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Maggie Elizabeth McGraw


Facts of Maggie Elizabeth Mcgraw

Full NameMaggie Elizabeth Mcgraw
First NameMaggie
Middle NameElizabeth
Last NameMcgraw
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameTim McGraw
Father Professionsinger, actor, guitarist and record producer
Mother NameFaith Hill
Mother Professionsinger and record producer
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
SibilingsGracie McGraw, Audrey Caroline McGraw
EducationStanford University
Date of BirthAugust 12,1998
Age25 years

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw is the daughter of Tim McGraw. Maggie was born to dad Tim and mom Faith Hill

She was raised along with numerous siblings and graduated from Stanford University. Tim and Maggie are often spotted on numerous red carpets. 

Other than that, Maggie is the lead singer in one of the girl groups which makes outdoor concert performances at Stanford University

Know details regarding Maggie’s siblings

Let us get started with Maggie’s eldest sibling, and her name is Gracie McGraw. Gracie is the oldest among the other two making her 24 years old

No doubt, the young girl is also equally talented. She lives in Los Angeles, where her main motive is to create her career in the acting field. 

If you remember, Gracie was spotted with her dad performing on stage at Bridgestone Arena located in Nashville

Maggie’s youngest sister Audrey Caroline McGraw was born prematurely. That’s why Audrey was kept in NICU for weeks fighting for a living. 

Also, it’s been stated that the Christmas festival is a little more special for her family as Audrey was brought home a day before eve. 

Audrey doesn’t come much in the spotlight, but we captured her with her mom at Versace’s Pre-Fall 19 show hosted in New York City

Why are Maggie’s parents proud of her?

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw with his father Tim McGraw in an event.
Maggie Elizabeth McGraw with his father Tim McGraw in an event. Source: Facebook

Maggie’s parent Tim is very much proud of her as she graduated with a Master’s Degree. Her dad shared his joy and gave her daughter a little tribute for her achievement. 

He wrote they are super proud, further adding he has always admired for her work ethic, her incredible love for family, and main is her passion for making this world a great place. 

Go get it my sweet girl with adding Proud Pop, Tim concluded his word. 

Other wishes from celebrities were also made where Reese Witherspoon wrote WOOHOO, happy for her, whereas Rita Wilson said Fear the Tree, Congratulations, and praise for her hard work.

All to hear about Tim’s legendary marriage proposal

Tim and his wife, Faith Hill, are both engaged in music. They have been together for two whole decades. 

They have collaborated on award-winning songs, tours, and joint albums. However, Tim himself has shared his story of the proposal on Instagram. 

The duo was attending a tour together where Tim confessed his love and said he wanted to get married to her. 

In return, Faith surprisingly said that they were at a country music festival in a trailer house, and he asked her to be his life partner for real at that time. 

Later, Tim went on to perform on stage. After returning, he saw an answer written on the dressing room mirror with lipstick saying, Yes, I'm gonna be your wife. 

Shortly in October, the pair hosted a private wedding event in Rayville, Louisiana which is Tim’s hometown. 

Where did Tim meet his wife?

Maggie Elizabeth McGraw parents Tim McGraw and Faith Hills looking dashing from their movie.
Maggie Elizabeth McGraw parents Tim McGraw and Faith Hills looking dashing from their movie. Source: Instagram

For the first time, Tim and Faith met in Nashville, Tennessee, back in 1994. It was during the time of the New Faces Show

Faith had divorced Daniel Hill at that moment while Tim was in a relationship with Kristine Donahue

They didn’t talk much; however, the individuals went on a spring tour together in 1996, known as a Spontaneous Combustion

Not only this, Tim canceled his engagement to Kristine, but on another side, there was news of Faith getting engaged to Scott Hendricks

Nevertheless, Tim and Faith kissed each other on tour and began their romantic relationship. 

Earlier life of Tim McGraw

Tim originally belongs to Delhi, Louisiana. He was born to Betty Smith and Tug McGraw. Well, young Tim thought his father was Horace Smith, a trucker who was his mom’s hubby then. 

Later, he with his mom shifted to Richland Parish. Nevertheless, he found his birth certificate, where he found out about his biological dad, Tug McGraw

His mom then explained that she had a short summer romance with him. It’s been said that his dad showed minimal interest in making a bond with Tim

Tim was even angry with Tug for not supporting him; however, he later forgave him. 

Maggie revealed not knowing about her parent's popularity until her teenage years and getting stunned meeting Prince Hary.

During an interview with Access, Maggie was asked the reason that kept her grounded despite having been born to celebrity parents. 

Maggie credited her parents for keeping her grounded by keeping them out of the spotlight. 

She also confessed to not knowing to that level extent about her parents' popularity until she was in high school because of being a little bit sheltered before. 

When asked about her band at Stanford, she said they formed a band, "Sister Supply," in her sophomore year. 

