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Kimiko Flynn


Facts of Kimiko Flynn

Full NameKimiko Flynn
First NameKimiko
Last NameFlynn
ProfessionCelebrity kid
Father NameRome Flynn
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameMolly Noriko Hurley
Gender IdentityFemale
Date of BirthDecember 12,2014
Age9 years

Kimiko Flynn is an adorable child, and she is the daughter of successful actor Rome Flynn

5 Fast Facts About Her

5. She is the daughter of Rome and Molly Noriko.

4. People have called Kimiko as Monalisa too in the comments of her mother's pictures on Instagram. 

3. Her father explains that his daughter has a normal life and privacy matters. He wants Kimiko to have everything in her life without the obligation to know who her dad is. He wants her to be original. 

2. Rome Flynn has a net worth of 200,000 dollars.

1. Her age is 4.

Shocking Claims About Her

Everyone thought that Kimiko was Camia Marie's daughter, but it turned out that she was the daughter of Rome and Molly

Rome explains that people often think he is hiding a wife with him, and he laughs at it. 

He adds fatherhood has changed things around him, and he adds that it has changed his approach to dating and relationships.

He explains that his daughter has a normal life, and privacy is what matters. He wants her daughter to have everything in her life without the obligation to know who her dad is.

He wants her to be original. 

This came as a shock to his fans.

Rome is having a difficult time collaborating with people, but he explains that music is an everlasting pursuit, and he is making his music at the time of quarantine as well.

When Rome was asked how his partner should support him in a relationship, and to this, he answered, you can only expect people to help you as you support them, and that is very true.

He describes that more than the actions, it is the intention. 

He explains himself as a mad man in a relationship. He also adds that he does a lot of stuff, and the world can be a prominent place around you. 

He explains beautifully that his partner has to share him with everybody as he has millions of fans and people who admire him.

He wants a journey with his partner and not a partner who already has everything figured out. 

Rome describes s*x as matching the missing piece, and intimacy is essential in a relationship. 

Artists are heartbroken at times, and this gives rise to their creativity. 

The Long And Winding Road

Kimiko is a darling of all. Her mother cannot stop posting a picture of the sweetheart's daughter. Here is one of the latest ones she has uploaded on her Instagram account. 

She has captioned this picture as 

"The long and winding road," 

and she is looking like an angel in this picture.

This was uploaded a few days back on 3rd May 2020

Kimiko Happy As Ever
Kimiko Happy As Ever Source: Instagram

Imma Diva

She is a diva for sure, and she has the style she needs. Here is a picture Molly uploaded on her Instagram account on 13th April 2020.

She wants to see the snow, and the caption explains it. She is wearing cool shades and waving bye with the right attitude. She is a star, isn't' she?

I mma diva
I mma diva Source: Instagram


Kimiko was born from an early relationship of Rome Flynn. According to some sources, Rome was in a relationship with Molly Noriko Hurley

Kimiko's mom Molly loves her a lot, and even her Instagram bio contains about her daughter. She has described her bio as the mother of Kimiko, and that is absolutely adorable. 

In this picture that Molly has uploaded on her Instagram account, the daughter and mom are having a blast time. 

Kimiko Flynn And Mother Molly Having An Amazing Time
Kimiko Flynn And Mother Molly Having An Amazing Time Source: Instagram

Here is a picture of Kimiko Flynn's mother. 

Kimiko Flynn's Mother
Kimiko Flynn's Mother

She has uploaded many pictures with her darling daughter on her Instagram account. 

Kimiko is an angel kid, and having a look at her picture can make anyone's day. She is her mother, Molly's biggest asset, and she spends the maximum time of her day with her.

People have called Kimiko as Monalisa, too, in the comments of her mother's pictures on Instagram. 

She uploaded this one on her Instagram on the 21st of November of her baby, and the mother-daughter duo is killing it.

Here we got the picture for you. 

Kimiko Flynn Latest Pictures Uploaded By Mother
Kimiko Flynn Latest Pictures Uploaded By Mother Source: Instagram

She has uploaded this one with her child on her back. She has captioned this picture as, 

"A little bumpus..."

