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Keala Winterhalt


Facts of Keala Winterhalt

Full NameKeala Winterhalt
First NameKeala
Last NameWinterhalt
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameJosh Winterhalt
Father Professionmartial arts expert
Mother NameSarah Wayne Callies
Mother ProfessionActress
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsOakes Wayne Winterhalt
Date of Birth2007

Keala Winterhalt is famous as a celebrity kid of actress Sarah Wayne Callies.

She further came to the limelight after appearing in the movie Into the Storms at the age of seven.

Into fame from her highest-rated drama series 'The Walking Dead.' 

After attaining a Master's degree in fine arts in 2002, she landed her first role in 2003, where she played Kate O' Malley as a recurring part on the CBS show Queens Supreme.

After that, she starred in Prison Break as Sara Tancredi.

She came into fame from her primary role in The Walking Dead, the horror television drama series where she portrayed Lori Grimes

The drama created history, becoming the highest-rated drama series on the cable channel.

She was nominated thrice for her work in the series. She took satellite awards to her home.

Married to her college sweetheart

Sarah married her college sweetheart, Josh Winterhalt

They first met at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, while doing their bachelor's degree

They dated briefly before exchanging wedding vows on 21 July 2002.

Keala Winterhalt's parents, Sarah Wayne Callies and Josh Winterhalt.
Keala Winterhalt's parents, Sarah Wayne Callies and Josh Winterhalt. Source:


Keala is an elder sister to her brother, Oakes Wayne Winterhalt. Her parents adopted her brother.

He was born in August 2013. He is currently seven years old.

He became a member of the family in the same year of his birth. 

According to Sarah, she is in touch with Oake's birth mother and is on good terms.

She also extended warm gratitude, respect, and love for her.

About her husband 

Her husband, Josh Winterhalt, was born and brought up in New Hampshire, USA. He is a martial arts expert.

According to the source, he was passionate about martial arts from an early age.

He graduated from Dartmouth College after completing high school.  

Josh has chosen to live his life out of the spotlight though he has become famous as a star's husband.

But he is seen accompanying his wife during significant events.

One of the inspirational parents 

Her parents are together as a happily married couple for nearly two decades

They adopted a transracial child, which somewhat gives a lesson that it does not matter what race you come from, but what matters is humanity.

As a doting mother, she is giving her best in parenting her kids. 

Whenever she is not working, she makes sure to give her entire time to her kids. 

She does everything from cooking meals to helping them with the school

Besides that, she is a vocal advocate for the International Rescue Committee and visits refugees from time to time.

Keala Winterhalt’s mother, Sarah Wayne Callies at IRC.
Keala Winterhalt’s mother, Sarah Wayne Callies at IRC.  Source: IRC

Sarah talks about Refugees and her work with them

In one of her interviews, Sarah explains about the International Rescue Committee. The actress mentioned that they do humanitarian aid and also work with refugees. 

They were founded at the behest of Albert Einstein to get the Jews out of France during the Second World War

Sarah also mentioned that there were a lot of amazing people around who have performed brave things ever since or around the 44 countries around the world. 

She also shared visiting the camps in Thailand, Iraq, Jordan etc. And again, she will be going back to Central Europe to check what the situation is going around in Serbia and Macedonia. 

When asked what is the main purpose or why did she get involved? To which Sarah instantly replies, saying that she is the granddaughter of the refugee. 

She shared that her grandfather came to this country when he was just eight years of age. 

She explained that at that time, the IRC did not exist, and there weren’t many refugee services. 

Sarah mentioned that he also fell flat on his face in New York, and his transition was tough. The artist claimed it to be the typical refugee success story. 

Coming towards the second generation where her mom and three brothers were all from middle-class backgrounds contributing to the American tax and social security, also helping to grow the economy. 

Also, she shared why American refuse to take in refugees because she denotes that it is understandable as everyone wants the protection of their family first, it is an understandable position to take too. 

However, in her view, she thinks that with a lot of fears, if you examine them and expose them to the light of facts, they can start to evaporate. 

For example, there is never an act of terrorism on American soil to date by a refugee. 

She claimed refugees as the most security vetted population that had come to the United States, the head of her organization put it in really well, Sara revealed. 

To know more, click the link given below.

Net Worth 

Keala is currently in her teenage and is yet to start her career. 

She has already grabbed the public attention from her acting though it was a small role. 

She has a bright future in acting, but it is up to her which profession she chooses in the future. 

However, she is currently relishing the net income of her parents. Her parent's net income is given below:

 YearNet Worth 
Josh Winterhalt2020$2 million
Sarah Wayne Callies2020$5 million 

 Age and birthday

  1. She was born in 2007. She is currently thirteen years old.

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