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Facts of Mark Goldbridge

Full NameMark Goldbridge
First NameMark
Last NameGoldbridge
Birth CityNottingham
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusMarried
No Of Children3
Networth$5 M
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Date of BirthApril,1979
Age45 years
Married DateJune,2008

Mark Goldbridge was born Brent Di Cesare, but he is best recognized by his online alias Mark Goldbridge

He is an English-born YouTuber best known for his Manchester-United-based videos on The United Stand, which amassed 1.26 million subscribers. 

Besides that, he has another channel under the name Mark Goldbridge That's entertainment, Mark Goldbridge, and Mark Goldbridge That's Football.

His life story before coming to fame 

Mark's life was heading nowhere after leaving school at 17 with crap GCSEs. He went to college but could not attend more than three weeks because of Glandular fever, and there was no point in returning to college having missed so much of classes.

He had to wait nine months to get back to college and start again but later ended up giving up. 

Until he was 30 years old, he became busy personalizing his life, working multiple jobs that he didn't like at all due to which there was always not wanting to go back to work on Mondays due to which he made most of the Sundays quite a dark day mood-wise. 

In his 30s, he started doing YouTube videos taking alongside his professional job, and in his late 30s, he started doing The United Stand, which eventually became his full-time job.

How he ended up being a YouTuber leaving the professional job of the police officer

When Mark came back from Ireland at 25, he had no jobs, and since he had no degree, it was hard for him to find a job. 

Then his wife one day asked if he had ever thought of going to the police, which he thought was a good option because, at the time, those jobs required no degrees. 

He went to the police job but not to do the jobs until he gets retired but with the intention of getting out after a certain period. 

During the time, he started his YouTube channel on alias Mark Goldbridge which was suggested by his employers during his job as a police officer investigating financial fraud. 

According to Mark, he was always passionate about football from an early age. The idea popped up in his mind while he was on holiday in Majorca in 2014

At the time, England had just been knocked out from the World Cup. Lying on a lilo in the pool, he thought he would spend a lot of time on forums straight after the game, venting out and then waiting for people to reply. 

He thought it was just an idea at the time as he always wanted to do something interactive, so he thought of putting recorded content up on YouTube. 

When he went on YouTube, he discovered that they were already a couple of people doing that sort of thing but not in the way he wanted to do. 

Originally he started under the name "Soccer Box TV," which was meant to be a weekly recorded show where he discussed the results of the Premier League and the upcoming games with injecting a little bit of banter into it but was unable to amass views more than five. 

He thought of sticking with the channel a little longer. Then he thought, why not react to the United game, after all, he has been a United fan for ages. 

So he did United reaction and, in return, was able to amass four times more views than anything he had on Soccer Box videos that eventually led to doing more United reactions. 

After that, he started doing the Sunday night's show with a few of his mates, and 50 people were watching on a google hangout every Sunday at 8'o clock, then decided to rebadge the channel The United Stand from where he never looked back.

His mom is a United fan, while his father is a Chelsea fan 

He was born and raised in a family of football lovers in Nottingham. In his family, his mother and grandfather were United fans, while his father was a Chelsea fan. 

Mark became a Manchester United fan ever since his grandfather converted him into. 

His parents got separated when he was six. Brought up in Nottingham, his father used to take him to the Forest games, due to which some people think that he is a Forest fan, not a true fan of United

He clarified to supporting Forest only when it was against United's rival. He thinks the accusations are attempts to shut down his United Stand channel.

Met his future wife in Ireland

Mark met his future wife while he was in Ireland at 20, which he describes to be the best time. They got married in June 2008

After the marriage, they both had a difficult year initially. They did not have enough money, so both of them worked hard. 

Then they returned to Midland. Though Mark has never mentioned the name of his wife, he is living a blissful married life.

Mark Goldbridge with his beautiful wife.
Mark Goldbridge with his beautiful wife. Source: Instagram
Mark Goldbridge and his wife have been together for more than a decade.
Mark Goldbridge and his wife have been together for more than a decade. Source: Instagram

Father of three

Mark is the father of his three children, two daughters, and a son. His youngest son Seb is 4 years old, while his eldest daughter is 12

Mark keeps updating pictures with his children, especially his son.

Mark Goldbridge with his three children.
Mark Goldbridge with his three children. Source: Instagram
Mark Goldbridge with his son Seb.
Mark Goldbridge with his son Seb. Source: Instagram

He lashed out at United Players when the players questioned football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo

Mark's video on spot-on analysis of Leaks about Cristiano Ronaldo went viral after he lashed out at United Players for questioning Cristiano Ronaldo and being too demanding. 

He said the players who were unhappy with Cristiana Ronaldo since his return to the club had no right to question the five-time Ballon d'Or winner because he has nothing to prove.

He went on to say that they are criticizing a player who is not only the legend of the game but the club they think is theirs. 

He was there before them. He won a Ballon d'Or, Premier League, and Champions Leagues titles.

Net Worth

Mark has an estimated net worth of :

Net Worth Source
$1 million-$5 millionYouTuber 


  1. Mark was born in April 1979. He is 42 years old.

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