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Mariana Simionescu


Facts of Mariana Simionescu

Full NameMariana Simionescu
First NameMariana
Last NameSimionescu
ProfessionCelebrity Ex-Wife
Birth CityTargu Neamt
Birth CountryRomania
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusSingle
SpouseBjorn Borg
Relation WithJean-Louis Schlesser
No Of Children1
Networth$2.5 M
Date of BirthNovember 27,1956
Age66 years

Mariana Simionescu is a Romanian-born retired tennis player mainly recognized as the first wife of a former Swedish world no.1 tennis player, Bjorn Borg

In 1974, she won the French junior championships and went on to win one singles title and one double title, eventually reaching a career-high singles ranking of world no. 36 in 1978

Mariana Simionescu and Bjorn Borg were together for eight years.
Mariana Simionescu and Bjorn Borg were together for eight years. Source: Instagram

She was married for just four years

Mariana was 19 when she first crossed paths with Bjorn in 1976 at the French Open in Paris

According to Mariana, she met Bjorn on the 10th of June, 1976, after he called her room at around 10 p.m. and asked her to go out with him to celebrate their coach’s birthday. 

Mariana was granted permission from her mom and was asked to return to the hotel room in time. 

Since Mariana and Bjorn were talking all the time, they didn’t realize it was already 5 a.m

Soon they began dating, and after four years of dating, on the 24th of July, 1980, they were in Bucharest exchanging their wedding vows amid 4000 guests.

It was a double celebration for the couple as Bjorn had just landed victory over McEnroe to win his fifth Wimbledon final

However, with passing years they encountered a complex situation where both could not enjoy their normal life that later became unbearable. 

By the last year in 1984, they had no relationship worth the name.

Mariana Simionescu and Bjorn Borg on their big day.
Mariana Simionescu and Bjorn Borg on their big day. Source: Pinterest

Gave love the second chance 

After several years of divorce from Bjorn, Mariana gave love a second chance and started dating racing driver Jean-Louis Schlesser

She gave birth to their son Anthony Schlesser in 1994

Mariana admitted to being in love with the father of her son, but it later didn’t work out, and she was left all alone. Anthony started working with his father in 2013.

As of her ex-husband, he also gave love a second chance and got married to his current wife, Patricia Ostfeldt

Mariana Simionescu son Anthony and ex-boyfriend Jean-Louis Schlesser ran an event in 2020.
Mariana Simionescu son Anthony and ex-boyfriend Jean-Louis Schlesser ran an event in 2020. Source: Facebook 

She did not think of marrying twice

Mariana did not think of marrying twice after her first failed marriage. She said that she had been married only one time in her life, with Borg, and that was all. 

She resides with her mom, son, and their dog, whom she considers her whole world. She keeps herself busy, happy, and content passing her to her small family. 

She has nothing to worry about since her mom and 27-year-old son is there for her to take care of her.

She was sent down memory lane after reuniting with her ex-husband Bjorn in ages

Mariana was sent down down memory lane after she reunited with Bjorn during the premiere of the 2017 film Borg Vs. McEnroe, the film depicts the story of one of the greatest rivalries between tennis players Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe

According to Mariana, she wanted to cry at the end of the film. The film was so intense with full of emotion that there was no room for it during the film. 

Her life with Bjorn was impossible to forget and was no less than a movie as there was love, fun, drama, adventure, and everything. 

Mariana Simionescu with her ex-husband Bjorn Borg and his now-wife Patricia.
Mariana Simionescu with her ex-husband Bjorn Borg and his now-wife Patricia. Source: Instagram

She still has a soft corner for Bjorn, whom she considers the real love of her life

Mariana, in an interview, said of Bjorn to be the real love of her life. She admitted being in a relationship with Bjorn was the best feeling ever. 

It seemed like she was dreaming. She was so head over heels in love with Bjorn that she even didn’t know her name at the time. 

The time spent with him was the most exciting time of her life. According to Mariana, everything was nice about Bjorn as he was a very shy person, and she knew exactly how to bring out his emotions. 

