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Facts of Mike Nilon

Full NameMike Nilon
First NameMike
Last NameNilon
ProfessionCelebrity Ex-Husband
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SpouseGarcelle Beauvais
No Of Children2
Networth$8 M
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile

Mike Nilon is famous as the ex-husband of an actress, TV personality, author, and former fashion model Garcelle Beauvais

He works as an agent in the CAA (Creative Arts Agency). 

Garcelle is a talented actress and an artist. She has been in Hollywood for many years now. She lived in Haiti before her parents got divorced. 

She later moved to America with her mother and siblings, where she started her career as an actress and television personality. 

When she first moved to America, she didn't know how to speak English, and she said she learned English by watching the show Sesame Street


Mike was previously married to Garcelle for nine years. They also have two children together. 

The children are twins. They separated and got divorced when she found out that Mike was cheating on her with his co-worker.

Garcelle was married to Daniel Saunders before she met Mike. They divorced due to some issues. Together they are parents to their son named Oliver

How was the marriage:

Garcelle thought that Mike was the love of her life as he treated her like that. 

He was very sweet and showed genuine care for her. She said she felt lucky that she had Mike as her life partner, but it all went in vain.


One Sunday morning, when Mike was taking a shower, Garcelle had to make a call to her mother and borrow Mike's phone. 

When she was about to call her mother, a message popped up on the screen saying, "I love you." Garcelle got furious and started to check the messages and his phone. 

She found out that Mike had been cheating on her with a co-worker since five years.

After finding out:

After finding out that her baby's father is cheating, she got so angry and made the messages public to let people know what Mike had done. 

She sent it to one of the co-workers, and one of them made it public. It was then published in the New York Post

After the messages went viral and everybody saw them, Garcelle did regret it. 

She said in an interview that she shouldn't have done it, but she is also happy that people know what he did to her.


Mike has two children with Garcelle named Jax Joseph Nilon and Jaid Thomas Nilon. They were born in 2007

Garcelle has another son with her ex-husband before Mike named Oliver. Oliver also has a son, which makes Garcelle a grandmother. 

Mike Nilon former wife Garcelle Beauvais with all of her children.
Mike Nilon former wife Garcelle Beauvais with all of her children. Source: Instagram


Mike and Garcelle wanted to expand their family and were trying to have kids for a very long time, but they suffered from some infertility problems and weren't able to have kids. 

After 5 years of treatment and medications, Garcelle was finally pregnant with the twins. 

The couple was very happy and excited about the birth of the twins.

Mike Nilon with his ex-wife Garcelle Beauvais and the twins.
Mike Nilon with his ex-wife Garcelle Beauvais and the twins. Source: Pinterest

Garcelle's sons' thoughts on her getting married again

Garcelle was spontaneously captured, asking their sons if she should get married again in her life. In reply, one of his sons said, not happening, but fine, sure. 

Garcelle giggles and answer back the reason for not happening? Well, the expression he gave was epic, for sure. 

Another son came up with the direct answer saying, he wouldn't like it. He questioned back his mom Garcelle why would she want to marry someone? 

Garcelle, in reply, said she likes being married. She raised another question asking them if they wanted her to have love? 

However, his son had an outstanding reply stating she loves him and there is no need to love anyone else. 

After having that answer, the lady sweetly went on to hug her son. Further adding that she has to be sensitive about her kids' feelings, but at the same time, Garcelle feels like both of them need to see and know what a healthy, happy relationship looks like. 

Continuing the talk, she wanted to model what they should and shouldn't do. 

Mike's ex-spouse had a relationship with Michael Elliot?

It's true that Mike's ex-spouse Garcelle went on declaring her relationship back in December 2019 with Michael Elliot, who professionally serves as a screenwriter. 

However, after two months, Garcelle confronted her being single again on Instagram. In one of the conversations with Daily Dish, Garcelle shared how she didn't give up and is still hopeful that she will find her special person one day. 

In her words, she mentioned that she is for sure looking for her person. Confronting herself as being a romantic person. 

Garcelle confirmed she believes in love, and she is looking for the one. She humorously added she hopes that Brad Pitt will show up for her in one of these days. 

The ongoing pandemic has made it challenging for her to date, but said it hadn't stopped men from messaging into her DMs. 

She shared someone in her DMs has asked if she can be his quarantine bae? Nevertheless, Garcelle straightly answered, Hell No!

Mike and his ex-wife Garcelle get along great for the sake of their twin sons

While on The Wendy Williams show, Garcelle was talking about her quarantine routine when Wendy brought up the question of Mike’s five years of an extra-marital affair in their 11 and half years of relationship. 

Garcelle, in her reply, said that they could talk about that all that long. 

She added to say there are two people in a relationship, but at the same time, she feels it’s not really about women but about what’s missing in them that they need to go fill somewhere else. 

And all she has to say is they always go beneath us. 

Then Wendy asked if her ex was still with the woman he had been having an affair with for five years and if they have children together, to which Garcelle said no to both of the questions. 

Garcelle confessed to getting along great with her ex Mike for the sake of their sons. 

According to her, she didn’t grow up with her dad, so it was important for her sons to have their dad in their lives, and she didn’t want to poison their minds with her negative thoughts. 

She worked hard by taking therapy, life coaching, reading, and going through it because what happened to her was completely devastating. 

But letting bygones be bygones, she is now successfully co-parenting with him. She said her ex is at her home all the time. 

He is there for thanksgiving, to celebrate birthdays together, and other occasions for the benefit of their kids. 

She also revealed being a grandmother as her eldest son Oliver Saunders whom she shares with Daniel Saunders, welcomed a baby boy with his wife, Sam.

His ex was once mistaken for her kids’ nanny

His ex Garcelle shared her story of being mistaken for her kids’ nanny while opening up about being the mother of biracial kids with The Real Daytime

She said she was on a playdate with her kids, and a nanny was watching the child whom she was working for. 

She said something in Spanish, and Garcelle said she doesn’t speak Spanish, after which she said she would make more money if she spoke Spanish

When one of her sons, Jade, came up and said “Mommy, Let’s go, she turned bright red and ran off grabbing the hand of the child whom she was looking for.

Net worth:

Mike has a net worth of around $8 million. His source of income is film production, and he also works as an American talent agent. 

He earns a good fortune working in the entertainment industry.

Garcelle has a net worth estimated to be around $6 million. She gets her income from the movies and tv shows that she does. 

She has recently joined the reality show called "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

She is the first African-American woman in the show. She is also an author. She also did modeling in the past.

NameIncome Source
Mike Nylon$8 millionFilm producer, talent agent
Garcelle Beauvais$6 millionMovies, TV shows, author, modeling


  1. Mike is currently in his 50's as the exact date of birth is not known.
  2. Garcelle is 54 years old. She was born on November 26, 1966.

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