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Marcella Samora


Facts of Marcella Samora

Full NameMarcella Samora
First NameMarcella
Last NameSamora
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseAbraham Quintanilla Jr.
No Of Children3
Date of Birth1944
Married Date1963

Marcella Samora is the mother of a late Mexican-American singer, songwriter, businesswoman, fashion designer, spokesperson, actress, and model named Selena Quintanilla

Unfortunately, Selena is no more among us.

Marcella Samora with her daughter Selena Quintanilla.
Marcella Samora with her daughter Selena Quintanilla. Source: Pinterest

Selena was a big name in the music industry as she was super talented and very successful. 

She was known for her music and her fashion sense. 

She was named the "Queen of Tejano music." She was widely loved by her fans throughout the world. 

She started her music journey with her siblings at a young age and got success very fast. 

She was the most successful among all her siblings. 

She started in the entertainment industry in 1981 and continued her journey till her death. 

She won numerous awards and nominations. 

There is also a movie based on her life, and there is also a Netflix series about her. 

She is still remembered to this day as a legend.


Marcella is married to Abraham Quintanilla Jr., who was in the music industry and also was a former U.S. military. 

He played a great role in Selena's career. They together had three children named A.B. Quintanilla III, Suzette, and Selena

They first met in Washington and later moved to Texas after A.B. was born.

Marcella Samora with husband and daughter Selena Quintanilla.
Marcella Samora with husband and daughter Selena Quintanilla. Source: Pinterest

Selena's marriage:

Selena was married to Chris Perez, who is a guitarist, songwriter, and author. 

He is best known for his role as a guitarist in the band Selena y Los Dinos alongside his wife, Selena.

Chris was first appointed as a guitarist in the band, and after some months, Chris and Selena started to have an affair. 

They were in love with each other, but Selena's father didn't like Chris as he believed that Chris's image would ruin Selena's career. 

He even fired Chris from the band and prohibited him from meeting Selena, but that didn't stop the two from being with each other. 

Selena and Chris then eloped, and her father had to accept their relationship. 

Slowly Selena's father started to like Chris, and they were quite happy. 

Even after marriage, Chris had been in legal issues for driving under the influence and fighting under the influence. 

Selena's death brought great sorrow to Chris, and he has kept his personal life out of the media since then. 

Marcella Samora daughter Selena Quintanilla with her then-husband Chris Perez.
Marcella Samora daughter Selena Quintanilla with her then-husband Chris Perez. Source: Pinterest

Selena's murder:

Selena was murdered by her friend who also worked for her named Yolanda Saldívar

She killed her by shooting Selena in a hotel. Yolanda was showing red flags here and there from the very beginning. 

She was mistreating other staff, and the staff even complained to Selena, but as a friend, she didn't believe them. 

Later Selena's father heard the complaints and even warned her about Yolanda. She ignored that as well. 

Then later, Selena's father found out that Yolanda was a fraud as she took more than $30 thousand from fan pages and Selena's boutique without giving customers their service. 

After hearing that, they confronted her and asked for all the bank statements. 

As Yolanda could not show the statements, Selena decided to visit her, and she was killed by Yolanda that day. 

Selena died because of excessive blood loss and cardiac arrest. 

Her funeral was huge, and many people and fans came to say goodbye.

Late. Selena talking about her mother and jealousy 

Sadly, Selena is no longer with us, but the interview she gave years ago will melt your heart. In a conversation, she had talked about her mother, Marcella

But Selena first stated how she had started singing all because of Jealousy of her brother. 

She clarified that one of her dad's friends gifted her brother a bass. Also, she said that her father was teaching him how to play the instrument. 

She smiled and said it was obvious as she was the youngest in the family. Selena's dad found out about her talent, but Marcella was not acceptable to let her sing in the mass as she was little. 

Selena also told how people have the wrong concept that family cannot work together as she shared she with her family was doing great then. 

Coming to her mom, Selena shared how the support of the mother is so much important. 

Further, she added that it feels special when you know that your mother is always there wherever you are. 

While on another side, Marcella also tells her to always be humble to everyone like she always is. 

What had the mother-daughter duo spoken more about? To know, click on the link below.

Where is Marcella Samora after her daughter's death?

It was a tragic moment for everyone and was the most horrible incident for the whole music industry. 

As per the current scenario, Marcella and her hubby are both alive. Nevertheless, both of them have maintained a low-key life after her beloved daughter's demise. 

Currently, Marcella manages her late daughter's businesses and foundation. 

The musical group couldn't exist after Selena's death, but music has been a big part of the family since then till today. 

However, Marcella is recognized for her strength in the pursuit of justice for Selena

Even though Selena is no more, her mom has managed to keep her daughter's legacy alive through the foundation. 

Net worth:

The net worth of Marcella is not known.

The net worth of Selena was $164,000 at the time of her death. 

$164,000singer, songwriter, spokesperson, businesswoman, model, actress, fashion designer


  1. Marcella is almost 77 years old now. She was born in 1944.
  2. Selena, her daughter, was 23 years old when she died. She was born on April 16, 1971.

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