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Lorenzo Bonucci


Facts of Lorenzo Bonucci

Full NameLorenzo Bonucci
First NameLorenzo
Last NameBonucci
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryItaly
Father NameLeonardo Bonucci
Father ProfessionFootballer
Mother NameMartina Maccari
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsMatteo Bonucci and Matilda Bonucci
Date of BirthJuly 7,2012
Age10 years

Lorenzo Bonucci is the son of Leonardo Bonucci and Martina Maccari

He has two siblings, a younger brother Matteo Bonucci and a younger sister Matilda Bonucci. His nationality is Italian.

Bond with parents

Lorenzo along with his siblings shares a loveable bond with his parents. They don't get afraid to show love to their children.  

Leonardo and Martina's social media are packed with pictures of Lorenzo and his siblings and they never miss an opportunity to cherish them.

Lorenzo Bonucci with his siblings and parents Leonardo Bonucci and Martina Maccari.
Lorenzo Bonucci with his siblings and parents Leonardo Bonucci and Martina Maccari. Source: Instagram

Lorenzo's brother got severely sick

Lorenzo's younger brother Matteo had emergency surgery after the commencement of severe sickness. 

When his brother was sick, his father even thought about quitting football. Football was not even his priority when his son got sick. 

Leonardo shifted his attention from football to Matteo after seeing him in pain. He also considers himself lucky that he followed his heart and fulfilled the responsibilities of a father.

Robber Attack

Unfortunately, in 2012, Lorenzo and his parents were attacked by a robber demanding to hand over the watch. 

When the robber was trying to take the watch, his father punched him and chased him down the street. Unluckily, the robber was successful in running away on the motorbike.

About Lorenzo's family

Lorenzo's father is an Italian professional footballer who plays for Serie A club Juventus and the national team as a center back and vice-captain. 

He was born on 1st May 1987 at Viterbo, Italy. His nationality is Italian, while his mother, Martina Maccari, is a former model and blogger. 

His grandfather's name is Claudio Bonucci, he was a businessman interested in selling paints, and his grandmother's name is Dorita Bonucci. Lorenzo's dad was the youngest born of his parents, and he was also their favorite.

Lorenzo Bonucci parents Leonardo Bonucci and Martina Maccari.
Lorenzo Bonucci parents Leonardo Bonucci and Martina Maccari. Source: Instagram

How did Lorenzo's parents meet?

His father and mother met through Facebook. They exchanged wedding vows in June 2011

They have been married for so many years, but the bond is becoming only stronger. 

There is not even a single piece of news about the couple fighting and cheating on each other, unlike other celebrities. 

This couple has a solid bond and is the perfect example of a husband and wife. 

There is not much information about his parent's relationship. But they are still together and living happily with each other and their family.

Lorenzo Bonucci with his siblings and parents Leonardo Bonucci and Martina Maccari on his birthday.
Lorenzo Bonucci with his siblings and parents Leonardo Bonucci and Martina Maccari on his birthday. Source: Instagram

About Leonardo's career

Leonardo's career was not accessible from the beginning. It took him a lot of time to reach where he is today. 

He was also accused of match-fixing at one point. He also had a lot of sad moments when his younger son was sick. 

According to Leonardo, his head was not in the right place for four months. 

He was not interested in any training or anything to do with football until he saw his son improving. Luckily, Matteo's condition started getting better after 15 days of the surgery. 

Though he hated the hospital before, he had to go there every day just for his child's sake. 

After the recovery of Matteo, Lorenzo and his family are in a better place and more united than ever. 

Leonardo's elder brother is also a footballer who played as a central defender in Serie C1 with Viterbese

He got inspired by his elder brother to play football. His elder brother also helped him to start his career as a footballer. 

Net worth

As Lorenzo is a child, he does not have a net worth of his own. Following is the net worth of his father.

Net worthSource
$22 MillionFootballer

Age and Height

  1. He is eight years old. He was born in 7th July 2012.
  2. The height is not revealed yet.

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