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Louis Thomas Hardy - Son Of Tom Hardy


Facts of Louis Thomas Hardy

Full NameLouis Thomas Hardy
First NameLouis
Middle NameThomas
Last NameHardy
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CityNew York
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameTom Hardy
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameRachael Speed
Mother ProfessionCasting Director
Gender IdentityMale
Date of Birth2008

Louis Thomas Hardy is the son of Tom Hardy, an actor, and Rachael Speed, a Casting Director by profession. 

Louis Thomas is the son of great actor Tom Hardy

Louis Thomas Hardy with his father Tom Hardy.
Louis Thomas Hardy with his father Tom Hardy. Source: Pinterest

Tom is a great actor in the industry. He debuted in 2001 with the miniseries Band of Brothers

The actor was studying at the Drama Centre in London, but as soon as he got an offer to appear in Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down in 2001 as a Twombly, he left his education. 

The artist also got an award for his theatre performances as the Evening Standard Most Promising Newcomer

He worked in television, movies, and theatre throughout the years and gave back to back outstanding performances. 

How did Louis's parents meet?

Louis' mother, Rachael, is a casting director and is recognized mostly for her movie The Virgin Queen, released in 2005

On the other hand, Tom is a popular actor in the industry. 

They both met each other on The Virgin Queen's set, where Tom was acting in the movie and Rachael was the second assistant director. 

After, they began dating and were in a relationship for almost four years. 

But, the couple got separated in 2009. The reason behind the separation is still not found. It was a tragic moment for the kid as no one wants to see their parents split. 

Louis Thomas Hardy parents Tom Hardy and Rachael Speed.
Louis Thomas Hardy parents Tom Hardy and Rachael Speed. Sources: YouTube

Whom did Louis' father Tom Marry?

Louis was born in September 2008. After a year of his birth, his parents got separated. 

Tom began dating Charlotte Riley. Before he was married to Sarah Ward but the couple divorced.

Charlotte Frances Riley, an actress who is most famous for her role in Easy Virtue, released in 2008, and ITV's adaptation of Wuthering Heights, released in 2009

The couple met on the set of Wuthering Heights, where Charlotte was in the role of Catherine Earnshaw, and Tom played the role of Heathcliff. The couple married in 2014.

The current Wife of Tom embraced Louis 

Tom and Charlotte got married in 2014 without telling anyone. Tom had a son Louis from his past relationship. 

But it didn't affect their father-son relationship. 

The moment Tom and Charlotte got together, their first and foremost priority was family. Charlotte was officially Tom's wife. 

She embraced Louis, saying he was the most intelligent, incredible, and creative human being she had ever met. 

She also added she feels very honored to be Louis's stepmom. 

Who were the special guests at Tom and Charlotte's wedding?

Long story short, the couple married in 2014

The couples decided to do their wedding with very few people, including just their closest family members and friends. 

Tom's child Louis also played an important role during the event. 

The couples always wanted to be just two of them and their close ones on their special day rather than organizing any big events. 

The main highlight is that they had invited Tom's ex and Louis's mother Rachael Speed as special guests in their ceremony. 

About getting back in the superhero genre

The host curiously asked Tom Hardy about getting back in the whole superhero genre, to which he explained how being a dad, there is often a massive influx of stories often brought like Spiderman’s or Venom’s, Captain America, and all sort of stuff one day his son, Louis Thomas Hardy came to him with a specific character he fell in love with. 

Coincidentally, after a few days, he was offered a script of Venom, and for his son’s love for Venom, he decided to do it. 

Talking about the movie, the host asked Rubin was it one of the darkest Marvel movies, to which he responded it was as they wanted to honor the comic as “Venom” itself is the darkest comic character. 

The host then asked Tom about further seasons of “Mad Max.”

Tom revealed that doing three parts was always their plan, so they are waiting for the green light to do the next one.

Charlotte Riley denies any negative comments on “Duchess of Cambridge.”

Tom Hardy’s wife, Charlotte, portrayed the role of “Duchess of Cambridge” in the BBC drama “King Charles III.”

It is a royal and political drama adapted from Mike Bartlett

In an interview, Charlotte mentioned that she finds the Duchess of Cambridge incredibly pragmatic and is approaching this slightly differently. People assumed it as a negative slant on Catherine.

Charlotte later explained how the monarchy is like a business, and one needs to move in the way of making bold choices to save and protect it, and that doesn’t make it a negative slant on her character.

His father thinks there is less reason to work, but why?

His father, Tom, thinks there is less reason to work because of him and his half-siblings. 

Louis has two half-siblings, a six-year-old sister and a two-year-old brother born to his father with his current wife, Charlotte

The names of his half-siblings have not been made public to date. Becoming the father of three and raising them has driven him to be with his kids. 

In an interview, he said he sees less reason to work, ultimately, because the life drive is to be with kids and to be fit and healthy and eat well and stuff. He added, 

"If you have got a roof over your head and the bed underneath you and food in the fridge, how much is enough? Because it is not a dress rehearsal, life, is it? It's going out so live. This is one time". 

During an interview with Esquire, he confessed not to care that much what people say as he is getting older but instead has made him reassess his priorities. 

He also confessed to spending a lot of time fighting the concept of a grown-up. 

He thinks all those baddies and "grrrr" characters he portrayed, he is not that, and the whole acting has been the kind of peacock-ish counter to who he is.

Speaking to The Sun, Tom had previously said that becoming a father has given him a purpose and has made him think more carefully about how he lives his life. 

He said his parents were extremely worried about him because he made a lot of mistakes putting his parents to go through a lot. 

He added he takes great pride in being a father and making sure he is there for his son in helping him as he makes his way in the world.

How did Tom Hardy respond to the questions asked about his sexuality?

During an interview with the British LGBTQ magazine back in 2008, Tom said he had explored the relationship with men. 

He had stated he has had sex with men because he is an actor, for f**k sake and has with everything and everyone. But in 2011, his stated quotes resurfaced. 

He said that the whole thing was taken out of context. He told Marie Claire of the quote, not regretting anything he said before, and it's just a shame things are misconstrued and don't get the opportunity to explain. 

In 2015, during the press conference of 2015's Legend,  he was once again asked about his sexuality. He responded by raising the question to the reporter, asking him, 

"Are you asking me about my sexuality"? 

When the reporter said he was, Tom asked why? Tom later told The Daily Beast that it was not the right time or place to ask or answer that question. 

He stated not being under any obligations to share anything to do with his family, his children, or his sexuality that's nobody's business but his own. 

He further added it's important to destigmatize sexuality and gender equality in the workplace but to a man on a spot full of people designed purely for a Salacious reaction? To be frank, it's rude.

Net worth

Louis Thomas Hardy is a child, so talking about his father, Tom Hardy instead. 

His net worth is $30 million being in the acting profession for many years.

Net worth$30 million
Income sourceActing

Age & Height

  1. He was born in 2008 and belonged to New York, United States.
  2. He is 12 years old as of 2021.
  3. He is 3 feet 8 inches tall. Calculating it in meters, he is 1.10 currently.

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