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Facts of Max Sheen

Full NameMax Sheen
First NameMax
Last NameSheen
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameCharlie Sheen
Mother NameBrooke Mueller
Mother Professionreal estate investor and actress
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsBob Sheen

Max Sheen is popularly known as the son of Veteran American actor Charlie Sheen, famous for his role in movies such as Wall Street, Platoon, Major League, and several others. 

He is also a child actor who was seen in E! True Hollywood Story.

High and low life of Charlie Sheen

Charlie begins his career in 1984 from the movie 'Red Dawn' in a minor role. Two years later, he played a significant role in the film Platoon.

Then he did some hit movies such as Hot Shots, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and many others hit in the box office. 

In 2003 he acted in the series 'Two and a Half Men as the notorious role of Charlie Harper. The show was one of the most-watched TV shows at that time. 

He continued the show for eight years. His career was skyrocketing at that time.

Max Sheen with his father, Charlie Sheen, and twin brother.
Max Sheen with his father, Charlie Sheen, and twin brother. Source:

Unfortunately, his high days could not last for long. His low life started when he became addicted to alcohol and drug. 

Then his rebellious attitude started becoming a problem for shows and crew members. 

Similarly, his wildly partying behaviors, and personal issues such as marital problems, allegations of domestic violence, etc., become the reason for his declining career. 

In March 2011, his contract for the show 'Two and a Half Men' was terminated by CBS and Warner Bros.

Planned wedding with a nature theme

On March 30, 2008, the wedding of Max's parents happened. Charlie held his wedding with Brooke Mueller, who is a real estate investor and actress. 

The wedding nuptials was organized at a Beverly Hills mansion.

The couple decided to go for an intimate wedding with the presence of close family, including actor and director father, Martin, brother, Emilio Estevez, and daughter from previous relations. 

Yifat Oren planned the wedding. He designed the wedding with a nature theme with fawn birds, mounds of moss, twigs, and a centerpiece of fruits.

Max Sheen's parents, Charlie Sheen, and Brooke Mueller during their wedding.
Max Sheen's parents, Charlie Sheen, and Brooke Mueller during their wedding. Source: Pinterest

Parents are now divorced

Unfortunately, it's tragic news for a child, Max, and his twin brother, Bob Sheen, that their parents are no more together. 

When they were only one year old, their parent's relationship started getting cold. Finally, in May 2011, his parents were officially separated. 

Although twin brothers were with his father, his mother filed a restraining order against Sheen and took away sons from him. 

She claimed that he is an insane person, so she did not let their son stay with him to protect them.

Max Sheen with his parents, Charlie Sheen, and Brooke Mueller, and twin brother.
Max Sheen with his parents, Charlie Sheen, and Brooke Mueller, and twin brother. Source:

Father is married thrice

Max's father is popular not only for being an actor but also for his multiple relationships. 

His father has been married thrice, and his mother is the third marriage of his father. At first, he was married to Donna Peele, who is a fashion model. 

He got married to her on September 3, 1995. But the relationship could not last for more than a year. 

Again his second marriage was with actress Denise Richards, to whom he met in a movie set. 

On December 26, 2001, he got engaged with her, and on June 15, 2002, the couple tied the knot. At the time of marriage, she was already six months pregnant. 

Now the couple is blessed with two wonderful daughters. But, this relationship also could not run for a longer time. 

In March 2005, Denise alleged Charlie for being an alcoholic and drug addict. 

She even revealed that he used to abuse her domestically. Finally, they finalized their divorce in 2006

Max Sheen with his twin brother, Bob Sheen.
Max Sheen with his twin brother, Bob Sheen. Source:

Ex-Wife struggling with addiction

As per CheatSheet news published on August 10, 2019, the ex-wife of Charlie and the mother of Max and Bob, Brooke Mueller, was at rehab. 

She was caught with suitcases that were full of drugs and had been sent for treatment. The ex-wife of Charlie was struggling with her addiction problems for a long. 

