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Lua Izzy Douglas


Facts of Lua Izzy Douglas

Full NameLua Izzy Douglas
First NameLua
Middle NameIzzy
Last NameDouglas
ProfessionCelebrity granddaughter
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameCameron Douglas
Father Professionactor
Mother NameViviane Thibes
Mother Professionyoga teacher
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsRyder T. Douglas
Date of BirthDecember,2017
Age6 years

Lua Izzy Douglas is a celebrity granddaughter of Diandra Luker, who is an American film producer, businesswoman, and the ex-wife of famous Hollywood actor Michael Douglas

Lua Izzy is still very young. She is just four years old now. Diandra has been working in the entertainment industry for quite a long time now. 

She has produced many documentaries and movies. She first started in 1991. She also started to do a little modeling before getting into producing and documentaries.


Lua is still very young to be married or even start dating, so there are no records about her.

Diandra was married to a famous and very successful actor Michael Douglas. They were married for a very long time and had a son named Cameron Douglas

They exchanged wedding vows in 1977 and later separated officially in 2000.

They had many problems in their little family as their son Cameron got into d*ugs and became an addict. 

It started to get more and more serious day by day, and the family started to have more and more problems due to his addiction. 

Cameron also served many years in jail because of d*ugs and selling illegal d*ugs. He was caught by the police more than three times and served seven years in prison. 

He then slowly started to leave the d*ugs and started to live a normal life. He then started his career as an actor in the entertainment industry. 

Cameron then wed a yoga teacher Viviane Thibes and had two children together, named Lua Izzy and Ryder T. Douglas. They are living a happy life now in the United States

Lua Izzy Douglas with her family.
Lua Izzy Douglas with her family. Source: Instagram

First time being a father:

Cameron explained how being a father changed everything for him and how he had never felt a love like that before. 

He describes it to be very pure and like nothing else. He also went on to explain how much he loves to be a father. 

After Michael:

After getting divorced from Michael, Diandra started to date businessman Zack Hampton Bacon III

They had twin boys together in 2004 named Hudson and Hawk from surrogate mother and adopted a daughter named Imira from Kazakhstan.

She is also a god grandmother to the late Casey Johnson, who was the heiress to 'Johnson & Johnson'.

The divorce settlement:

The divorce with Michael, Diandra took $45 million as a settlement amount and got a lot of hate for it because Michael was suffering from cancer at the moment, and his father, Kirk, was sick. 

As an answer to all the criticism she got, she said she took what she deserved and never said anything more about the matter again.

Behind Lua's name:

Lua was named after Cameron's grandfather, Kirk. Her middle name was a tribute to him, which later went on to be Izzy

Michael shared about the darkest moments of his life

To let you know, actor Michael is now cancer-free. A host asked if he had gone through a lot in his recent years, which particularly for him were the darkest moments? 

Michael replied probably the combination of times before his cancer was that his eldest son Cameron struggled with addiction for most of his life and claimed that Cameron became a serious h*roin addict. 

Michael claimed that it broke his heart.

Michael shared that when it was declared that he had to live in prison for certain years, and also knowing about his cancer at that same time was the toughest moment of his life. 

Michael then shared that his dad is now 99 years old, and soon he is going to reach 100. He recalls that his dad used to tie a ponytail on his back. 

Michael praised how he loved his dad’s ponytail look, to which his dad responded that it makes him look young. 

Many of you know he has been given a second chance at fatherhood. When asked what is the one specific thing he is doing differently now? 

He instantly replies, listening. Michael also reveals that he is now a much better listener with the kids. 

Michael also recalls the time and conversations he had with his stepfather. Michael said his stepdad asked him a question, and they talked and talked. 

He remembers being in the word. Michael also said that when he looked up, his stepdad was actually listening to him. 

He remembers being swelled up and claiming himself as the weirdest thing that came over just because he had somebody standing with a male figure. 

Michael said he is good at listening to his kids and his wife too. He also says that the listening thing has helped throughout the marriage too. 

Lastly, when asked about his wife Catherine, he praised her by saying she is a wonderful lady. 

The pair had recently gone to the same place where Michael proposed to her. Well, we can say that he is pretty romantic till now.

Michael then says that he loves her more and more and says that love can actually become deeper. 

Net worth:

Lua doesn't have any income or job to have a net worth as she is still very young for that.

Her father has an income of $100K - $1 Million

Diandra has a net worth estimated to be around $50 million. Her major source of income is from film and documentary production.

$50 millionFilm and documentary production, divorce settlement, former model
$100K - $1 MillionMovies, TV shows


  1. Lua is four years old. She was born in December of 2017.

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