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Leonita Lekaj


Facts of Leonita Lekaj

Full NameLeonita Lekaj
First NameLeonita
Last NameLekaj
ProfessionCelebrity wife
Birth CountryAlbania
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseGranit Xhaka
No Of Children1
Date of BirthMarch 31,1992
Age30 years
Married DateJuly,2017

Leonita Lekaj is a beautiful woman, and she is famous for being the wife of football superstar Arsenal player Granit Xhaka

Special Moments with Husband Granit Xhaka

The husband and wife duo spend quality time with each other and are a match made in heaven. The couple got to events together.

 Here is one from Granit's Instagram, and he uploaded this one on 19th February. He has captioned this picture as 

"Hosting the LV booth…."

Leonita Lekaj And Granit Xhaka In An Event
Leonita Lekaj And Granit Xhaka In An Event Source: Instagram

Date Nights with Probably Future Arsenal Caption

Granit and Leonita got on romantic date nights together. The couple is perfect looking and cannot stop catching the attention of people.

Granit has uploaded this picture of the couple on their date night. He uploaded this picture back on 16th January

Leonita Lekaj And Husband Date Nights Foodie
Leonita Lekaj And Husband Date Nights Foodie Source: Instagram

Here is another one from their romantic dinner dates. The place is CUT at 45 Park Lane, and it is a super luxurious restaurant

He uploaded this picture back on the 27th of November, 2018. The couple has good food with a mojito in the film.

Travel Diary of the Couple

The couple goes on luxurious vacations and adventures together. Granit has uploaded this picture on snow on his Instagram account. 

The couple is on experience and skiing. 

He has uploaded this picture on 7 January. He has captioned this picture with a caption, 

We've had a wonderful…."

Leonita Lekaj Luxurious Vacation With Husband Granit Xhaka
Leonita Lekaj Luxurious Vacation With Husband Granit Xhaka Source: Instagram

Pregnant Wife 

A baby is a gift from the gods. Leonita and Granit were on the seventh sky when the couple was expecting a baby. 

The football midfield superstar posted this picture on his Instagram account on the 27th of July and captioned this one with a baby emoji. 

Leonita Lekaj Pregnant
Leonita Lekaj Pregnant Source: Instagram

The couple was so much in love and Granit's exotic cars were quickly visible in the background. 

Leonita Lekaj is wearing a green one-piece in this picture and the man in her life supports her baby bump. 

The couple has matched their clothes as Granit is wearing a black t-shirt with green print on it.

Welcoming Adorable Child

Leonita and Granit has a baby child, and she is adorable. Leonita's life partner Granit uploaded this picture on his Instagram account on 13th December and the family is complete now. 

Granit is kissing her forehead and it is all love here.

Her husband carries the baby, and the picture is captioned as, 

"Family OVER everything."

The beautiful family has two daughters now, Ayana Xhaka and Laneya Xhaka.

Leonita Lekaj Welcoming Son And Family Complete
Leonita Lekaj Welcoming Son And Family Complete Source: Instagram

The father and son duo

The picture will put a smile on anyone's face. It is adorable, the father and daughter duo. Granit is in the seventh sky watching this picture. 

He uploaded this one recently on the 24th of December and he is having a fun time with his daughter. Daughter is smiling back at him and it is all so cute. 

Leonita Lekaj  Son
Leonita Lekaj  Son Source: Instagram

Her husband talks about the online abuse

Leonita’s husband Granit shared how the players also had to face online abuse. And he accepted the fact that it does affect them. 

After all, they are humans, too, he added. He clarifies they are also the same as other normal people. 

Granit also said that they might be more focused than other people, but once you receive an abusive message, it’s difficult to take it. 

He also added that it's easy to say something bad about someone online, but one cannot say those exact negative words to people if they got to meet face to face. 

So these things make him upset, Granit shared. 

In his view, he feels like the Abusive moment looks normal and seems like nobody is doing something that is extremely against, but he said that these are the things where it should get improved. 

When asked how he copes with his bad days as he had got in this field? 

Granit instantly replied that living in the modern era of 2022, people need to be mentally strong, especially the players like him who are in this business and have earned names and fame. 

Also, he declared that if footballers like him are not strong in their heads, the game is over. 

He also elaborated that being a player, one cannot be perfect all the time or perform well all the time, as they might also be going through stuff like problems in their personal lives or having health issues that everyone might not know. 

Despite the pain and obstacles, too, they had to play. These are just small things, but it matters, added Granit. He repeatedly said that it does affect them. 

Continuing the conversation, when asked if any negative messages on his social media chat do affect him on his next play. 

The player accepted that the comments do stay in his head, but at the same time, he can’t stop everyone’s mouth. 

So, the player advises not to read those negative comments at all and just focus on what you do. 

Lastly, Granit also stated that he wouldn’t let other words dominate him because all he sees is himself only, and he is the only one who can stop himself as well. 

Net Worth Of Husband

Her husband has an outrageous net worth of 20 million Euros.

How Did He Earn It and Salary

He earns most of his money from the salary from Arsenal Football Club. His per year salary reaches a jaw-dropping 5,000,000 Euros

His per the second salary is also noted and it is 0.16 Euros and it reaches 9.49 Euros per minute

Here is a table showing his salary and fasten your seatbelt, it is going to be a fantastic ride.

S.NTime FrameIncome (Euros)
1.Per Second0.16
2.Per Minute9.49 
3.Per Hour569
4.Per Day13,661
5.Per Week101,626
6.Per Month416,667 


  1. She was born in the year 1992, and this makes her age 27 in 2019.
  2. She celebrates her birthday on the 31st of March.
  3. Wiki sites do not contain information on her, but we got you covered.

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