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Marcia Gresham


Facts of Marcia Gresham

Full NameMarcia Gresham
First NameMarcia
Last NameGresham
Birth CityWestcliff-on-Sea
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseAlan Radcliffe
No Of Children1
Date of Birth1958

Marcia Gresham is a casting agent who is best known as the mother of Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel is best known for his character of Harry Potter in all the films of the Harry Potter series.

Marcia Gresham with her son Daniel Radcliffe.
Marcia Gresham with her son Daniel Radcliffe. Source: Pinterest

5 Fast Facts

  1. She is married to a former literary agent, Alan Radcliffe, and spending a blissful married life.
  2. Her husband Alan gave up his job to chaperon Daniel during the Harry Potter film (the first one). The sacrifices made him a star.
  3. Dan is suffering from a neurological disorder which is called dyspraxia.
  4. This disorder is related to the development of motor skills. Because of it, he cannot do his daily activities like dressing up or tying his laces.
  5. Daniel is a massive fan of Paul Collingwood.

Revealing In An Interview

In an interview with 'Wired Auto-Complete,' Marcia Gresham's son Daniel Radcliffe spills the beans about his life and journey. 

Questions like what is his favorite 'Harry Potter' series was asked, to which he replied to be 5th and 7th

In the sequence of questionaries,' he was asked about his country, his song, favorite club, childhood experience, and many more. Daniel replied that he is from England, and people get confused due to his American accent. 

He raped 'Alphabet aerobics by Black Alicia's to which he claimed that the original one is far better. 

About his presence in social media, he stated that he is not in any as he would be the one to get into fights. 

He expressed his love for Lions and mentioned he split loyalties between New York and Detroit as his girlfriend is from Flint. Both of them are big Red Wings house

When asked why he became an actor, he replied he was lucky enough to be one.

 On the query about why he wore the same jacket every day, he goofily replied that he had done that for six months straight to annoy the paparazzi as they would be clicking him in the same pair every day. 

He mentioned he met his girlfriend on the set of 'Kill Your Darling' in 2013, and they have been together ever since.

About his life details, he revealed he was born in Queens Charlotte's Hospital in London. He is a college dropout.

 He studied History, Religion and Philosophy, and English literature

His response to what his childhood was like and how he has discovered was surprisingly normal, and he was discovered by the producers, in the theatre where he went with his family. 

At first, his parents didn't allow him for an audition as it was a seven years contract, and shooting was held in LA, but after the renewal of the contract, they gave him permission.

We can see the full interview from the link below

Always Supportive of Her Son and always cheerful

Her son could not have achieved what he has done without his mother. She has supported him in every decision of his life.

She is a very cheerful lady, and these pictures prove it.

She is always smiling and always happy.

Always Cheerful
Always Cheerful Source: YouTube

Here is a joyful picture of her, and she is having a moment with her son. Her son is showing her something in this one, and they are having a glass of champagne. 

Always Supporting Son
Always Supporting Son Source: YouTube

Husband and Children

She is happily married to a former literary agent, Alan Radcliffe. She has not yet mentioned her wedding date in any of her bios. 

She shares one child with her husband. The couple was blessed with their son Daniel on July 23, 1989.

Here is an old family picture. The picture was taken when her son was only two years old. 

Vintage Picture Of The Family
Vintage Picture Of The Family Source: Instagram

Both husband and wife are supportive of their child’s dreams. Her husband gave up his job to chaperon Daniel during the first Harry Potter film. 

He loved spending time with his son on the set of the film. It was an honor for him to have given up his job to take care of his son.

Is Her Son Suffering from Some Disorder?

Dan suffers from a neurological disorder called dyspraxia

This disorder is related to the development of motor skills, and thus sometimes it just gets so worse that he cannot do his daily activities like dressing up or tying his laces. 

Besides having a neurological disorder, the actor also has an allergy to Nickel. 

What is the Relationship Status of Her Son?

Her son is currently in a relationship with Erin Darke. Dan and Erin first met on the set of the film, Kill Your Darlings. 

The couple fell for each other and soon started dating. 

Dan, with his girlfriend,
Dan, with his girlfriend, Erin Source: Pinterest

The fact his girlfriend is five years older than him has never affected their relationship. The love birds attend several events together. They are often spotted holding hands in public places. 

