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Facts of Kecalf Cunningham

Full NameKecalf Cunningham
First NameKecalf
Last NameCunningham
Professionrapper and hip hop artist
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameKen Cunningham
Mother NameAretha Franklin
Mother Professionsinger, songwriter, actress, pianist, and civil rights activist
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseKafi Franklin
No Of Children3
SibilingsTeddy Richards, Clarence Franklin and Edward Franklin
Date of BirthMarch 28,1970
Age54 years

Kecalf Cunningham is an American Christian rapper and hip-hop artist

He is recognized as the youngest son of late Aretha Franklin, singer, songwriter, and actress

Married Life And Children

He is a married man. His wife's name is Kafi Franklin. The couple got married several years back. 

They are still together and spending blissful married life together.

Kecalf Cunningham with his wife.
Kecalf Cunningham with his wife. Source: Instagram

According to sources, they have six children together, five daughters and a son. 

Mother, Aretha Franklin.

Aretha Franklin's full name Aretha Louise Franklin was born on March 25, 1945, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Her parents were Barbara, a singer and Clarence Franklin, a Baptist minister and civil rights activist

She was raised with three siblings

Her parents separated when she was six, and her mother died when she was ten. 

She began her singing career at a young age. She got married twice in her life. She has four children

Kecalf Cunningham's mother
Kecalf Cunningham's mother. Source: AARP


His daughter Victorie Franklin is also a singer and songwriter

She used to sing with her legendary grandmother Aretha. She is also very talented. 

She is active on her Instagram account. 

His only son's name is Jordon Franklin. He is also a singer and songwriter

His youngest daughter's name is Gracie Franklin

The information about other children is not available on his wiki sites.

Kecalf Cunningham's children Victorie and Jordon.
Kecalf Cunningham's children Victorie and Jordon. Source: Instagram

Parents And Death Of His Mother

His father's name is Ken Cunningham. Aretha's first marriage ended with Ted White in 1969

Afterward, she began dating Ken. At that time, he was her road manager. They were never married. 

Their love affairs didn't last long, but they had one child together. 

Kecalf Cunningham's parents
Kecalf Cunningham's parents. Source: Pinterest

Aretha died at the age of 76 on August 16, 2018, at home in Detroit

She was battling Pancreatic cancer for a long time. Several renowned celebrities paid tribute after her death. 

Arrested And Imprisonment 

He was arrested two months after his mother's death in October 2018. 

He was arrested due to driving under the influence

He pleaded guilty and was given a maximum sentence of 93 days in jail

He was serving prison time till February 26, 2019. Now he is free.

What would Kecalf’s late mom rather be, if not a singer?

Kecalf’s mom, a great singer, is no more between us. However, in one of the interviews with OWN, the lady had disclosed about being something if not a singer. 

First of all, the host of the show praised her voice, resembling it as a god gifted. On the other side, Aretha explained some artists/ singers are trained for this profession, and others are natural singers. 

And she hoped she was one of those who have god-gifted voices. Later, Aretha shared that she could probably have been a nurse like her mother or a prima ballerina if she wasn't a singer. 

She says that Arthur Mitchell gets her up there. Further added that he has taught her glissade, glissade pas de bouree, assemble. 

She was also going to the Academy of Ballet back in the ’70s in New York. However, she accepted that she could not learn the step for anything. 

She flashed out the story that she did learn in five minutes after Arthur came over. Nevertheless, the lady confronted her love for ballerinas. 

Aretha had remained Kecalf’s business manager 

Many of you might not be aware, but Kecalf’s mom had remained his manager at the beginning while he had just started his career in the music industry. 

Late. Aretha had always wanted to help her son, including her grandchildren, to be successful in this field. 

It’s been stated that she had helped them to grab all those record deals. She did make sure that she had control of their careers after portraying the role of business managers. 

Undoubtedly, the lady had earned millions of dollars through her dedication to music. However, her family members are yet to reach the level Aretha is. 

It was Aretha who had encouraged all of her children to be engaged and pursue their interest in music. 

She made sure to prepare their kids before letting them enter the show business. Nevertheless, she shared her thought that every parent should talk to their kids before leaving their house, so they are prepared to face reality.

He got emotional watching his late mom featured documentary film “Amazing Grace”

The documentary film “Amazing Grace” features Aretha Franklin, which is the recording of the most successful gospel album of all time. 

In 1972, Aretha recorded “Amazing Gace” in the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles

The film was scheduled to be released in 1972 but was in the vault due to technical difficulties and later due to contract negotiations. 

After her demise, the film was premiered at DOC NYC in 2018 before releasing it worldwide in April 2019

During an interview, Kecalf confessed to getting touched deeply and getting emotional seeing his late mom in the film. 

He added that he had to take a minute, but the film was beautiful to watch. 

