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Karina Miller


Facts of Karina Miller

Full NameKarina Miller
First NameKarina
Last NameMiller
ProfessionProducer and executive
Birth CityToronto
Birth CountryCanada
Father NameRobert Miller
Mother NamePatricia Taylor
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SibilingsKeanu Reeves and Kim Reeves
Date of Birth1976

Karina Miller is a producer and an executive who is best known for her work in movies like To the Bone and The Big Ask.

Is She Married?

Yes, the lady is happily married. However, the wedding was grand. The information of her being married was revealed when she mentioned her husband in an interview with the Los Angeles Times

She mentioned about her husband when she was asked what she liked to cook.

 She said, “Lately, I’ve been really into my Lebanese cookbook because my husband’s mother was Lebanese.”

Siblings, Stars 

She has two siblings, namely Keanu Reeves and Kim Reeves. However, both of them are her half-siblings since they were born to her mother’s first husband. 

Karina Miller with her half-siblings
Karina Miller with her half-siblings Source: Pinterest

Her half-brother is an actor while her half-sister is a former actress. Kim left acting after being diagnosed with leukemia

She battled the disease for a decade and, after that, started living a happy and blissful time.

She was not alone fighting with the disease. Her brother Keanu was always by her side.

 He donated a massive amount of wealth to various charity organizations in the hope of her excellent health. 

Relationship With Her Half-Brother

Although they are not biological siblings, they share a strong bond. They have always been supportive of each other.

In 2019 Keanu was spotted attending the screening of his sister’s new film, Semper Fi.

The screening was at the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood

The brother and sister were twinning in black colored clothes. She wore a jumpsuit, peep-toe heels, and a fancy necklace.

 On the other hand, her brother opted for a black t-shirt and a striped suit with matching pants.

Karina and her brother at the screening of Semper Fi
Karina and her brother at the screening of Semper Fi Source: Daily Mail

Keanu Reeves did not attend his father funeral

Keanu Reeves's parents got divorced when he was just 15. His father, Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr., was a heroin addict who abandoned his children and also did his time in jail for the drug-related crime. 

Samuel spent decades begging to reconcile with his estranged son but did not want his father in his life.

 Sources also said that Keanu cut ties with the rest of his family as well. Samuel took the last breath on 26th January 2018

His last wish was to make up with his son Keanu whom he has not seen and heard anything in years. Samuel wanted to fix what he had messed up, but Keanu did not want anything to do with his father, so he skipped his funeral as well.

Karina Miller's brother Keanu Reeves, and Ellen had never met before this interview

It was a surprise for everyone as Karina Miller's brother Keanu Reeves, and Ellen had never met before this interview in 2019. 

They assumed that it might be because neither of them gets out much. Keanu lives in Los Angeles and Ellen in Montecito. 

As he is more on his motorcycle, he stated that it might be the reason too. Ellen then talks about Keanu's movie 'Speed' and his co-star Sandra Bullock, her first big break with Keanu.

As everyone has a crush on Keanu, in an interview with Sandra, Ellen asked her about having a crush on Keanu, to which Sandra replied she had. While discussing it with Keanu, Ellen was amazed to know that Keanu had a crush on her. 

It was probably the reason behind there chemistry. Ellen was curious to know whether he ever had a romance with somebody he did a movie with, but Keanu tried to ignore making a weird expression to which Ellen assumed that he might have.

Net Worth

Being a producer and an executive, she must have a considerable net worth. She owns her own production company called Sparkhouse Media. Below is the list of movies produced under the company:

S.NMovie NameIMDb Rating
1Semper Fi6.2
2The Big Ask4.8
3To the Bone6.8

Her brother, Keanu, has an estimated net worth of $360 million. Her brother has accumulated such a staggering net worth through his career as an actor, musician, and producer.

Her Kitchen is Her Favorite Room

Her favorite room is well-equipped with her cookware and appliances of her choice. Being a big bargain hunter, she brought fridge, the double dishwasher, the stove, and steam oven at less price than the retail price of just the stove. 

The countertops are white and light gray. They are less porous than marble. The fixture in the kitchen is from the decor in Atwater Village. 

Dekor is an interior and landscape design firm that provides vintage furniture, fabrics, accessories, and custom home furnishings.

Karina in her kitchen
Karina in her kitchen Source:

She is an Animal Lover

She loves animals, especially dogs. She owns three dogs, but the names of all three are not known. She has named her two dogs Mickey and Molly.

She often posts pictures of her pets on Twitter. Here is a picture of her cute pets.

Mickey and Molly
Mickey and Molly Source: Twitter


  1. She was born in the year 1976, which makes her age 44 as of 2020.
  2. She is the daughter of Patricia Taylor and Robert Miller.
  3. She has a master’s degree in Theatre Management and Producing.
  4. She has a tattoo on her right leg.
  5. We cover most of the information about Karina Miller as it is difficult to find on other wiki sites.

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