Previously, while having her divorce, she was also struggling with her addiction. 

At that time, her kids were taken care of by Charlie's ex-wife, Denise Richards. This time Brooke's parents were taking care of Max and Bob.

Max's father, Charlie Sheen, talked about Sober Living

As mentioned earlier, his dad Charlie had gone through some very rough phases in his life. Charlie was invited to the Elevation Recovery show to share his part of life. 

The actor shared about his 'Shame Shiver' Relapse Prevention Technique. Charlie told how the Shame Shiver could be an asset. 

He shared how he used the three processes of Shame Shiver to distance himself away when he urges to have the unwanted substance time and again. 

Charlie, when he feels like wanting to have substance, he shifts his focus from that. During that moment, he thinks of great things in his life and the gratitude he has been showered with. 

The last step is to deactivate the craving by thinking of the three most shameful events that occurred from his addiction. 

Did Charlie feel the birth of his twins was of extreme fear?

Not to deny, but yes, Charlie found the birth of his kids was terrifying. He was afraid that he would lose his former wife and two kids due to premature labor. 

He told how his ex-spouse would suffer from extreme jeopardy. Nevertheless, his sons were born seven weeks early but they were still in the developing phase. 

Charlie also mentioned that his son suffered from an ejection fracture. However, the things around them were slowly changing into normal again.

Moreover, her ex-wife Brooke Mueller once shared that she was scared and happy at the same time when she saw the two living beings who came out of her. 

The lady saw so many tubes connected to their just-born babies. She also confronted that it wasn’t the easiest pregnancy for her. 

Brooke suffered from many diseases during that moment, such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and cholestasis. 

His father admitted being HIV positive after keeping it a secret for four years

During an interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer in 2015, Charlie Sheen revealed of being HIV positive four years after being diagnosed with the disease. 

He thought of having to admit so that he could put a stop to the ongoing onslaught. He said the reports to be harmful and was threatening the health of others which could not be farther from the truth. 

Charlie at the time confessed about his disease to the selective people whom he thought he could trust at the time.

According to him, he had the symptoms that started with a series of cluster headaches and insane migraine. 

He was completely drenched with sweat on the bed for three straight days in a row that he was rushed to the hospital. 

Initially, he thought he had a brain tumor, but after batteries of tests and spinal taps, it was known that he was contracted the virus. 

For years he tried to keep it a secret and had been the victim of betrayal and extortion. A lot of people with whom he trusted and shared his secret later blackmailed him asking for money which, according to him, reached the millions. 

He said what people forgot was the money they were taking from his kids, thinking it was just him, but he got five kids and a granddaughter at the time. 

His truth sadly turned out to be their treason as a deluge of blackmail and extortion for the people who found out his status rather than those people he had sex with and were claiming that he had transmitted the virus to them. 

They died for some reason, and he trusted them as they were deep in his inner circle. He thought they could be helpful, but as he said, his trust turned into treason. 

At one time, he had a prostitute come over to his house. After a sexual encounter, she went to his bathroom and took an image of his antiretroviral medication with her cell phone and used it as a weapon threatening him to sell that image to the tabloids. 

He also admitted to being so depressed by the condition that he was in that he continued making mistakes allowing the unsavory types in his house knowing that they used it to extort him.

He admitted having unprotected sex with two since his diagnosis, but the two people he did with were under the care of his doctor, and they were completely warned. 

He told every sexual partner about him being HIV positive. He stopped paying to people after he revealed the truth and felt he released himself from prison after revelation.

Net Worth

The net worth of Max is not available. However, his father's net worth is as follows:

YearNet Worth
2017$150 Million
2020$10 Million
Source: Acting

There is a massive decline in the net worth of Charlie. It is due to his destructive lifestyle and relationships. 

For some years, he was not working, but he had to pay massive expenses from paying his home mortgage to sending the amount for his child support. 

So, he has sold some of his assets due to which his net worth was declined over the year.

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