According to her, they started with only girls but later evolved as few members graduated due to which there were few guys in the band and went on to reveal preferring rock music over the country. 

On mom being her best friend, Maggie said she hesitated to call her mom her best friend when she was younger, but nowadays, she calls her every single day and sometimes even multiple times a day. 

It kind of started from the road trip with her mom from Nashville to Palo Alto when she was going to Stanford for her freshman year. 

The trip lasted for two weeks long, and it was during that trip they bonded a lot by visiting different places. 

She says her mom is just the person she tells everything to, especially during college when she is not with her and calls her all the time to share her life updates. 

Then Maggie was asked about her picture with Prince Harry. Maggie recalls the time meeting him during the time of the launch of the Invictus Games that he had started, which was in DC

She luckily happened to be there at the time with her dad. She didn't know much about the Royal Family, and she added that meeting Prince Harry was cool, and she was stunned knowing that there was royalty in front of her. 

Though she only got to say hi to him, he seemed super fun and normal. Besides that, she also talks about fundraising through Feed The Frontline

They raised the fund from their community in Nashville to buy meals from the local restaurants and deliver them to frontline workers like health care workers, firefighters, and in vulnerable communities during the pandemic.

Tim McGraw credits his beautiful family for being in good shape. 

While appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote his book “Grit & Grace: Train the mind, Train the body, Own your Life,” Tim revealed the secret behind his fitness and what inspired him to get in shape. 

McGraw said he had been an athlete his entire life, having been born to a family of athletes where both his father and uncle were professional baseball players. 

But then he suffered great losses. One tragedy led to another. He first lost his father at 59 to brain cancer when he was getting him to know as he didn’t get to know him while growing up. 

Then he lost his step-dad, followed by his grandparents and his coach, who was a real mentor to him. 

During a hard time, it was his family who motivated him to heal himself. He was dealing with the losses in the wrong way. 

It was his wife who told him that he needed to get his stuff together. Then he was in the movie. He said the movie was not that bad, but he didn’t like himself in it. 

Once when the family went to see a holiday movie, the trailer first popped on the screen in which Tim was in and seeing him on the screen, his oldest daughter Grace, who was 10 or 11 years at the time, looked at him and said, “Jeez dad, You need to do something.

According to McGraw, he found Gracie’s comment to be funny but deep down, he knew kids pay attention to a lot of things in life in a lot of different ways than what you ever realize. 

She meant it, which was a sort of clarity call for him. He said his transformation was not overnight but a gradual process. 

He added that it was three steps forward and two steps back, and it is always that and will always be. 

Trying to keep up a consistent physical practice has helped him find other disciplines and other things in life, and he discovered that disciplines open the door to the cage you are in and it allows you to find other things you are good at.

The stronger you build your platform, the higher you can leap, and that’s what he is trying to do, he further added.

After you sort of realize the loss, you look at what you have, and he has a lot of great things in life. 

He added that he has the best wife he could ever imagine himself having, three great daughters, and a great career. 

So to be at the place he has all the things he ever possibly would dream of, it made him look around and say he got a lot more to be thankful for than to worry about the cycle of life. 

Her mom slapped her dad in real while filming the Yellowstone prequel

Both of his parents, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, portray husband and wife James and Margaret Dutton, great grandparents to John Dutton, who is played by Kevin Costner in a prequel to Yellowstone 1883

The series depicts the origin story of the Dutton Family that follows the Dutton family’s journey west for a better life.

While appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show, Tim opened up about how it is like working with Faith as his wife in the series and also shared how she slapped in real while filming. 

McGraw said he and Faith said to each other that it was going to be tough as people are going to see them on screen and that they have to overcome. 

They sort of gave each other a high-five and gave each other a kiss saying the only way to do it is just to try to be good at it. 

Then he went to share how he got a slap in real from Faith. When McGraw said that there was a scene that they did where Faith had to slap him, Fallon added to say, it’s not a real slap but a T.V. slap to which he responded, saying, “No, it was a real slap.”

We talked about it before where they both didn’t want to do a T.V. slap. We want to do a real slap. 

But after about the eighth take, he was concussed a bit. He told her afterward if they needed to talk? 

What he was expecting was a good finger slap, but it was a palm. It was like rocky hitting him, he further added. He also credited his wife for elevating his game every day.

During the same interview, McGraw also talked about he and Faith being empty nesters. 

He said that while they were having the fireplace at their place, with doors open and a glass of wine the other night, Faith said to him that it was like they were the kids and their parents were gone. 

He went on to say the couple is having dance parties and having fun which he sort of like. 

Then their kids come home for 3 to 4 days which turns into a week, and he will be like, Yeah, it’s time to go, he humorously added. 

The couple will celebrate their 26th anniversary in October.

Net worth

Since Maggie’s actual income is not out yet, we will rely on her dad Tim whose net worth is $165 million.

Net worth$165 million
Income sourceSinger, Actor, Songwriter, and Guitarist


  1. She is 23 years old.

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