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Marlowe Masterson


Facts of Marlowe Masterson

Full NameMarlowe Masterson
First NameMarlowe
Last NameMasterson
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameBrick Stowell
Father Professiontour manager, music photographer
Mother NameAlanna Masterson
Mother ProfessionActress
Gender IdentityFemale
Date of BirthNovember 4,2015
Age8 years

Marlowe Masterson is the daughter of Alanna Masterson. Alanna is famous for her role as Tara Chambler in "The Walking Dead."

Her Family

Marlowe is the daughter of Alanna Masterson and her ex-boyfriend, Brick Stowell

She is the grandchild of Joe Ritchie and Carol Masterson

Her grandfather, Joe Ritchie, is a retired Lebanese-Australian professional rugby league footballer

She is the niece of actors, Jordan Masterson, Danny Masterson, and Christopher Masterson.

Marlowe Masterson with her family.
Marlowe Masterson with her family. Source: Instagram

The above picture consists of Marlowe with her family. 

The picture is posted by her mother, Alanna, with a caption 

'Thanks for always answering...

Her Parents Love-Life 

Marlowe's parents, Alanna and Brick, were in a long-term relationship before the couple welcomed their daughter, Marlowe. 

The loving duo was believed to be dating each other since 2007

There were rumors regarding their wedding, but it was considered baseless by them. 

However, the couple is not together anymore. 

Any information regarding their split or the reason behind their breakup has not been disclosed yet.

Marlowe Masterson's parents Brick and Alanna.
Marlowe Masterson's parents Brick and Alanna (Source:

At Present

Alanna has not been married yet. She is happily in a relationship with Paul Longo

Paul is a businessman and is the CEO and Founder of Vortex Hospitality

He is the owner of 'Elder Greene,' 'Ida's Nearabout,' 'Brookside Market,' and 'Fulton Hall.' 

There is no precise information available regarding dating history and love-affair.

Marlowe Masterson's mother, Alanna with her alleged boyfriend, Paul.
Marlowe Masterson's mother, Alanna with her alleged boyfriend, Paul. Source: Instagram

The above picture is taken at Hoshinoya Fuji. 

It is posted by Alanna with her alleged boyfriend, Paul, under a caption 

'Really just so grateful. 2020.'

Her mom answered the fans based questions

Alanna was spotted answering the questions by her fans. When asked about the one food that she would eat for the rest of her life, she says Spaghetti with meatballs for sure. 

Alanna shared that she wanted to be a ballerina when she grew up and that's what she did every day her whole life till she was 16 years of age. 

However, she also says that she broke her foot later, which made a full stop in her dance. The lady claimed it to be a tragic incident, which she is sad about even now. 

Talking about her favorite book, she pointed out to be all of Harry Potter. She describes herself as a nerd because she had read out the whole series of it. 

When given a choice between Gremlins or Ghostbusters, she chose Ghostbusters. 

She claimed herself as the “The Walking Dead” funniest cast member but later denied saying that was a joke, and she pointed out Steven, Norman, Josh and Christian, and everyone. 

Later, she says the challenging role she would like to portray is the role of an Army. She added that Army roles are mostly about men, but she wanted to see the girl soldier too. 

And if she wanted to be one animated Disney character, she would love to be Mushu from Mulan. There are much more, which you can find below from the video.

No tolerance for body shamers

No doubt, Alanna is a busy mother as she is working. She doesn’t have a single time for the internet trolls. 

However, she got trolled for her Tara-centric TWD episode just a year after delivering her daughter. Nevertheless, the artist fired back via her Instagram. 

She made a reminder to body shamers that she is diligently nursing her kid and pumping her up in a van in between shots. 

And also mentioned that she would not change it for anything else. 

Also, she directly said that before commenting on whether her chest is too big or how she has gained weight, just think that the little girl out there got the best start in life. 

She continued saying she would not decrease her calories and eat enough to produce milk for her kid’s little bones to develop. 

Lastly, the actress challenged the trolls saying that she would love to see a man or woman giving birth to a newborn, nursing them, and then serving for a whole 17-hour a day together nailing their own stunts too. 

Net Worth

Marlowe's net worth has not been estimated yet. 

Her mother, Alanna Masterson's net worth is estimated to be $2 Million

She has added it to her fortune through her career as an actress.

How Do Her Parents Earn Money?

Marlowe's mother, Alanna, is an actress

She has worked in several television series such as "The Walking Dead," "Mistresses," "The Young and Restless," "Younger," "Grey's Anatomy," "Terminator" and many more. 

She has also worked in movies like "Peach Plum Pear" and "Afraid."

Below is the list of the cast of "The Walking Dead" along with their net worth

NameNet Worth
Norman Reedus$25 Million
Andrew Lincoln$16 Million
Jeffrey Dean Morgan$10 Million
Chandler Riggs$8 Million
Steven Yeun$4 Million
Josh McDermitt$4 Million
Danai Gurira$4 Million
Lauren Cohan$4 Million
Melissa McBride$3 Million
Christian Serratos$2 Million
Seth Gilliam$1.5 Million
Ross Marquand$1 Million

Marlowe's father, Brick, is a tour manager, music photographer, and jack of all trades

He works in retail, apart from photography. He is the tour manager of the label 'Odd Future'.

Bond With Family

Marlowe is just a five-year-old child and is very close to both her mother and father. 

Since her parents do not live together anymore. 

She is eventually seen more with her mother and her maternal family. 

However, there is no doubt that both her parents love her as we can see several posts of and about her in their respective social media handles.

Marlowe Masterson's picture posted by her father.
Marlowe Masterson's picture posted by her father. Source: Instagram

The above picture is posted by Marlowe's father, Brick, at Grestle Park on 31st October 2019. 

'Spooky LOL girl & Blind Melon.'


  1. Marlowe is born in 2015, which makes her age five as of 2020.
  2. She cuts her birthday cake on 4th November every year.
  3. We collect most of the information about Marlowe Masterson as it is difficult to find on other wiki sites.

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