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Facts of Maya Versano

Full NameMaya Versano
First NameMaya
Last NameVersano
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CityLos Angeles, California
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameYaron Varsano
Father Professionentrepreneur and real estate developer
Mother NameGal Gadot
Mother ProfessionIsraeli actress, model, and producer
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsAlma Versano
Date of BirthMarch 19,2017
Age7 years

Maya Versano is a celebrity kid who was in fame before her arrival into this world because of her star mother

She is a beautiful daughter of an Israeli actress, model, and producer, Gal Gadot.

She is a female superhero 

Miss Israel 2004, Gadot was in the military before she landed her career in acting

Her experience in the military was a plus point to her, which provided her with the role of Gisele in the Franchise series of Fast and Furious

She got the title of a female superhero from her portrayal of Wonder Woman in the superhero film based on DC Comics character Batman V Superman following her solo film Wonder Woman in 2017

Her sequel movie Wonder Woman 1984 is on the way to release. 

The role which she prepared undergoing through various training

She has also appeared in many other films and series

Promised marriage proposal by the second date

Gadot married her superhero, Yaron Varsano, in 2008

The couple first met through their mutual friend, who invited them to the party in the desert in Israel

It was love at first, and by the other day, they were together. She was in her 20s, and he was in his 30s at the time. 

During their second date, Varsano confessed that he would not wait for more than two years to put forward the marriage proposal

He stuck to his word, and within two years, they got married

They recently celebrated their 12th marriage anniversary.

An intimate wedding ceremony 

It was an intimate wedding ceremony which took place in Tel Aviv. They looked sizzling in their respective attires.

Maya Versano's parents, Gal Gadot and Yaron Varsano.
Maya Versano's parents, Gal Gadot and Yaron Varsano. Source: Instagram 

Her husband is an entrepreneur 

Her husband is an entrepreneur and real estate developer

The Versano hotel in Tel Aviv, which Billionaire Roman Abramovich owns, was sold by Varsano and his brother at the whopping amount of $25 million

According to Gadot, during her shoots, they often struggled to stay at the hotels all the time and wanted to feel homely, which inspired Varsano to own The Versano hotel.

Maya's parents are the owners of Pilot Wave

Her parents are Pilot Wave owners, the production company that empowers cinematic creativity and ignites their imagination producing influential stories

They founded the company by selling all the real estate properties and are currently involved in it.

She has a beautiful elder sister

Maya is blessed with a beautiful elder sister, Alma Versano, who is more like a friend. Alma is five years older than Maya. 

Alma was born in November 2011 in the United States.

Maya Versano's mother, Gal Gadot, and sister, Alma.
Maya Versano's mother, Gal Gadot, and sister, Alma. Source: Instagram

Her mother is a Philanthropist

Gal is not only a good wife and mother but also a good human being. She has a soft corner for children who are fighting their illnesses. 

In the summer of 2018, she and some of her friends dressed up as superheroes while visiting a children’s hospital in Virginia. 

She was dressed up in the costume of Wonder Woman

Alma’s Thoughts on Mom Being a Wonder Woman

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Gal talks about how her daughter feels about being a Wonder Woman. She says Alma is very proud.  

She shares a funny incident where both mother and daughter went to the park, and Alma made friends and went to their parents and said that her mother is a Wonder Woman.

The parents give a strange look to Gal as they did’t recognize her. She then tells them that it’s not her, but every mother is a wonder woman. 

Although her daughter is proud of her being a Wonder Woman, she does not want to be dressed up as Wonder Woman on Halloween. 

Instead, she wants to get dressed as Unicorn. 

Maya is super curious for her next sibling on the way

The latest update is here; Maya is going to have a younger sibling. Her mom Gal Gadot explained the reaction of Maya in one of her interviews with Jimmy in his show Jimmy Kimmel Live

The conversation started with the pregnancy topic itself when Gal stated she was being slow because of it. However, she also shared it’s a girl this time too. 

Nevertheless, Jimmy raised a question if the girls wanted to know how the baby got in Gal’s tummy? Gal explained that her elder daughter Alma had those sessions while Gal was pregnant with Maya

But Maya, this time, is more curious about how the baby got in and how she is going to come out? Gal added. 

Well, in response Maya’s parents explained to her in a P.G. way, elaborating how her mom’s dad hugged and had planted seeds in mommy’s tummy. 

Gal cleared out the things about how they revealed the news to their daughters. They bought cupcakes for everyone in the family, including the dog too. 

But, there was one cupcake left extra. That’s how they pass on the news. Lastly, Gal recalled the funny reaction of Maya to a new baby after having her cupcakes. To know in detail, visit the link below. 

Fascinating things about Gal Gadot

Maya’s Mom, Gal, is recognized for her role as Wonder Woman. Besides her professional career, Gal originally belongs to Petah Tikva, Israel but was raised in Rosh HaAyin City

She described the neighborhood city as lovely and naïve. Gal shared how there were no mobile phones at that time, and they would visit each friend’s home, knock on their door, and insist on a play date. 

Other than that, her first name’s actual meaning is a wave, and her last name refers to riverbanks in Hebrew

Moving to her parents’ description, her mom Irit Gadot served as a teacher and her dad Michael Gadot as an engineer. 

She gave credit to her mom, who influenced her early life. Gal’s mother was a P.E. teacher, so she was very much active in playing volleyball, tennis, basketball and was a high jumper since young. 

Net worth

Maya is currently relishing her parent's income. 

Her mother was listed among the top five highest-paid actresses in 2020. 

She earned a whopping amount of $20 million for her Netflix's comedy thriller film Red Notice

The film release date, which was supposed to be released on 13th November 2020, has been halted due to pandemics

She has appeared in different music videos

As an A-list actress, she has earned an impressive amount, which is given below:

 YearNet Worth 
Gal Gadot 2020$30 million 


  1. Maya was born in the year 2017 in Los Angeles.
  2. She is currently three years old. Her mother was five months pregnant with her while she was shooting for her movie.
  3. She celebrates her birthday on 19th March.

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