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Luna Lampard


Facts of Luna Lampard

Full NameLuna Lampard
First NameLuna
Last NameLampard
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Father NameFrank Lampard
Father ProfessionEnglish professional football manager and former player
Mother NameElen Rivas
Mother ProfessionSpanish model
Gender IdentityFemale
Date of BirthAugust,2005
Age18 years

Luna Lampard is popularly known as the daughter of the legend England footballer Frank Lampard.

Who is her mother?

Luna is the daughter of the Spanish model Elen Rivas. She is best known as an ex-fiance of Frank Lampard

Her parents were engaged, but unfortunately, it ended after several years, which led them to share joint custody over their daughters. 

Luna is now with her mom, along with her sister, but they get to visit their father throughout the week. 

Luna Lampard with her mother, Elen Rivas.
Luna Lampard with her mother, Elen Rivas. Source:

As an elder daughter, she is supporting her single mom to get through her mom's hard times, especially when she feels lonely. They have become her strength these days.

Her father, Frank Lampard, is one of the biggest names in Football 

 Her father, Frank Lampard, is one of the biggest names in Football. A former Chelsea and England midfielder, Frank was born into a family of footballers. 

He is a three-time Chelsea Player of the year and the club's all-time top goalscorer. He is also an author of the Children's novel "Frankie's magic football." 

Besides being the top player, he has been the top dad as well. He never fails to acknowledge his daughters Luna and Isla behind his success.

Luna is daddy's girl 

Luna is Daddy's girl, who is often seen with dad from her early days. He often used to take her and her sister to the stadium. 

Even today, they share a strong bond, celebrate a special occasion together, spending quality time. 

Frank often posts his picture along with his daughters spending family time.

Childhood picture of Luna Lampard and her sister with dad, Frank Lampard.
Childhood picture of Luna Lampard and her sister with dad, Frank Lampard. Source: Pinterest

She celebrated her birthday with her dad

Luna celebrated her 15th birthday with her dad. It was in August. She has been celebrating almost all her birthdays with her dad. 

Her parents could not make it down the aisle, though they dated for nearly seven years and got engaged in 2007

Luna was already in this world at that time. It is heart-wrenching for the children to see their parents splitting up as well for a mother who is already blessed with kids.

They could not uplift their relationship and could not take it long as Frank was alleged of infidelity. 

However, the ex-couple is giving their best to provide with all the happiness their daughters deserve.

Luna Lampard's parent, Frank Lampard and Elen Rivas.
Luna Lampard's parent, Frank Lampard and Elen Rivas. Source:

Her sibling, her soulmate for life

No one can be luckier than having a sister; it is like having a soul mate for life. 

Luna has one sister Isla Lampard who is just two years younger than Luna. They share a great bond and always stick to each other.

Her Schooling 

As a daughter of a famous personality, she and her sister have the privilege of proper schooling. 

Frank has been a brilliant dad and often helps them with school runs and homework. He also wants his daughters to be grounded and know the value of money.

She attended her father's second marriage 

Her dad Frank and his fiance Christine tied a knot in 2015 after four years of a long engagement. 

The couple held an extravagant wedding in London's glamorous knight's bridge area. Her mom Elen dropped them the day before her father's big day. 

Both the sisters looked too fabulous, and their new mom looked sensational in her princess-style wedding gown.

She has one half-sibling from this marriage of her father, and her name is Patricia Charlotte.

Luna Lampard and her sister at their father's wedding.
Luna Lampard and her sister at their father's wedding. Source:

Luna’s dad spoke about losing his job

Luna’s father, years before, in an interview, mentioned three things that represent high performance, i.e., hard work, talent, and a certain type of Intelligence. 

When asked if anything changed from the last time, he instantly replies ‘NO.’ He said none of it had changed yet. 

Even after years, listening to his own words made him feel good. 

Frank shared that both in life or your job management, there is the presence of the balance of how far one can evolve and also have changed for the better. 

And also counts how much he sticks to his core beliefs. 

He also said that no doubt, you will get affected by hundreds of things and also may be hundreds of things per day portraying the role of a manager. 

He also talks about how he lost his job. Nevertheless, Frank said that for him, it is ok as that is life. 

However, the one thing he wanted to include is that it correlates with the current scenario of what happened with his job there and also what he is kind of working out in numerous circumstances. 

He recalls his own words, which are directed towards the few things that can be controlled by yourself, among which Intelligence is a weird one, he added. 

He elaborated that the main message he wanted to give was just to work smart and perform things. 

Well, now he added another point to it, which is timing and the uncontrollable. 

He revealed listening to a lot of podcasts lately has allowed him to hear about great stories and topics from the amazing teams, which consist of multiple champions and winners and also consists of individual stories and team stories. 

Frank said he had also lived in this realistic situation which led him to realize how perfect the story was as it sounded great. 

By listening to it, he can know each and every detail of footballing and feels like what a great idea that was. 

Lastly, he mentioned the feeling he came out of it was one should have that time which includes a lot of things, some of which are recruitment and talent. 

Still, above all, the main thing he mentioned is the term ‘alignment,’ which should be involved whether it is in a club or a team sport or a corporation. 

Her net worth 

She has not started her career yet, but her parents have been successful at earning a considerable amount from their career fields. 

Her father was listed in the top 100 of Forbes as the highest-paid athlete. Her parent's net worth is given below:

 YearNet Worth 
Frank Lampard By 2020£40 million 
Christine Lampard 2020£2 million 

However, her mom Elen's net worth is not known.


  1. Luna was born in 2005, which makes her 15 years of age by 2020.

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