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Facts of Kristin Richard

Full NameKristin Richard
First NameKristin
Last NameRichard
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
No Of Children3

Kristin Richard shares the relationship of an ex-wife with Lance Armstrong. Lance, real name Lance Edward Armstrong, serves as a former professional road racing cyclist. 

He mostly recognized as the winner of the Tour de France seven consecutive times.

Journey from Business relationship to friendship turned marriage 

As per the title, the relationship went on the same as given above. They first met at a press conference in 1997.

Kristin was serving in an advertising and public relations firm based in Texas while Lance was battling testicular cancer and just finished his chemotherapy. Kristin found him bald and cute.

Kristin Richard with her ex-husband Lance Armstrong
Kristin Richard with her ex-husband Lance Armstrong. Source:

They had a business relationship at first which later turned into beautiful friendship and later they fell in love. After that, Kristen moved in with Lance to France.

Kristin published a book after separation with her husband

It’s shocking for everyone who thought that they are meant to be forever. The pair split up back in 2003

Moreover, the lady was so open about her separation with her ex-husband that she was open to write an article for Glamour magazine. 

Kristin mentioned that she completely became a different human being when she first met her former partner. 

Were Lance and Sheryl Crow married?

Sheryl is a musician, singer, songwriter, and actress. Shreyl and Lance started dating in 2003

The pair was categorized as the most powerful couple back then, and their romance has been caught in the public eye as well. 

Kristin Richard's ex-husband Lance Armstrong kissing Sheryl Crow
Kristin Richard's ex-husband Lance Armstrong kissing Sheryl Crow. Source: Pinterest

Despite having a busy schedule, both of them make time to be with each other. 

Unfortunately, the couple parted their way after being together for almost three years and being engaged for several months. 

Lance's children

Well, we have almost known about his personal life except for his children. With his ex-spouse Kristin, he has three kids. They are named Isabelle, Grace, and Luke

Moving on with his next partner with whom he had been engaged in 2017 is Anna Hansen. His partner had mentioned that Lance is the love of her life. 

Moreover, the pair together are the parents of two kids whom they named Max and Olivia.  Altogether, he is the father of five.

Kristin Richard's ex-spouse Lance Armstrong with his current partner Anna Hansen
Kristin Richard's ex-spouse Lance Armstrong with his current partner Anna Hansen. Source: Instagram

Get a dose of Lance Armstrong earlier life

It is an interesting topic to know about the person’s earlier life who is most famous today. 

Here we will understand about junior Lance, who took birth in Methodist hospital back in Richardson, Texas

The man was born to parents named Linda Gayle (mother), who served as a secretary, and Eddie Charles Gunderson (father) professionally as a route manager. 

His parents split up when Lance was much younger. Right after a year, Linda got together with another man named Terry Keith Armstrong, a wholesale salesman. 

Likewise, the man adopted junior Lance the following year. As per the update, his biological father is no more in this world.

Lance Armstrong, “I have had a complicated life and a complicated history.”

Lance started by saying for any kid on any bike, just leaving the house and turning the corner and another corner, and then you are alone. 

He says that was the beginning of what freedom felt like. He then stated that the thing about his story is most of the world knows both parts of it. 

Lance clarifies that they know the good times and the bad times. It doesn’t change that he has those memories from the good times that Lance cherished the most. 

Lance admitted that the downfall was unexpected. That was something that nobody could prepare for. 

He shared that the true test then is how you respond as a man who has to reinvent his life. He then continued saying most of the world had been able to see all of his life. 

He loved this idea of taking a watch and opening up everything, and being able to see everything. In his sport, heart rate is critical. 

He even shared that early in the day, if you wanted to check your pulse, you needed to tell time along with the history of yellow, which was a color that was a big part of his life for a long time. 

He admitted to having a complicated life and a complicated history, which doesn’t mean that the story is over. 

All of those mistakes are still mistakes, but they still got him here. He thinks that the best is just living that greater, fuller, purpose-driven life, Lance said.

A closer look at Kristin Richard

Kristin is an independent lady as she has served with youth, taught, and led women’s groups at her church. 

It’s stated that the lady is very much committed to sustaining and cultivating positive and healthy relationships. 

Not only this, but Kristin also achieved basic EMDR training. Well, the main motive of it is to become a registered clinician. 

Lastly, Kristin is also recognized for being a seasoned runner who has completed numerous marathons, including the Boston Marathon

Net worth

Besides known as the ex-wife of Lance, the lady is an independent woman who serves as a contributing editor for the magazine named Runner’s World. Kristin had an estimated net worth of $32 million.

Net worth$32 million
Income sourceContributing editor


  • Kristin is 46 years old.

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