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Facts of Karl Conrad

Full NameKarl Conrad
First NameKarl
Last NameConrad
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDating
Relation WithKatja Bergin

Karl Conrad, a YouTube star, is best recognized for his vlogging and tech reviewing of technologies such as Apple products, cameras starring from DLSRs to GoPros equipment.

Conrad School time hobby change his entire life

Karl Conrad is a vlogger famous for his reviews on the technologies in his own YouTube channel as we all know that this world is entirely occupied with internet sources where life before there wasn't. 

Conrad belongs from an old school, and in his time, the internet was not yet discovered. The internet came into prominence when he was in his school days. 

The guy from those school days became so excited because he was interested in the gaming stuff. He used to watch a lot of videos related to games.

Through the internet's help, he used to watch the reviews of game equipment and other stuff. 

It made him so excited that he bought a new headphone and randomly uploaded a review on his YouTube channel created in October 2012

He invented a new hobby inside him while in school. The video uploaded at such an early age earned 30,000 views. 

He also shared that it was difficult for him to upload the video on this channel as he worked a full-time job. 

At that time, he couldn't have imagined that this hobby could turn out into a viable business and change the entire life. 

Karl's parents don't want to appear on this Virtual World

Karl was born in the United States and got high fame on this social networking site. He is counted as one of the richest celebrities on YouTube

Was his life as interesting as it is now? As we can see from his Instagram posts, he likes to travel a lot and has been to beautiful destinations. 

But what is missing from his posts is the revelation of his parents. Being a son of the normal middle class, being the richest one in itself, is a great journey. 

As per the sources, his parents would not like to appear on his vlogs as they are camera shy and don't feel comfortable. 

In the comment of his recent vlog, the viewers have requested the appearance. 

The guy has commented that he is not sure that he would convince them to come in his videos, but he could post a picture with one of them if they agreed.

Karl with his Dad wearing matching outfits
Karl with his Dad wearing matching outfits Source: Instagram

A Graduation ceremony: Karl Conrad started dating her close friend

Karl Conrad with his girlfriend on the graduation day
Karl Conrad with his girlfriend on the graduation day Source: Instagram

Talking about his love life, he is always open to his relationship. Katja Bergin, the love of his life, is his classmate in the school. 

As per the classmates, they said that both had a deep friendship since those days. They used to do their assignments and spend a whole lunch break together. 

They are so into themselves. But the real turn take was on the day they graduated. Karl, being a gentleman, proposed to her on the day. 

She officially accepted his proposal. They both appeared on his YouTube channel and, since 2013, introduced her as a girlfriend in front of millions of viewers. 

The relationship built then is still going strong as of 2020. We hope that this beautiful pair get married soon.

How did Karl propose?

Karl, as a person, is very shy. Over his old videos, he had mentioned that he is shy when it comes to a girl. 

He shared his experience that it was his first time proposing to a girl, and she is his first girlfriend. 

According to his close friend, he was nervous as it was their graduation day too. What if she rejects his proposal and never keeps in touch for the entire life. 

In 2013, they were at a younger age. Later on, as per the rumors, he surprised her girlfriend by gifting her a ring when they two were on vacation. 

Isn't it a dream of every girl to get a guy like him? We wish the couple more happiness in their upcoming future.

Do his Workmates are more important to Karl than his girl?

Karl Conrad is getting more famous within these years. He had worked hard to get into this high lifestyle. 

He had worked with many international big brands such as Sony, Google, and many more. He is a great influencer and content creator. 

This journey wouldn't have been possible with the engagement of his few workmates who have helped him since the channel started. 

He has mentioned that the work seems easy for the viewers in his many vlogs, but the backstory of it is as crazy as no one could have ever imagined. 

He and his few workmates worked day and night to reach this platform he is now. The vlogger also added that due to his busy schedule, there was a time when he couldn't see his girlfriend's face.

Lots of discussion and misunderstanding was created between us. As per the rumors, too, there was breakup news between the couples. 

By god grace, our relationship is much better as in 2020, Conrad added.

Net Worth

 According to the sources, Karl's worth ranges from $100k to $5million.

Net Worth (Year 2020)$100k- $5 million
Income SourceInfluencer

Age & Height

  1. He is 32 years old.
  2. His height is 5 feet 8 inches, i.e., 172.72 cm.

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