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Facts of Lorenzo Luaces

Lorenzo Luaces is a successful businessman, and he is more popular as the ex-husband of model and host, Lili Estefan. The full name of Lili Estefan is Liliana Del Carmen "Lili" Estefan Garcia. 

She is the host of El Gordo y la Flaca Univision

He was going very fine with his wife, and after 25 years of their married life, some issues panned out to be so strong that it broke their relationship and wholly shattered them. 

They decided not to continue with it and broke it. 

Married, Ex-wife

He met his then-wife Lili and fell in love instantly. The couple started dating, and after three years of holding hands, they decided to get hitched finally.

The couple got married and started living happily as husband and wife. They went well for decades, two of them as after 25 years went on a flash.

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Several issues started piling up, and this completely shattered their relationship. 

The couple went through a divorce and ended the misery after all. It was not worth it to live together, and they realized it.

The couple has two children. Their names are Lina Teresa and Lorenzo Jr. Lina is his daughter and Lorenzo Jr, his son. 

His kids are grown up now. They are teenagers, and they look perfect.  

Lorenzo Luaces and Lili Estefan in their early days.
Lorenzo Luaces and Lili Estefan in their early days. Source: Facebook

Lili thought she was living a fairytale life until her husband was caught with another woman

Lili went through a painful divorce that she never imagined. She appeared on the American talk show Red Table Talk, where she discussed her relationship and the painful divorce she went through. 

Her aunt Cuban and American singer Gloria Estefan and her daughter Emily Estefan accompanied her later, followed by her uncle Emilio Estefan to share their part of the story. 

Lili and Lorenzo married in 1992 in a beautiful family wedding, three years after they met on a blind date. 

Lorenzo Luaces and Lili Estefan married in 1992.
Lorenzo Luaces and Lili Estefan married in 1992. Source: Facebook

Lili thought she was living a fairytale life with her caring husband and her kids so loving. According to Lili, 2017 was supposed to be the great year of her life. 

It was her 30th anniversary at the Univision, and she was celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary with her husband, Lorenzo

She thought she had a perfect life where she and her husband were both accomplished in their respective careers and had two beautiful kids. 

Not only her but everyone thought it was a perfect and happy marriage. Two weeks after they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, a category five hurricane hit Florida, and they stayed in the bunker. 

It was in Weekend, and on Monday, they were out of the bunker. As they were standing in the parking lot, Lorenzo said something that completely shook her to the core. 

Her husband Lorenzo said that the paparazzi caught him with another woman and demanded $200,000 for the pictures. 

She said they were not paying the money and that she needed more information.

While sharing her story, Gloria recalled Lorenzo calling her for the walk and sharing the situation before Lili

She also said Lorenzo started going off the fact that he felt that he wasn't the center of Lili's life, that kids came first, then dogs, and he needed to feel like he was being taken care of.

Gloria asked if he was in love with that woman, but he said he wasn't. 

It was only Lili who came to know late; otherwise, everyone had already known more than a week before as the paparazzi had already visited every major magazine and TV show, and their first stop was Univision, her second home where she worked for three decades. 

Then right from the beginning, she felt humiliated privately and then publicly. 

The first person to know about her husband's scandal was Lili's uncle Emilio who later joined the show and shared the story. 

According to him, a few days before they headed to the bunker, he received an alarming phone call from a Univision lawyer saying that photos of Lili's husband with another woman were being shopped around by the paparazzi and that paparazzi wanted to sell him the pictures.

Emilio said he called Lorenzo after that. Lorenzo was unaware of somebody following him and taking his pictures. 

The only advice Emilio gave to Lorenzo was, "You play, You pay." The only thing he had to think is about his kids, and asked him to talk to Gloria so she would give him some sort of advice. 

Lorenzo came up with the idea where he asked Lili to come out publicly and get ahead of the paparazzi and say that they are trying to blackmail us, to which Lily agreed and also defended her husband for hours because doing so, she was like she was protecting her family and no one is coming to her husband. 

But she freaked out when her boss said that the paparazzi had left his number for her and that he had a lot of information. 

And that's when she realized that it was not a one-time thing. 

The paparazzi have had the pictures for 11 days, and they are coming out any minute that their kids after they wake up in the morning, are going to see their pictures all over social media, and she didn't want that. 

At home, she told their kids the whole situation and made them understand by saying that for the marriage so long, it's a common thing. 

The only thing that happens to their father is that he is married to a public figure, and that is the reason the paparazzi have done it to him and them. 

In front of their kids, she tried to excuse him, but when she finished the conversation, she looked at him and burst into tears, saying You broke my heart and stormed out of the room. 

Lorenzo did not utter a word and left and never came back. 

They got divorced and never had a conversation after that, which was unbearable and heartwrenching for Lili because there was no closure.

It was the worst moment of her life, and she didn't even get a call from him. 

That was the moment her husband was out of the character where she was like This is not the guy I know. 

She further added to say that Lorenzo only communicates with her for their kids.

Lorenzo Luaces and Lili Estefan with their two beautiful children.
Lorenzo Luaces and Lili Estefan with their two beautiful children. Source: Facebook

Net Worth and Job

His exact net worth is not available right now. His job is to build a business as he is a businessman. 

He had also established mutual business with his wife, but details about it are not available. 

Talking about net worth is ex-wife has a great net worth of 10 million dollars

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The primary source of her earning has been from the TV shows she has been a part of. 

She appeared in a popular TV show called El Gordo y la Flaca, and this role of hers took her fame to a new level. 

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She was also part of Mira quién baila. Though the show has terrible IMDb ratings of 3.8, it was popular with the mass. 

She was also very impressed with her work in Sábado Gigante. The show has six ratings from IMDb, and the network it was broadcasted in was Univision

Television ProgramIMDb Ratings
El Gordo y la Flaca4.7
Mira quién baila3.8
Sábado Gigante6

The couple have moved on. His wife has uploaded this video on her Instagram account, and she is having fun in this video. She has captioned this one as, 

"I from CAPITANA! 

Info and Highlights (Age, Birthday)

  1. His exact date of birth is not known and his birthday too. This makes it difficult to predict his age. From our experience, it looks like he is in his 50s, but this is nothing more than just an assumption.
  2. He was born in Cuba, and his nationality is Cuban.
  3. He has managed to keep his personal information related to father and mother (parents) a secret.
  4. There is very less information on his biography but do not worry; we got you covered.
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