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Facts of Marjorie Bach

Full NameMarjorie Bach
First NameMarjorie
Last NameBach
ProfessionAdvisory Board Member
Birth CityNew York
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameHoward Goldbach
Father ProfessionPolice Officer
Mother NameMarjorie Goldbach
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJoe Walsh
SibilingsBarbara Bach
EducationJohn Cabot International University
Height172.72 cm
Networth$400 k
Married DateDecember 12,2008

Marjorie Bach is one of those celebrities who rose to fame after her marriage to a famous personality

She is best known as the wife of Joe Walsh, a singer, and guitarist.

Her Marriage and Husband

She is currently married to her second husband, Joe Walsh

The loving duo dated for a couple of years before exchanging wedding vows on December 12, 2008

The wedding ceremony took place in Los Angeles and was attended by close friends and family.

Marjorie with her husband, Joe Walsh
Marjorie with her husband, Joe Walsh. (Source:

She was previously married to Lord Alexander Rufus Issacs in September 1993. The couple ended their 15 years of relationship in 2008 when things did not work well between them.

Her current spouse, Joe, was previously married to four women, namely Denise Driscoll, Juanita Boyer, Stefany Amaro, and Marjori.

Their Love Story

Although there is no information available about how they met for the first time, they have been an adorable couple since they met each other. 

The duo attends various events together and is often spotted strolling the street of Los Angeles, holding each other’s hand.

They attended her sister’s husband, Ringo Starr's Peace & Star birthday celebration at Capitol Records.

Their Children

Marjorie does not have her children. However, she is a mother of three stepchildren from her husband’s previous wife. 

Her first stepchild, named Lucy Walsh, was born in 2008 and is currently a singer and an actress. Her other stepchild, Emma Kristen, is not alive anymore. 

She died at a very young age of 3 years in 1974 in an automobile accident.

She proved to be the right partner for her husband

Marjorie and Joe have been living a successful married life since 2008 after Joe's four failed marriages. Joe was briefly married to his first wife, Margie, in the 1960s

His second marriage to Stefany Rhodes ended after seven years of marriage (1971-1978) that, followed by Juanita Boyer for eight years(1980-1988), then Denise Driscoll for seven-year (1999-2006) before finally settling with Marjorie.

After marrying Marjorie, Walsh realized that she was the part of him that had been missing in his life for the longest time. 

He said in an interview when you find the right life partner, and then you realize that this is the part of you that was missing referring to his fifth wife, Marjorie

Her entry into his life brought positive life changes. He credited his wife for showing him the right path and confessed to not knowing how to do what he was doing now before he met her. 

She made it possible for him. Besides that, she was throughout his journey to sobriety. Both Marjorie and Joe were honored in October 2018 by the non-profit facing addiction with NCADD for their support of the recovery movement. 

Along with their son, the couple is also providing support to Veterans and their families in the VetsAid event by raising funds. 

Walsh's father, a flight instructor, died in active duty when he was just 20 months old, and he grew up wondering what his father would have been like when he was alive. 

He always tried doing things that would make his late father proud of him. During his travels and tours, he found out about some of the small town vets organizations doing great work, so he started an organization, VetsAid

They have been organizing different concerts to date for their Veterans.

Marjorie Bach and Joe Walsh are actively involved in their charity work for their veterans.
Marjorie Bach and Joe Walsh are actively involved in their charity work for their veterans. Source: Instagram

Joe recalls some of the happy memories as a youngster

Joe recalled some of the happy memories as a youngster on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"  when the show host Colbert asked if he had any particular buddies, he would hang out with or like to party with. 

He took two names late English drummer Keith Moon and actor and musician John Belushi. Adding humor, he said he and Keith stayed up for a couple of months at night when Keith decided he liked him. 

He recalled the moment with John and Keith, which he said at the moment to be funny, but at the time, it was terrifying to be with them where they would not know what was going to happen. 

Once, he went to Benihana, the Japanese Steakhouse, with John. John decided to be the cook that day and was full-on samurai, which later turned out to be messy.

Joe revealed his secret to his longevity in the music business

Joe was candid and had shared his secret about his long stay in this entertainment business. 

He mentioned if you can break through to a different generation than yours, that is the main key that Joe is still there in the industry. 

The artist elaborating, if you can break through so that more than one generation is wearing your music, you can secure around for a while. 

And the other thing Joe advised is that don’t get too famous. He says don’t get famous for fifteen minutes. Further adding, get famous for a little bit and stay there for long. 

