They play the game on the plane, in the hotel room.

  • Beats Pill speaker

Booker will watch the games on television. He turns the TV volume off and listens to music. He listens to music round the clock.

  • Wine Drop Stopper

Booker first got introduced to a wine drop stopper during his visit to Napa Valley in Summer

He said he was not familiar with the stopper initially but then discovered that the stopper prevents the wine from dripping, and now he keeps them on the road with him.

  • Journal

He carries his journal every time in which he pours his thoughts, his ideas, and a little bit of everything. 

He says anyone going through his journal does not understand because it's in his own language. 

Any thoughts or saying that get stuck in his mind, he pours them down in his journal. It's an open book. He just writes everything and looks back on it. 

Some of his writings help him remember, and he tries to execute them.

  • Nike Air Force 1 "Moss Point Edition"

Booker and Nike collaborated on making Nike Air Force 1 Low LV8 "Moss Point" to honor his high school, Moss Point, Mississippi

He said when he had the chance to represent his high school, he wanted to do something special. There is his birth date in the shoes and his creation ID. 

It also has bet five written, which indicates all of his friends from high school who used to be betting five dollars in gyms the whole time. 

On the back of the hill, it's written: "yes ma'am, no sir," which is southern hospitality using your manner and respecting your elders.

  • Goyard Bag

Goyard bag is a perfect size for him for traveling on a plane, for a weekend trip, or for one game trip where he can keep every little bit of things.

  • Patek Rose Gold Watch

Booker's love for watches came from his father, who used to collect watches. 

While growing up, Booker used to watch how much his father valued them and cared about them. 

He used to be like, whenever he is in that position where he can get his watches, and it's gonna be it.

  • Le Labo fragrance

He was first introduced to the fragrance when he stayed at a hotel in New York. According to him, the lotion is so powerful that one does even need to wear cologne with it.

  • Apple wired Headphones

Apple wired headphone is something he cannot travel without, and that is because of their cord. 

He had five pairs of AirPods but lost all of them, but he has never lost wired headphones because it never gets stolen.

Net worth

Since Mya's earnings are not given, we rely on her half-brother, Devin Booker, who has a total estimated net worth of $2 million.

Net worth$2 million
Income sourceProfessional basketball player


  1. Mya's half-brother Devin is 24 years old.

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