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Facts of Monja Willis

Full NameMonja Willis
First NameMonja
Last NameWillis
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Birth CityCalifornia
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusSingle
SpouseJames Harden Sr.
No Of Children3

Monja Willis is famous as the mother of James Harden, an American professional basketball player who used to play for the Brooklyn Nets and plays for the Philadelphia 76ers currently. 

Monja was born and raised in California. She worked at At&T for almost three decades. 

Married life 

Monja married her husband, James Harden Sr., a Navy Seaman. They named their son after him. Harden was born James Harden Jr.

Unfortunately, the equation between father and son was not good. But her married life was ruined because of his addiction to d*ugs. 

He was in and out of jail most of the time. Because of his absence, while growing up, James did not trust his father. In 2016, James officially cut Jr.

Monja Willis ex-husband James Harden Sr.
Monja Willis ex-husband James Harden Sr. Source: YouTube

How she raised her three children on her own?

She is the mother of her three children, the eldest son Akili Roberson, daughter Arnique Jelks and the youngest son James

It was not easy raising her three kids on her own in Compton, California, where homicide was high at the time. 

So to keep them safe, she kept her kids active in sports. 

According to Monja, she worked hard and managed her money wisely because she knew she had to raise her kids all alone. 

She sacrificed her wish to fill their wishes. The only goal she had was to raise them to the best and most productive they could be. Akili is a football player.

Monja Willis with her three children Akili Roberson, Arnique Jelks and James Harden.
Monja Willis with her three children Akili Roberson, Arnique Jelks and James Harden. Source: YouTube

The reason behind keeping Harden’s nickname Lucky

For many years Harden was unaware of the reason behind giving him the nickname Lucky by his mother until she told him. 

Before the birth of Harden, Monja had to go through two painful miscarriages, due to which she had a cervical cerclage, a process where the doctors stitch the opening of the uterus to prevent miscarriages. 

When she delivered him, they just called him Lucky as he was lucky to survive. 

Monja Willis with her son James Harden.
Monja Willis with her son James Harden. Source: Instagram

What was in a note that was written to her by James?

At the age of 12, James wrote a note to her mom that read, 

“Could you wake me up at 7:00 and could you leave me a couple of dollars." 

At the end of the note, he had asked her to keep the note with her writing he was going to be a star. As he said, he is a big star today. She still has the note.

James Harden wrote the message to his mother Monja Willis.
James Harden wrote the message to his mother Monja Willis. Source: Twitter

Monja has been supporting her son from the beginning and is influential in shaping his NBA career. 

At the same time, she is also a protective mom who does not fear giving back to criticisms labeled on her son. 

She does not want to hear anyone saying anything negative about her son. She says she has to show them their place. 

During an interview, she confessed to giving back to Criticizers if she is in earshot. 

She will ask them not to talk about her son and treat her son with the same respect they have for their son or daughter. 

She also added getting hurt like every mom. Since James has asked her to stay off Facebook and social media, she only has some of them. 

Monja Willis with her son James Harden after receiving the MVP award in 2018.
Monja Willis with her son James Harden after receiving the MVP award in 2018. Source: Pinterest

Net Worth

The net worth of Monja Willis is currently unavailable. 

We now have the net worth of eight-time All-NBA star James Harden, who started his NBA journey with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2009

He played for Houston Rockets for nine years before moving to Brooklyn Nets on January 14, 2021.

He is regarded as the best shooting guard in the NBA and was honored with the 2018 MVP award. From his successful career, he has amassed a fortune of :

Net Worth Source
$165 million Basketball player


  1. Her son, born on August 26, 1989, is currently 33 years old.

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