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Mari Vilches


Facts of Mari Vilches

Full NameMari Vilches
First NameMari
Last NameVilches
ProfessionGirlfriend of Celebrity
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDating
Relation WithGerard Deulofeu

Mari Vilches is famous for being the girlfriend and partner of Watford superstar Gerard Deulofeu

Gerard is in top form this season in the premier league and has been banging goals after goals. He is one of the best wingers in the game. 

Moments With Boyfriend Which Caused Controversy

She, alongside her boyfriend Gerard, caused few problems when they were spotted kissing yanking a tail of the lion. 

This might not have been intentional but the issue caused a lot of problems.

The animal rights group was furious with the couple. Here is the picture which caused all the problems, and next time the couple might have to be careful.

She is wearing cool jeans, shorts in this one with a black t-shirt and her boyfriend is also in his casual avatar.

The Picture That Made Animal Rights Group Angry
The Picture That Made Animal Rights Group Angry Source: The Sun

A Match Made In Heaven

This match is made in heaven and there is no doubt about it. Here is one of the best pictures of the couple on Instagram and Gerard uploaded this one on 15th June 2019

He has captioned this one with a ring and both of them are looking for heaven like in this one. 

The black suit is gorgeous, and her partner is looking top-notch. Her gown with mixed of colors, blue and floral, is making her look like an angel. 

They are kissing in this one and promising that they will be with each other throughout their life.

Match Made In Heaven
Match Made In Heaven Source: Instagram

 They Love Each Other

They are madly in love with each other. Here are two pictures that prove it. Mari is looking at her partner like she means it and both of them are looking amazing in this one. 

This was uploaded a couple of weeks before Christmas and she is wearing a yellow gown in this one. 

Mari Vilches And Boyfriend Gerard
Mari Vilches And Boyfriend Gerard Source: Instagram

They are successful. They love to have a glass of champagne together and celebrate success at times. She is gorgeous and her boyfriend is very good looking too. 

A Glass Of Champagne With Partner
A Glass Of Champagne With Partner Source: Instagram

Net Worth of Boyfriend, Staggering

Her boyfriend has a staggering net worth of 16.2 million Euros, and this is around 14 million pounds

His current market value is 25 million Euros (22 million pounds) and he is Watford's asset. The Hornets might want to hold onto him for long as he has been superb for them this season. 

How Does He Make His Money And His Salary?

He has played for massive clubs till now and the biggest of them all being Barcelona. He is getting an impressive salary from Watford as his wage reaches 3,500,000 Euros per year.

 His income is around 291,667 Euros per month and it amounts to 71,138 Euros per week.

He gets paid an impressive salary of 0.20 Euros per second and 12.05 Euros per minute

Here is a table that puts light onto his wage from The Hornets.

S.NTime FrameIncome (Euros)


Lifestyle And Luxuries

She loves luxury and who does not. She loves to dine at expensive and top restaurants. Her boyfriend has uploaded this picture of hers in this high-class restaurant, and this picture is captioned as, 

"Y lo..."

This was uploaded recently on 19th January 2020, and she is looking very petty in this one. She is enjoying a glass of white wine with her partner and is posing with a smile. 

She is looking gorgeous wearing her blacktop in this one.

She Loves High Class Restaurants
She Loves High Class Restaurants Source: Instagram

Flying Together With Boyfriend

Her partner is a super successful footballer, and he never leaves her alone. Here is a picture of two of them on an airplane and it seems like they are off on vacation. 

Gerard has captioned this picture as, 


 and like his career, their relationship is also off and running from some time now. God Bless Them!

With Boyfriend In A Place, Going On A Vacation
With Boyfriend In A Place, Going On A Vacation Source: Instagram

House, A Dream, And Flowers 

The couple lives in a beautiful house, and the interiors are crazy good. Here is a picture of it and they are ready to have dinner together. 

The marbles and the interiors of the place are absolutely mesmerizing. Gerard has captioned this picture as 


House And Gorgeous Couple
House And Gorgeous Couple Source: Instagram

She is looking gorgeous in her black gown. This picture was uploaded about a year back on 28th May 2019

She loves flowers, and her boyfriend has got her a few in this one. Here is a gorgeous picture of hers holding white and red roses. 

She Loves Roses
She Loves Roses Source: Instagram


  1. Her age is under review, but the age of her boyfriend is 25. She might be around 23s but this is not confirmed.

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