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Lola Nash


Facts of Lola Nash

Full NameLola Nash
First NameLola
Last NameNash
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Father NameSteve Nash
Father ProfessionBasketball player
Mother NameAlejandra Amarilla
Mother ProfessionFilm producer
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsMatteo Joel Nash, Bella Nash, Ruby Jean Nash and Luca Sun Nash
Date of BirthOctober 14,2004
Age19 years

Lola Nash is the teenage daughter of Steve Nash, a renowned Canadian professional basketball coach, and former player. 

Steve Nash, the NBA most valuable player

Steve is head coach of the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The talented player is considered as one of the most significant point guards in NBA history. 

While playing for 18 seasons in NBA, he was selected eight times in All-star and seven times in All-NBA. 

He is endowed with several awards and titles, including two-time NBA most valuable player, NBA skills challenge, Canadian athlete of the year, Phoenix Suns Ring of Honor, etc., for his outstanding performance.

The remarkable player is best known for his playmaking, ball handling, and shooting skills. 

Along with playing, he is also famous for his philanthropic activities and was listed among 100 most influential people in the world by Times Magazine.

Got married after the birth of twin daughter

At first, he was married to Alejandra Amarilla, who is a Paraguayan filmmaker. Their first meeting happened in Manhattan while he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks in 2001

After that, they started dating and started living together. Three years after their romantic relationship, they welcome their twin daughter, and one year after their birth, in June 2005, the couple got married. 

Lola Nash with her father Steve Nash, twin  Bella Nash and brother Matteo Joel Nash during her 12th birthday
Lola Nash with her father Steve Nash, twin  Bella Nash and brother Matteo Joel Nash during her 12th birthday. Source: Instagram

However, their relationship ended after the birth of their son on November 12, 2010

There is no exact reason for their divorce, but as per sources, he was staying out from home for a long time, and the linkage of his wife with one of his team members might have been the reason for their separation. 

Ugly custody battle of parents

The divorce of the couple was not settled quickly as Steve denied giving money to Alejandra. The ugly custody battle of her parents went on for around five 5/6 years. 

The judge also supported him in not giving money as her income was also the same as him. But she was not convinced of that decision. 

She tried to resolve the matter by deciding to move with her children to Los Angeles (LA), when he moved to the LA Lakers of NBA in 2012 and filed for child support in the California Courts.

However, he was in opposition to that decision as he believed that LA is an unsuitable environment for raising children. 

He also refused to pay for the child support as he claimed that she might spoil their children of luxury because of her extra lavish lifestyle. 

Instead, he decided to pay for the education, medical, extracurricular activity, and children's nanny's expenses. After investing years in resolving their conflict finally, their divorce was settled in 2016.

Romantic wedding proposal in Majorca

The same year when he settled his difference with his ex-wife, he decided to move on with Lilla Frederick

She is a former Pepperdine University and junior women's US team volleyball player. While they were on vacation on Spain's island, he surprised her with a romantic wedding proposal in Majorca

The couple got engaged in March 2016 and held their weddings in an outdoor ceremony in Manhattan Beach, California, in September 2016. The function was attainted by their close friends, family, and NBA All-stars players.

Lola Nash's father Steve Nash with his current wife Lilla Frederick at their wedding
Lola Nash's father Steve Nash with his current wife Lilla Frederick at their wedding. Source: Instagram

Husband took retirement from playing

Lilla's husband took retirement from playing in 2015 and is now involved in coaching the team. Apart from these, he is also a doting husband and father who love spending time with their children. 

In his Instagram account, he is seen spending time with his wife and children during the holiday. His account is now full of his children and current wife.


She is blessed with four siblings, two from her mother and two from her step-mother. 

Her twin sister is Bella Nash, and her brother is Matteo Joel Nash, who was born on November 12, 2010. Her half-brother Luca was born in 2017 and her half-sister, Ruby, in 2019.

Lola Nash with her father Steve Nash, step-mother Lilla Frederick and siblings Matteo, Bella, Ruby and Luca
Lola Nash with her father Steve Nash, step-mother Lilla Frederick and siblings Matteo, Bella, Ruby and Luca. Source: Instagram

Net Worth

The net worth of her father is as follows:

Net worth$95 million
Salary$ 9.3 million

Age and Birthday

  1. Currently, she is 16 years of age.
  2. She and her twin sister celebrate their birthday on October 14.

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