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Lachlan Robbie


Facts of Lachlan Robbie

Full NameLachlan Robbie
First NameLachlan
Last NameRobbie
ProfessionCelebrity Brother
Birth CityGold Coast
Birth CountryAustralia
Father NameDoug Robbie
Father Professionsugarcane farmer
Mother NameSarie Kessler
Mother Professionphysiotherapist
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusRelation
Relation WithAmy Price
SibilingsCameron Robbie, Anya Robbie, Margot Robbie
Insta Profile

Lachlan Robbie is the sibling of Margot Robbie. He is also known by the name Lockie

Originally, he is from Gold Coast, Australia but now resides in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Lachlan is the oldest among the two. Professionally, he is a stuntman. 

He is recognized for his work on movies like Aquaman (2018), Birds of Prey (2020), and Alien: Covenant (2017), whereas Margot by profession is an actress and producer

Lachlan Robbie with his sister Margot Robbie.
Lachlan Robbie with his sister Margot Robbie. Source: Instagram

Lachlan's parents are already divorced

Lachlan was born to mom Sarie Kessler and dad Doug Robbie

His mom serves as a physiotherapist, and also, the lady had given her performance in I.C.U., which was released in 2009, whereas his dad is said to be a sugarcane farmer. 

His parents have already separated; however, it's been said that Doug has financially helped his kids. 

Sarie and Doug had dated each other while young, but the precise date is not known to date. 

It's been said that after being officially together, his mom has to go through the rude behavior of Doug

Doug's personality is said to be abusive and aggressive. When Sarie's husband left her, the youngest child, Margot, was ten years old

Nevertheless, the reason behind their split is said to be due to unmet mentalities and differences.

Everything to know about Lachlan's siblings

Let us begin with Cameron Robbie. Professionally, he serves as an occasional actor along with a full-time television host. 

Cameron even took his sister's interview after the publication of Peter Rabbit. Next comes Anya Robbie, who keeps herself away from the spotlight. 

Margot and Anya shared a great bond and went on a trip to Ghan back in 2019 to celebrate Anya's birthday bash. 

Lastly, Margot is an actress recognized for her performances and scene-stealing magnetism in numerous roles she has portrayed to date.

Lachlan Robbie with his sibling Margot Robbie.
Lachlan Robbie with his sibling Margot Robbie. Source: Instagram

Are Amy Price and Lachlan married couples?

They aren't married but have been dating. Nevertheless, Lachlan wanted the world to know about his love. 

Amy is a Brisbane-based entertainment journalist. Lachlan even made official about their relationship via Instagram, where he wished his lady a Happy Birthday

He says that she is the most wonderful person he ever met and thank her for making his every day very special, praising her for being the best. 

Also, he was captured uploading a picture of him cozying up with his lady while on a romantic time on a ranch situated in Queensland

Lastly, going through Amy's social handle, the pair had gone to Witches Fall Winery located on Gold Coast.

Margot is the wife of Tom Ackerley

Margot is already married to Tom Ackerley, who serves as an assistant director. The individuals met on the set of Suite Francaise. After a year in 2014, they started dating. 

They officially tied the knot in a private way at Australia's Gold Coast in December 2017

Being his wife, we can spot the couple's lovely moments of kissing each other while on a beach retreat at Puerto Valleta

They reside in Los Angeles, where they together handle a production company named Lucky Chap Productions.

Lachlan Robbie sister Margot Robbie with her husband Tom Ackerley in an event.
Lachlan Robbie sister Margot Robbie with her husband Tom Ackerley in an event. Source: Instagram

Margot Robbie went to circus school?

Margot attended circus school while her mom enrolled her there at eight. Her mom admitted her to a trapeze program. 

Nevertheless, her role as Harley Quinn shows up her skills stick to her till date. Other than that, the actress was accused of lying about her actual age at one point in time. 

People found her age to be 23 via the article at The Sydney Morning Herald, which was unmatched with the year she was born, i.e., 1990

She even clarified that people think her a year older. However, later, it was all cleared up with hardcore investigation proving her she was telling the truth.

Was Margot a voracious reader?

Margot shared that when she was young, she used to be a voracious reader, and she also says that she used to read in order for escapism. 

She also admitted for the same reason, she also loved movies. 

Margot then says that as she got older, the main reason for her to love movies was half-escapism and half-exploration or being confronted by something. 

Margot remembers that the first book she read was “The Hobbit.” 

She recalls her being eight years old, attending school, and their professor was reading out loud to the class, young Margot got hooked as her teacher started out to read. 

She remembers being impatient to know the other part of the story when her teacher stopped in the middle. 

Margot shared she went back home and found her sister’s copy of that book and read out the whole thing. That was how she became hooked and started reading. 

Margot also shared that back then, in the year 1998, she with her mom was in her mom’s friend’s house, which was up on a property. 

She remembers having no television and nothing to do, so she found the book Harry Potter. Young Margot started to read and undoubtedly became obsessed with it. 

Margot also mentioned some of her favorite books, including the Famous Five books. She remembers she read them like crazy and then said Nancy Drew, the Secret Seven, etc. 

Nevertheless, the lady also felt strange, well, she is a kid in the ’90s, but those books she mentioned are like from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. 

Margot also didn’t have the idea why she was more into the literature from the past, but she just loved it. 

However, when asked about the current scenario of her readings, she mentioned that her reading and her relationship with books have totally changed. 

She shared that she now read too much for work. So, she feels that it is more difficult for her to read now without thinking about it in a work sense. 

To know more, visit the link below.

Net worth

Since Lachlan's actual income is unknown, Margot has a net worth of $26 million.

Net worth$26 million
Income sourceProfessional actress


  1. His sister is 31 years old.

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