When asked why her late mom didn’t allow the footage to be released, Kecalf said he didn’t think that his mom didn’t want it out but thought they were some of the things behind the scenes that they were trying to take care of. 

His youngest daughter auditioned for “American Idol” 2022 but could not make it

His 15-year-old youngest daughter Grace Franklin who aspires to become a singer, went to the audition for American Idol. Kecalf and Kafi both accompanied Grace to the auditions. 

In the audition, he sang the Lauryn Hill version of the Roberta Flack hit “Killing me softly” as well as her grandmother Aretha’s hit “Ain’t No  Way.”

During the audition video interview, Grace said she was super close to her late grandmother and traveled a lot with her. 

She also said she didn’t think she could fully grasp the fact that she was known worldwide because, to her, she was always just her grandma. 

She says she is her artist and has her voice though she feels people expect her to sing like her grandma. 

After her performance, there was a slight debate among the three judges, Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry

Perry was in favor of giving a chance to her, while two of the other judges were not. Perry was the only judge to say yes and went on trying to convince Richie and Bryan to give her a shot.

Richie said to Grace that if she goes and comes back, putting the shyness behind her and the voice in front of her, then she is going to be something amazing. 

But Perry kept telling them that Grace had got stardust and to give her a shot, but Richie and Bryan were not convinced as they both agreed that Grace wasn’t ready for the competition, after which Perry walked off the stage. 

Richie, with a warm hug, asked Grace for an optimistic comeback.

Aretha Franklin’s second husband reflected on her life while commenting on her death

Aretha was married to her second husband, actor Glynn Turman, from 1978 to 1984. During the phone conversation with MSNBC, Turman reflected on Aretha’s life. 

He said he had an opportunity to spend time with his ex Aretha before her death. He added having to spend time together was very moving. 

According to him, Aretha at the time was in and out of consciousness when he met her. Still, after she regained her consciousness, they were able to connect. 

He added it was a very powerful moment for both of us as good friends having a chance to say what they had to say to one another.

It was a more personal and private moment for the two people who cared for each other than Aretha taking stock of her accomplishments. 

They sort of looked at one another and reflected on what they had shared and meant to each other. He described it as a family moment. 

When asked what he would want people to know about Aretha, who didn’t get to know her personally, Turman said the very first thing that comes to his mind is her sense of humor, and he wants people to know that. 

He continued to say, Aretha had a tremendous sense of humor though he could not recall how many she had in her repertoire of Jokes. 

She loved to tell jokes and make people laugh with her jokes. She would make some jokes out of the situations that people may not find funny. 

Still, she would find humor in the situations, whether it would be on people or situations or people’s behavior, whatever it may be. 

Turman also talked about Aretha’s father, whom he described to be a very, very powerful man and an inspiration to Aretha

He said Aretha’s father, C. L. Franklin, had a great deal of effect on her in terms of his involvement in civil rights and had her roots in the importance of giving back. 

Everything that she took upon herself to do had that as a base. Turman said Aretha was a curious person who was curious about many things and was always questioning. 

He recalled the moment when they would sit at the table, and their tabletop would be filled with several clippings from the magazines about various categories, including cooking recipes, clothing, travel, etc. 

She would look into the clippings she had collected and generate ideas for concerts and shows. 

Once, she bought him an entire set of books from Harvard and asked him to read, saying they needed to be up on that. 

He further added that she stayed up on things, and that was Aretha.

Kecalf Cunningham mother Aretha Franklin was married to her second ex-husband Glynn Turman in 1978 before getting divorced in 1984.
Kecalf Cunningham mother Aretha Franklin was married to her second ex-husband Glynn Turman in 1978 before getting divorced in 1984. Source: Pinterest

Net Worth

He is a singer also, but he hasn't revealed his salary and fortune yet.

His mother left 80 million net worth after her death. She had earned that sum of money from her long singing career

Her 75 million records have been sold globally to date. She was one of the best performers

She had done several concerts and tours. 

She had released 39 albums in her life. 

Some are 'Through the Storm,' 'Soft and Beautiful,' 'Laughing on the Outside,' and many more.

She had appeared in several films such as 'The Blue Brothers,' 'Muscle Shoals,' 'Amazing Grace,' and many more. 

She has won several awards so far. Some are shown below.

Year AwardCategory
1968Grammy AwardBest Rhythm and Blue Recording
2012TV Land Music Icon
2015NAACP ImageOutstanding Album
1983American MusicFavorite Soul / R&B Album

She died without a will. Her four sons, including Kecalf, divided her assets and property after her death.


  1. He was born on March 28, 1970, in the United States. His current age is 50 years old.
  2. He is American by nationality.
  3. He has three siblings from the maternal side. They are Clarence Franklin, Edward Franklin, and Teddy Richards.

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