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Facts of Marian Mapother

Full NameMarian Mapother
First NameMarian
Last NameMapother
ProfessionCelebrity Sibling
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameThomas Mapother III
Father ProfessionElectrical engineer
Mother NameMary Lee Pfeiffer
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
No Of Children1
SibilingsTom Cruise, Lee Ann Mapother and Cass Mapother
Date of Birth1961

Marian Mapother is famous as one of the three sisters of Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. Marian is a real estate professional at Clearwater Real Estate, Florida.

The acting was not the first choice of Tom

Tom was raised in a religious family. He was a devout Catholic and used to go to prayers regularly. 

He got interested in the priesthood and aimed at becoming a priest but later changed his mind. He thought of pursuing his career in wrestling, but a bad knee injury obstructed it. 

He shifted his career to acting, which became the turning point of his life. 

He made his career deadline of ten years, but within six years, his career excelled, and he became one of the biggest stars in Hollywood with his blockbuster hits.

Married life

Marian is a married woman and has become Marian Henry. The exact date of her marriage is not known. She has kept her personal life under the radar. 

She shares one son with her partner.

She has not shared a picture of her spouse on her social accounts. From her marriage to her husband, she shares one son named Cal

Cal is the guitarist in WD HAN (We Don’t Have A Name) band. The band, which was formed with Cal and two of his friends, has been selected for a number of Countless ReverbNation opportunities. 

Cal has been happily married to his band manager, Marjorye Henry, since February 20, 2006.

Marian Mapother son Cal and daughter-in-law Marjorye.
Marian Mapother son Cal and daughter-in-law Marjorye source: Instagram

Turbulent relationship of her parents

Marian was born to her father, Thomas Cruise Mapother III, and mother, Mary Lee Mapother, who later became South

The turbulent relationship of her parents led to divorce in 1974. Her father was abusive. Tom labeled his father as a bully, coward, and merchant of chaos who would like their children if something goes wrong.

Her mother re-married Jack South in 1978. He loved her so much that he accepted all her children. 

Jack became one of Tom’s influential parts as he supported Tom’s decision to pursue his career in acting. 

Unfortunately, this marriage turned out to be a failure when they got divorced in 2010. All three of them are no more in this world.

Her father died of cancer in 1984, her step-father died in 2015 after battling chronic disease, and her mother died in February 2017 after years of poor health.

Marian Mapother mother Marry Lee and her ex-husband Jack South.
Marian Mapother mother Marry Lee and her ex-husband Jack South Source: Youtube

An extremely close bond with siblings

Marian is extremely close with her brother Tom and sisters, Cass Capazoria and Lee Anne Gillotte

Since Tom struggled due to dyslexia in his early days and was often bullied by his friends, he was close to his three sisters. 

They even taught Tom how to kiss. He was also protective of his sisters and scrutinized her sister’s boyfriend when they used to come to meet the family.

Her sister Lee Anne worked as Tom’s agent and later got involved in a production Company. Cass is the owner of “Cass’s Café in New Jersey

The siblings are currently residing in a luxury Scientology apartment on the third, fourth, and fifth floors, and her brother on the eighth and ninth floors. 

Marian Mapother elder sister Lee Anne and brother Tom Cruise.
Marian Mapother elder sister Lee Anne and brother Tom Cruise Source: Pinterest

The whole family is a devout Scientologist 

Her whole family is a devout Scientologist. Cass is a director of a Scientology course-related academy called OT Academy

Her husband, Greg Capazorio, is a president at Criminon International, a Scientology program. 

Marian, her son Cal and daughter-in-law Marjorye are all Scientologists and have formed a company called Chmm LLC

Her mother was given a Scientology burial at the local church of Scientology after her death.

Marian Mapother younger sister Cass with her husband Greg Capazorio.
Marian Mapother younger sister Cass with her husband Greg Capazorio Source: Youtube

Tom wanted to fly airplanes

In one of his interviews, Tom shared about his flights on F-14 at the time of making Top Gun

On that note, Tom shared how Paramount wanted him to make that movie for about a year, but at the same moment, he was shooting for another movie. 

So, later Tom came back to his place and met Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson, producers. 

After which, he began serving with them, and part of the contract was that he had to fly in the F-14

It means they had to capture him flying in the F-14, and it obviously had to be part of the film, Tom added. 

Tom revealed how he went through all that pilot training and also filmed three flights in the F-14 in one day only. 

Tom also shared how he had a dream of making the film as a child. 

In this context, he also said he always wanted to fly airplanes and also be involved in making films. He giggled and spelled that he was performing 203. 

Tom also said that he always wanted to be able to shoot a practical and shared his experience of serving with the Navy, which he praised as the incredible pilots, the greatest fighter pilots around the world. 

At that same time, Tom says that they wanted to observe how they were going to get the cameras in there. 

Tom mentioned hiring an incredible artist and a brilliant great cast, but at the same time, they also have to know about being able to fly in the airplane. 

Tom revealed they also gave training to them in order to see if they can sustain these types of G’s as some people can’t fly in this type. 

Tom added that he had to try and look for all those ways where he could actually train them to be fighter pilots and also had to take the fighter pilots that were actually flying the aircraft and taught them about Cinematography editing and also make the actors understand about editing and lighting as they were going to shoot up. 

To know more about Tom’s experience, visit the link below.

Net worth 

Marian and her siblings grew up in poverty, but they are living a lavish lifestyle today. Marian’s worth is not revealed, but we have the net worth of her multi-millionaire brother Tom

His net worth is:

 yearNet worth
Tom Cruise2020$600 million


  1. She was born in the year 1961. She is currently 59 years old.

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