She was the one who could read expressionless Bjorn beside his coach. Mariana visited Swedish actor Sverrir Gudnason who played Bjorn in the movie Borg vs. McEnroe

While seeing him, she could not move. She thought he was the young Bjorn and as if the clock had stopped. 

She even grabbed his cheek to figure out if he was real. To keep her memory alive, her house is filled with photos of her and him of the time she spent with him.

Why is Bjorn Borg sad?

Former Number one tennis player and former husband of Mariana, Bjorn, expressed his words. He started by stating that he speaks English and Swedish language. 

Bjorn also revealed he only understands a little bit of Italian, French, and German but would like to speak those languages fluently if possible. 

Continuing, Bjorn said that he was very fortunate to be successful in tennis and travel worldwide. 

He revealed meeting different personalities, different cultures, and different languages, and he mentioned that if you have this opportunity, it is the best education you can get. 

Bjorn also talked about his family, where he said that he and his current wife try to make their kids be eager to learn foreign languages. 

He thinks that it is a key advantage. The former player expresses that he is sad that he doesn’t speak more languages. 

That’s the reason he and his wife are trying to involve the kids in learning foreign languages. 

Haunted by Controversy?

A Swedish television documentary flashed out that Bjorn only got involved in the game in the Davis Cup in the years 1978 and 1979 after he received the amount of $220,000

Moreover, he only initially collaborated with “The Saga of Bjorn Borg” producers. 

Nevertheless, later on, he pulled out after he felt that the program would include controversial aspects regarding his career also financial woes. 

In 1977, the former player threatened to boycott an event officially due to his dissatisfaction with the Swedish Press. 

As per the documentary, it’s stated that he was not willing to play for nothing; also, the rest of the team did the same. 

That’s the main reason the Swedish Tennis Federation was forcefully made to pay the amount of $100,000 in the year 1978 and the amount of $120,000 in 1979 to the former number one player Bjorn

It’s also said that the public demanded their wish to have Bjorn in the Davis Cup matches. 

This talk was shared by the Swedish Tennis Federation chairman and also Peter Wallenberg, who is known to be a financial tycoon. 

Is it true that her ex-husband is known to be the impossible enigma? 

It’s been stated that her ex-partner is listed as an impossible enigma as he made the game of tennis look cool. 

It’s said that in this sports world, someone can’t be an enigma, but it had been proven wrong by Borg as he remained one even in his forties. 

Everyone questioned why the player quit and did not fight like others like Roger Federer. The audience thinks that he has dominated tennis like no one ever did. 

Borg had instilled a supreme, all-court game, fuss-free, and also the one who had built up the professionalism in the sport. 

If you are aware, Bjorn got trained in the gruelling blocks of five hours. 

Nevertheless, he admitted that he was so fit and healthy that he never felt that tiredness at a tennis match ever. 

It’s said that his heart rate was like a whale who beats 29 per minute. Other than that, it’s said that Bjorn had a terrible temper inside him. 

Due to this, Bjorn was suspended for six months in Sweden while he was just 12 years old. 

Nevertheless, he worked on his behavior and came back in a new form where he could keep his emotions under control. 

Back then, Bjorn also became more compulsive or even can say highly super superstitious. 

As is his routine, he always has the same locker, even having more towels, even no sex or shaving for the time he stayed in the tournament. 

We cannot deny that tennis hadn’t looked so cool before he played it. Bjorn had groupies, and for that period, the word ‘Borgasm’ was used. 

Bjorn blocked everything out and was added up to the allure. If there were no Bjorn, there would never be Federer too.

In 1981, he was emotionally crashed as he failed to win the US Open on at least ten occasions. 

It’s said that Bjorn shouldn’t be claimed as a sore loser, as he was the man who couldn’t think of being usurped by any other than his younger rivals. 

Also, he got threatened to death just after he played for Jimmy Connors in the semi-final and also when he won the first set later.

Net Worth

The net worth of Mariana and her ex-husband is estimated to be :

 Net Worth Source
Mariana Simionescu $1 million - $2.5 millionFormer Tennis Player
Bjorn Borg$40 millionTennis Player


  1. Mariana was born on the 27th of November, 1956. She is currently 65 years old.

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