In March 2014, there were rumors of him getting engaged to his partner. However, he cleared out the rumors saying they were happy but not ready to get married. 

Marcia Gresham’s son Daniel Radcliffe revealed that he has a problem showing participation 

Marcia Gresham’s son Daniel Radcliffe revealed that he has a problem showing participation in shows as he thinks he will get it wrong and it will look unnatural. 

Daniel was mostly living in London and was in New York for his play. It’s his favorite place to be. 

He was 11 when he visited New York for the ‘Harry Potter’ film press for the first time. They then talked about his play, which was eight performances over six days. Jimmy was surprised to know that Daniel is not an American citizen and has never been Trick-or-Treat. 

He shared that he threw a Super-Bowl Party, and it’s his favorite American Holiday.

Further discussing the play, Jimmy curiously asked Daniel about his girlfriend and when one is doing a play for that long period, how many times are they expected to come to see them, to which he responded that once at the beginning like either in previews or on opening night and once near the end, and any other time is a bonus. 

His girlfriend has come four times. 

When asked if he feels compelled to greet when famous people come to the show, he answered yes, but it depends as if it’s something one is excited about the meeting, especially if they are from outside the industry.

Daniel’s alcohol problem and the bond he shares with his parents

In 2012, Daniel stunned his fans by revealing his battle with the bottles for a year. He admitted that he became reliant on alcohol to have a good time as a teenager. 

This has brought a crack in his relationship with his parents. As he is the only child of Marcia and Alan Radcliffe, he used to be very close to them. 

Daniel even admitted that they were terrified of talking to him when he was drunk. 

At present, he is a clean guy who has quit drinking and stated that he feels much healthier and happier now as he gets along better with his parents too. 

Marcia’s son Freakish Talent

Her son Daniel was captured sharing his freakish talent on the Late Night with Conan O’Brien show

The host said that all the young actors out there tried to audition for Harry Potter. But what did Daniel do for him to get the role? 

In reply, Daniel revealed he had got all those types of series of freakish things he could do. Among all, the one that is real clinched, which he showed in the audition too, was he can rotate his hand 360 degrees. 

Nevertheless, Daniel showed the action in front of everyone on the show. Other than that, we know he has huge fan followers all over the globe. 

But Daniel mentioned Japan country being the most intense. He elaborated as the whole nation embraced Harry Potter, but when the actor arrived at Japan’s airport, there were altogether 3000 people waiting for him there from ages between 3 to 30

Daniel shared how two girls out there got the nicknamed $6 billion women; as the girls followed and ran behind his cars for six miles straight. 

Daniel Radcliffe, “I don’t do anything with my money.”

Daniel, the actor, had stated that he doesn’t do anything with the money he had earned. He further shared with the Belfast Telegraph that he is very grateful for it. 

Having a greater amount of money reflects that one doesn't have to get worried about it. 

Daniel denotes it as having lovely freedom in life indeed, elaborating it as the immense freedom to his career-wise. 

Moreover, he said that one has that kind of responsibility when you can be that picky. He also had one message to his fans and audience out there who had followed him throughout his career. 

He wanted to give all of them a thing that would make them interested and not only to watch all the crap movies and him earn a huge amount of money. 

The actor’s favorite karaoke song to perform is the song by Eminem titled The Real Slim Shady

Net Worth

Her net worth is under review. However, her son has a staggering net worth of $110 million, which he has accumulated through his career in acting.

Dan earns an average salary of $15 million per year

How Does Dan Make Money?

His primary source of income is his earnings from movies.  He is best known for his role as Harry Potter in the Harry Potter movies. 

From his first Harry Potter film, he earned $1 million. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second film of the series, earned him $3 million

Below is the list of different series of the Harry Potter film and his respective earnings:

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban$6 million
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire$11 million
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix$14 million
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince$24 million

He has appeared in other movies as well, such as Victor Frankenstein, Now You See Me 2, Beast of Burden, and Guns Akimbo.

Dan’s Awards and Achievements

His fantastic acting skill has earned him several awards. 

He is the recipient of awards such as the Teen Choice Award, National Movie Award, People’s Choice Award, Glamour Award, and Empire Awards.


  1. Marcia was born in the year 1958, which makes her age 62 as of 2020.
  2. Her son stands at a height of 1.65 m.
  3. Her son loves cricket. Paul Collingwood is his favorite player.

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