Kimiko Flynn Mother Adorable Picture
Kimiko Flynn Mother Adorable Picture Source: Instagram

The reason her father does not share her pictures

Her dad Rome during an interview, revealed the reason behind not sharing her pictures on social media.

According to Rome, his daughter's privacy and his drive are to make sure she lives a normal life which is the most important thing for him. 

He wants his daughter to grow up and have everything that she wants without the perception of who her dad is. 

Rome, who shares Kimiko with her mother, says they have been successfully co-parenting her and share a great relationship. 

He says they split time, and since Kimiko’s mother lives in a different state, so when he is here, he has to be ultrasensitive about how he moves about sharing parts of them of his life with the world, the world which he thinks is cruel and sick and that is the reason why he does not share her pictures. 

The thing that annoys him the most is when people generalize the idea about him without having real thought into it or without researching him. 

He says he gets messages and tweets from people asking about his family, where his daughter is, and why doesn’t he share pictures. 

These questions bother him because people who know how close he was with his daughter and how much he talks to her every day and how much he loves her wouldn’t ever question him, but at the same time, he knows he has to be ok in with people having perceptions of him because they don’t have the full truth. 

After all, they are not allowed to get it, he added. Also, he doesn’t feel pressure to share part of himself with the world but feels more driven to not. 

He tries to make calculative decisions and pick and choose what he wants to share. 

Until recently, he didn’t share his mom, brothers, and sisters on his social media because he had to groom them to deal with this kind of stuff. 

According to him, he was on Facebook once, which he now no longer uses. People found him and his family and DMed his mom, sisters, and everybody. 

His mom once called him around 2 a.m, asking him if he was ok, saying she couldn’t get hold of him.

And when he said he was ok, she said that his friends DMed her, saying they couldn’t get hold of him for some reason and were asking for his numbers. 

She shared a screenshot, and it was a fan. He had no idea who he was. 

So he had to talk with everybody and make them understand that there will be many people who try to infiltrate, and when people get obsessed or idolize something, they want to know more about it. 

He is ok if he gets vulnerable but everybody around him being vulnerable is not ok, he says.

Father's Net Worth

Her father has a net worth of 200,000 dollars. The major source of her father's (Rome Flynn)'s income is from roles in TV shows and movies. 

Rome was brilliant with his performance in a movie called A Madea Family Funeral. The movie got only 4.3 ratings from IMDb, but it managed to do great business financially. 

The movie was made with a budget of 20 million dollars, and it managed to earn a whopping 74.8 million dollars at the box office. The movie was directed by Tyler Perry.

He was absolutely brilliant with his work in Drumline: A New Beat as well. The movie was made with a budget of 180 million dollars. It managed to earn 70 million dollars only at the box office. 

The movie was directed by Bille Woodruff. 

Movies BudgetBox Office
A Madea Family Funeral20 million dollars74.8 million dollars
The Thinning: New World Order--
Drumline: A New Beat180 million dollars70 million dollars

Rome has an amazing lifestyle. He loves cars. He has uploaded this picture of his Porsche on his Instagram account, and he has captioned this one as, 

"in God's favor…"

Kimiko Flynn Father's Car
Kimiko Flynn Father's Car Source: Instagram

Father And Daughter Relationship

Rome has confirmed that fatherhood has had a huge impact on his life. He shares an amazing bond with his daughter and loves her by heart. 

She is the daughter of Rome Flynn, and her father has appeared in so many successful movies and TV shows. 

Her father's best work has come in The Bold and the Beautiful. Rome has also been brilliant with his performance in How to Get Away with Murder

Her father met her ex-girlfriend Camia Marie outside of Camia's house, and sparks flew between them. The couple did not get married. 

Camia Marie is a model and has more than 90 K followers on Instagram. She has modeled for several makeup lines, and one of them is Andi Cosmetics. She has also appeared in Tyga song called Ice Cream Man. 

Here is a picture of Kimiko and her father, which will melt your heart. 

Kimiko Flynn And Father Rome Flynn Amazing Bond
Kimiko Flynn And Father Rome Flynn Amazing Bond Source: Soap Opera News


  1. She was born in the year 2014, and her age is four years now.
  2. Her grandparent's name is Nickey Alexander.
  3. Wiki sites do not have enough information on Kimiko's biography.

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