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Laurie Holmond


Facts of Laurie Holmond

Full NameLaurie Holmond
First NameLaurie
Last NameHolmond
ProfessionCelebrity Ex-Girlfriend
EthnicityAfrican American
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Relation WithSnoop Dogg
No Of Children1
EducationLong Beach Polytechnic

Laurie Holmond is the former partner of Snoop Dogg. Laurie was raised in the Long Beach community and attended high school at Long Beach Polytechnic

The lady's nationality is American, and her ethnicity is African American. She came into the limelight after being in a relationship with popular rapper Snoop

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. professionally serves as a media personality, songwriter, rapper, entrepreneur, and actor.

Laurie's dating life with Snoop

The former couple, Laurie and Snoop, first met at high school. The individuals started their relationship as being best buddies. 

Nevertheless, their bond got stronger, and their romantic relationship started. It's been said that after graduating, Laurie and Snoop stayed far despite being in touch with each other. 

Laurie's boyfriend cheated on her?

Everything was going well between Laurie and her partner until and unless she heard something terrible. 

Laurie got the news that her partner Snoop was officially tying the knot with another lady named Shante Taylor

The lady called Snoop for official authentication of the rumors of him getting married. 

Sadly, the news came true, and she was devastated all over. In a 2008 interview, Laurie explained that they had a better relationship until June 1998. 

But after hearing this shocking news on the radio, Snoop told her that she couldn't understand. 

Moreover, Laurie accepted the words of Snoop and said that she had nothing to do with Snoop anymore. 

Laurie hosted a one-on-one meeting with Snoop for the last time, and after nine months, she gave birth to a child. 

Snoop's marriage with Shante was saved by their daughter

Laurie Holmond ex-boyfriend Snoop Dogg with his partner in earlier days.
Laurie Holmond ex-boyfriend Snoop Dogg with his partner in earlier days. Source: Pinterest

Snoop and Shante's marriage began to suffer, and even Snoop went ahead to file a divorce from Shante in 2004

Later, the rapper confronted that their daughter's health issue had brought him and Shante back together. 

Cori Broadus, their daughter, had lupus, a chronic situation that raises inflammation and pain in several areas of the human body. 

Snoop shared how his child used to tell him that her brain hurt while lying on a bed. Snoop confronted that his daughter was the strongest, even with needles. 

However, he felt helpless. On another side, his spouse also claimed that without her hubby, she couldn't imagine how to handle this situation. 

Cori is improving, and the pair renewed their wedding vows again in a private ceremony.

Shante became the manager of her husband, Snoop

Laurie Holmond ex-boyfriend Snoop Dogg with his wife Shante.
Laurie Holmond ex-boyfriend Snoop Dogg with his wife Shante. Source: Pinterest

In 2021, Shante started the role of a manager to her husband, Snoop

Undoubtedly, it's a huge job for her as Snoop has been actively engaged in video games, mobile apps, cannabis, clothing, Television, and many more. 

Nevertheless, the lady has been preparing for this role since the 90s. Also, the rapper confronted that his lady love has been guiding his professional career behind the scenes since day one. 

He also praised her as his final gut check who approved all his decisions. 

Lastly, he credited Shante for the position he reached today and thanked her for being his official manager and constructing the Snoop Dogg empire together.

Recalling Snoop's earlier days

Snoop originally belonged to Long Beach, California. The artist was born to Vernell Varnado, who professionally serves as a mail carrier, singer, and Vietnam veteran, whereas his mom's name is Beverly Tate

Sadly, his biological dad left him along with his family as soon as Snoop's birth. 

However, his name was kept after his stepfather Calvin Cordozar Broadus Sr. Other than that, the artist had a deep interest in playing piano, rapping, and singing since he was young. 

Snoop had always been like the class clown

Snoop has released his first cooking book. He joked and said that there are no recipes that have marijuana-infused, I want to keep it clean; Snoop said. 

Further added that it was his first book, and all he wanted was to keep it clean in his introduction. 

When asked if he had imagined, when he started, that his career would not only last this long but all the different areas that he would go into? 

Snoop instantly replies, not really, but he has always been like the class clown ever since he was a kid, so he was able to try different things. 

He was able to be different and not be afraid to go out on a limb and just put his career, put his life, put everything out there and let people know that he doesn’t care what others feel. 

He only cares about what he feels, and sometimes, he feels good when he expresses himself in different ways and different avenues, Snoop shared. 

Other than that, if he was given a choice between TV or movies, Snoop chose TV. He explained the reason for TV: it is faster, and you can mess up more on TV. 

Laurie’s son’s relationship with his dad

Laurie’s and Snoop’s son’s name is Julian Corrie Broadus. In one of the interviews, Julian says that he has no relationship with his dad. 

Also, Julian is not scared to call out Snoop, whom he claims to be an absentee dad. It’s been said that their son wanted to be a part of his dad’s show. 

However, that wasn’t to be. As per the current scenario, as Julian gets older, he says about his relationship with his dad, stating that his mind isn’t as heavy now. 

In 2018, Laurie’s son signed a contract for a recording deal with the rap titled “Teen Snoop.” 

As for Laurie, she chooses to stay low profile despite all the controversies that happened. She was the first to confirm that Snoop had stepped out to the plate when their son was born. 

Also, the lady confronted in numerous interviews of her stating that Snoop has no longer maintained a personal relationship with their son. 

Net worth

Laurie Holmond's income details are not given yet. However, we will rely on her former partner, whose net worth of $150 million.

Net worth$150 million
Income sourceSongwriter, rapper, actor, entrepreneur, and media personality


  1. Snoop Dogg is 50 years old.

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