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Mary Louise Szekely


Facts of Mary Louise Szekely

Full NameMary Louise Szekely
First NameMary
Middle NameLouise
Last NameSzekely
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameLouis C.K.
Father Professionstandup comedian, writer, actor, and filmmaker
Mother NameAlix Bailey
Mother ProfessionActress
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsKitty Szekely
Date of Birth2005

Mary Louise Szekely is the daughter of Louis C.K

Her father is professionally involved as a standup comedian, writer, actor, and filmmaker. 

Mary Louise Szekely with her father Louis C.K.
Mary Louise Szekely with her father Louis C.K. Source: Pinterest

Blessed with a sibling 

Mary is known as a celebrity kid and is under the spotlight after she stepped into this world. 

Her name itself holds a strong meaning where Mary refers to beloved, Louise refers to famous warrior, and Szekely refers to Hungarian people. 

She is the younger one hence is blessed with a sibling named Katherine, aka Kitty Szekely

Just three years older, the sisters shared a strong bond, often spotted hanging out together, and had shared the screen in Louis C.K.: Oh My God and Louis C.K. 2017.

Mary Louise Szekely with her elder sister and father Louis C.K.
Mary Louise Szekely with her elder sister and father Louis C.K. Source: YouTube

Her parents are two big stars

Little Mary was born to parents who are two big celebrities. 

Her father Louis had served in numerous roles, as mentioned above. 

Moreover, Louis had won many titles starring the Peabody award, Primetime Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards for Best Comedy Album, and many more.

Her mother Alix Bailey, appeared in numerous movies like Tomorrow Night, Searching for Nixon, etc. 

But has actively served as a professional painter who got inspired by her mother and father in the same field. 

The drunken proposal turned into marriage?

Mary’s parents met at a New Year’s Eve party when they were just in their teenage years. 

Attending the party, her father Louis was drunk while meeting his future spouse. 

The interesting part is that he proposed to the lady within five minutes of the meeting. 

Later, they hit the way again through their mutual friend. Beginning with dating, then into marriage, they took the vows back in 1995

After being together for more than a decade, they split up, stating that they can’t make each other joyful. 

Adding about their relationship, Louis stated that they were in a traditional togetherness where he earned money and Alix cared for their kids. 

Despite being involved in therapy and was concentrated in a relationship for togetherness again, they failed.

Mary Louise Szekely parents Louis C.K. and Alix Bailey in an event.
Mary Louise Szekely parents Louis C.K. and Alix Bailey in an event. Source: YouTube

Mary’s father takes on younger women after splitting with his ex-wife

Her parents split up in 2008, after which her father moved on with his new partner, who is much younger than him. 

But his statement on dating a young lady was shocking as he was tired of it. 

Elaborating it, Louis stated that at first it is interesting but later felt dumb. 

He doesn’t see the future collaboration with them referring to as limited. 

Lying with them and meeting them just got him exhausted so fast. 

Lately, the artist also mentioned it was tough after being separated from his ex-wife Alix for the whole year.

Louis C.K. purchased the property in Greenwich Village with his former spouse?

The separation didn’t stop the former couple from coming together and buying a property, even after they got through many complications. 

Louis C.K., with his former spouse, purchased a studio apartment named “wee studio” worth $564,900 in NYC West village. 

Elaborating the property, it is all designed in a small entrance, including a dining hall, living room, and a sleeping room with wooden floors and a unique fireplace. 

Moreover, they had jointly bought three other properties worth $250,000, $475,000, etc.  

Louis on abortion

Her dad Louis, an artist, was captured talking about abortion. In Louis’s view, he thinks that one should not get an abortion unless one needs one. 

Continuing, he added that if you need an abortion, you better get one saying to not f*** around and hurry. 

Not getting an abortion that you certainly need is like not taking a shit; that’s how bad it is, he added.

He also shared his view that abortion is exactly like taking a shit which he claimed is 100% the exact same thing as taking a shit, or it isn’t. 

He added it’s either taking a shit or killing a baby. Furthermore, Louis says that it’s only one of those two things and pointing that it’s no other thing. 

So, if you didn’t like hearing, it’s like taking a shit; you think it’s killing a baby. 

The artist added that’s the only other one you get to have, which means that one should be holding a sign in front of the place. 

Not only this, Louis shared that people hate abortion protestors claiming them to be so shrill and awful. They even think that the babies are being murdered. 

However, in Louis’s perspective, he doesn’t think it’s killing a baby, then later mentioned saying it’s a little bit of killing a baby, but at last, he stated that it’s 100% killing a baby. 

Nevertheless, he thinks that women should be allowed to kill babies. 

Louis said that when people say that abortion should be legal, safe, and rare, he questioned why it should be rare if it’s legal or if it’s legal, it’s shitting. 

Lastly, he stated that people get too excited about life, but Louis says to make a list of every shitty thing’s ever, that’s in life. 

Life is ok, he likes, but he doesn’t need it. He also says he likes life, so he hadn’t killed himself. 

Active in charity?

Louis is also captured helping those in need. However, philanthropy is not always a part of a major PR campaign. 

Back in 2011, he published a stand-up special titled C.K.: Live at the Beacon theater

From the internet performance only, he earned a million bucks which he gave a quarter of it to agencies named the Fistula Foundation, whose main objective is to help ladies out there recover from reproductive organ damage gained via childbirth. 

Louis's big controversy

Louis was spotted explaining the situation he got into after calling Donald Trump a gross crook, dirty rotten lying sack. 

Louis is not a political person, but he gets involved in much political humor. 

Last year, Louis emailed his fans and told them that Donald Trump is an insane bigot and Hitler after he mentioned regretting it. 

When asked why he feels so? Louis explained he regrets it, but he doesn’t take his words back, which he claims to be having a difference. 

He explains he definitely regrets saying it, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Nevertheless, he claims it is a messy thing though. 

He also shared it was the feeling he was going through at that moment. Louis said it was just more people than he thought who were going to read it. 

Louis claimed he has a total of 1000 people on his email list, which is not many in his view. 

He shared his words there, and tomorrow Louis was on the daily news cover with his face and Donald Trump’s face saying he is a Hitler. 

Louis recalled how he felt as he was like that is not what he does for a living, and that is not at all he is trying to accomplish. 

Louis clearly stated that he regrets it but wouldn’t take it back. In his view, if one goes back and tries to fix all those mistakes that one made, then one would erase yourself. 

As of the current scenario, Louis thinks that Donald Trump is not as profound as he thought he was. 

But he is some new kind of evil, but he seems to be just a living sang of ####. 

Louis continued and said that there are liars and sometimes human beings lie, and that guy lied and also found out about him lying. 

And there is somebody who lies once in a while who can’t stay quiet in the bound areas of truth, and there are the liars who can’t help it. 

Louis claimed Donald was a liar who just lied as they liked it. Sharing his words, he mentioned Donald as a gross crook, rotten lying sack of …

Net worth

As Mary Louise Szekely just stepped into her teenage years, the young girl is focused on her study, making it impossible to record the income. 

Instead, her father, Louis, has an estimated net worth of $35 million.

Net worth$35 million
Income sourceComedian, writer, actor, and a director


  1. Born in 2005, Mary is 16 years old.

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