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Laura Zazzara


Facts of Laura Zazzara

Full NameLaura Zazzara
First NameLaura
Last NameZazzara
ProfessionCelebrity Ex-Wife
Birth CityOhio
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SpouseMarco Verratti
No Of Children2

Laura Zazzara is the ex-wife of Marco Verratti who is an Italian professional footballer. 

He plays for the Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the national team of Italy known as the Italy national team

His role in the game is a central midfielder. 

Laura Zazzara with her ex-husband Marco Verratti.
Laura Zazzara with her ex-husband Marco Verratti. Source: Pinterest

About Laura Zazzara:

Laura is a model for a fashion brand, and she has a perfect body and style. 

She was born in her hometown Ohio. Laura grew up with her siblings and family, but it is said that her parents got separated while she was young.  

Her mother's profession is a registered nurse, but her father's profession is not published. 

She also has her fan base from her social media. 

How did Laura and Marco meet?

They used to know each other since their childhood. They both grew up in the same place. 

They fell in love when Laura was 16 years. Laura was also interested in football and gymnastic like Marco

Later they exchanged wedding vows in July of 2015.

They even had two children together, Tommaso and Andrea, But later things didn't go well, and they are now divorced. It was a tragic moment for her but she will move on.

Laura Zazzara with her ex-spouse Marco Verratti.
Laura Zazzara with her ex-spouse Marco Verratti. Source: Pinterest

Who is Marco Verratti?

Marco is the ex-husband of Laura Zazzara, who is one of the greatest Italian footballers. 

He plays the midfielder role in the game for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the national team of Italy

His gameplay is so smooth and aggressive at the same time. He is very committed to his game.

Early Life:

On November 5, 1992, Marco Verratti was born in Pescara, Italy. He was from a middle-class family. 

He was born to his father, Fabrizio Verratti, and mother, Lidia Cremonese.  

His dad's profession is a carpenter, but he used to be an amateur football player. 

His mom is a housewife. Marco grew up with an elder brother named Stefano Verratti.

As being born to a middle-class family, he had a great childhood. 

He has dedicated himself to football since his childhood. He was walking in his father's path as his father wanted to become a footballer as well. 

His father and elder brother were very supportive of him playing football. 

They even used to motivate him to play football. Later his passion led him to join a football club named Manoppello in 2001

He was just eight years old when he first joined this club. 

Professional life:

Marco started his career at the club Manoppello. He joined Pescara in 2008

He used to play as midfielders since the beginning. Marco is one of the best young midfielders ever exist in Europe.  

He also contributed to his club to win the title of Serie B.  He is often compared with other players named Andrea Pirlo because of his gameplay. 

He signed a contract given by Saint-Germain, which was of five years in the tournament called the French League.  

On August 15, 2012, he also started playing with the senior team of the national team of Italy. 

By scoring two goals, Marco has won over thirty-one caps for his Italy national team. In 2012, he was awarded by Bravo award.

Relationship status:

Marco is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Jessica Aidi, who is a fashion model.  

Marco got into a relationship with Jessica after divorcing his wife with two children. 

Marco is engaged to Jessica, and they are about to get married soon. This relationship might not be the reason for Marco and Laura divorcing but noone knows.

Marco's advice on being a better midfielder

Marco is a renowned player. Well, he defined the Midfielder role as very important, where one has to perform everything correctly. 

However, as in modern football, one has to defend many times, and also, one should be very dangerous to attack, Marco added. 

He claims it is one of the major roles of the team. He also says that one should indulge in a great personality and not be scared. 

They need to love football by heart and feel football too. 

He even mentioned that every time people ask for advice, Marco says that give everything you have, get trained, and have fun on the field at the same time. 

He pointed out these points as the most important things. Marco continued by saying everything is important. 

Also, he loves providing assists to strikers or even creating occasions with a pass at the same time, claiming it was a part of his role. 

Not only this, but Marco also likes the part of defending and helping out the team. 

Further added, that he intentionally helps the team so that the opponent of them doesn’t score which is also the thing he loves doing. 

Marco revealed that on the field, it is not just about strength. 

Still, one also needs to focus on being smart and clever, maintaining good coordination, should be aware of when to do a tackle, and having the knowledge before the other of where the ball could go. 

He further says that strength is not everything in life, but you also need to be clever, have the knowledge, and understand football. 

Anyone can have these qualities, even if you are not so tall. 

In his viewpoint, he says that all advice is perhaps different, but when you begin playing, the major advice is to always want to learn, always work, and always listen up to people older than you. 

It’s because, if they can be involved playing at a high level, it’s all because they are now all skilled and experienced. 

Nevertheless, at the same time, it is tough yet important to always be ready mentally. 

Lastly, Marco also suggested never giving up, which is never easy, especially when one is young and at that phase when you have developed thinking of becoming a pro or being involved actively for a big club and saying that mental is a very important key. 

Stay aware, and show the involvement in this sport as a game, if it’s working, that’s great, and if it’s not working, you can always head up to something new. 

Net worth:

As of 2021, the net worth of Marco is $5 million, and his source of income is a Football player.

Net Worth Source
$5 millionFootball player


  1. Marco is 28 years old, born on November 5, 1992, in Pescara, Italy.

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