When asked about how did he stay sober for a long time? 

Joe revealed that if you have problems in your life that are directly the result of alcohol or whatever substance you are doing, you have a problem, and at some point, you worked for it, and it doesn’t work for you anymore. 

And without you noticing, whatever you run will convince you that you can’t do anything without it, and that’s it, gotcha ya. 

Joe said he chased it for thirty years. And it wasn’t working for him, so he thought he was not drinking nearly enough. 

At that time, he felt that he needed help. The hardest thing Joe shared was picking up the phone and asking for help because there is life after addiction which is good, Joe added. 

Lastly, he mentioned his first rule, stating Don’t drink drugs. 

Her husband’s Own Radio Show?

The production is titled Joe Walsh Old Fashioned Rock N Roll Radio Show. The whole idea of this was created during the worldwide pandemic COVID-19

No doubt, the pandemic had created obstacles to the plans of the creators of Hotel California

Other than that, Joe himself had named the radio production, which got broadcasted from his personal space, i.e., his home for the 88.5 FM station

Also, it was then operated every Saturday by California State University

Back then, when Joe was attending Kent State University, he did spend his time being involved playing with numerous Cleveland bands that including The Measles too.

Learn more things about Joe Walsh

Many of you might not know that Joe back then dropped out of college while at Kent State

It was the moment when he became closer for comfort with the National Guard members who got shot, and four of the students were killed during the anti-war protest back in 1970

As we all recognized him as a hero of guitar who has been involved in music for four decades, he confronted that he would be ready to take lessons whenever it is possible. 

Other than that, he revealed when he seeks advice regarding music or life, he always prefers to take counsel from Ringo Starr, who shares the relationship of a brother-in-law to him. 

In an interview, Joe shared that he majored in English but minored in the music field. 

He mentioned attending shootings, but later, he didn’t look at the college the same. 

He chose music as his profession, which made him feel he didn’t need a degree that much. 

Also, regarding the music lessons, he said that he could hear something numerous times and also get it down pretty much. 

He also says that he does not feel shy and is ready to ask for tips whenever he feels that he is lacking somewhere in reading music. 

Also, Joe talked about Ringo claiming to be his great friend and the one person he can take advice from. 

He praised Ringo by saying that he is never affected by success and is down to earth, and is always a good influencer. 

The bonus thing we get to know of him is when asked if he has done more interviews than he ever cares to recall. 

He laughed and said there were a bunch of interviews he doesn’t recall. 

Further, he said that interviews are good as the questionnaire the interviewer questions you. When asked if he still plays the clarinet, he said yes. 

However, playing clarinet makes the dogs upset, so he can’t play. Nevertheless, he added to playing oboe when young, and he can play oboe now too. 

Lastly, when asked if he still has his embouchure, to which he replied stating that is the main problem as now his lip is gone. 

Her Net Worth

Marjorie has an estimated net worth between $100000 and $400000, which she has accumulated through her career as an Advisory Board Member, and a Senior V.P. of Sales and Marketing.

She started her career as a Senior V.P. of Sales and Marketing in a tech industry called BitMEX. Later in 2013, she joined The Simms/Mann – UCLA Center, where she served as an Advisory Board Member. She initially came to the company as a patient as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Her husband’s net worth is reported to be $75 million, which he amassed from his career as a musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor. 

He has been an individual from five effective musical crews such as James Gang, Barnstorm, Eagles, the Party Boys, and Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band. He also was a part of the New Zealand band Herbs.

He also owns an online store called Joe Walsh Online Store, which offers various products such as T-shirts, tops, caps, half shirts, and his music tapes at a heavy discount.

He has been ranked number 54 by Rolling Stone in the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. In 1998 his guitar solo for Hotel California was selected as the best guitar solo of all time by the Guitarist Magazine. He was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the Eagles in the same year.

Below is the list of famous guitarists and their respective net worth:

NameNet Worth
Jeff Beck $18 million
Keith Richards$340 million
Slash$90 million
Steve Vai$14 million
Carlos Santana$50 million
Angus Young$140 million
Joe Satriani$12 million
Tom Morello$30 million
Toni Lommi$140 million
Joe Perry$120 million


  1. Marjorie has not revealed any information related to her birthday. However, she looks like she is in her 60’s.
  2. We cover most of the information about Marjorie Bach as it is difficult to find on other wiki sites.
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