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Facts of Kandy Fenty

Full NameKandy Fenty
First NameKandy
Last NameFenty
ProfessionPharmacy Assistant
Birth CountryBarbados
Father NameRonald Fenty
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
No Of Children2
SibilingsJamie Fenty, Samantha Fenty, Rajad Fenty, Rorrey Fenty and Rihanna
Date of Birth1971

Kandy Fenty is well known as the sister of pop sensation, Rihanna.


Kandy is the daughter of Ronald Fenty. The identity of her mother has not been disclosed yet. 

She has five half-siblings from the paternal side. 

They are Samantha Fenty, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Rorrey Fenty, Rajad Fenty, and Jamie Fenty.  

Kandy is married and has two children. They are Crystal Fenty and Brandy Fenty.

Kandy Fenty half-siblings, stepmother and paternal grandparents.
Kandy Fenty half-siblings, stepmother and paternal grandparents (Source:

Father Love Life And Marriage

Kandy was born before her father, Ronald, got married to an accountant, Monica Braithwaite

Ronald is a former warehouse supervisor who later turned into a clothing designer

The pair took the wedding vows in between the 1980s. Monica shares three children from his ex-husband Ronald

They are Robyn, Rorrey, and Rajad. Ronald and Monica had a rough and abusive relationship

Ronald was addicted to drugs and alcohol and used to abuse his wife in front of their children physically. 

Their marriage finally came to an end almost after two-decade in 2002. 

Just like Kandy, Jamie and Samantha were also born from her father's affair with two different women before he married Monica.

Reunion With Her Father

Kandy was raised by her maternal grandparents after her mother moved to the United Kingdom when she was a baby. 

It was years later after she met her mom, and she came to know about her father. 

She decided to look him up when she returned to Barbados. After returning to Barbados, she went to her father's house. 

She asked, 

"Are you Mr. Fenty?" 

and when he said yes, Kandy said, 

"Hi I'm Kandy, and I'm your daughter." 

However, Ronald welcomed her into his home in the parish of St. Michael and listened to her story of how she was born as a result of a fling with her mother long before he was married. 

After her final explanation, Ronald accepted her as his daughter and introduced her to his family.

Rihanna replied to some interesting questions from Vogue

Rihanna, the great artist of all time, was spotted replying to some questions prepared by Vogue

Beginning, the lady replied the first thing she sees when she meets a person for the first time is someone’s face until or unless one is looking at their shoes. 

She continued and said that she most of the time looked at their skin, their teeth, their smile, and after that, the kind of energy they were giving off. 

She claims that to be important because all that prettiness could go to shit if one’s demeanor is whack. 

The next question she answered was about her skin type, which she points out to be as complicated as men are. 

Rihanna also says that men say women are complicated, but she thinks the men are.

She also shared that having gone through many skincare changes within her journey, which all began with acne and then with sensitivity and Melasma, and being a black woman, she would not be aware of using SPF. 

So, she says that she has learned a lot. Rihanna says that her curse word is the word that means so much just in four letters. 

Other than that, when asked about her favorite purchase under $20, the lady mentioned a diffuser for her essential oils. 

When let to choose between high tops and low tops, Rihanna definitely chooses high tops. 

Later, she pointed to a tricky question when she was made to choose between a jacket and Umbrella, as she explains that her fans and audience might think she is a hypocrite. 

She also says that throughout her career, she had made the most of money via the song Umbrella but chose the jacket at last. 

Next, the beauty icon for her, as she tells that it is going to be cliché but her mother. 

Rihanna says that her entire concept of beauty came from her mom and shared that she was always intrigued by her mom. 

Also, she always wanted to dress, have hair and makeup, and look like her. Moreover, she claims her mom is the best teacher in her life. 

She also wished that the leaders of the beauty industry were more diverse, a set of pioneers who not only have just experienced the culture but also have gone through negligence in the industry when it comes to skin tone or skin type. 

Lastly, she says there are still so many voids to be filled. 

Rihanna then recalls her first red carpet look and says she was young, dumb, and skinny, which also includes the inspiration for her future and her evolution. 

Lastly, she shared how she prepares herself mentally and inspirationally aligned as she calls for two different sides of her brain and her spirit. 

Rihanna explains that one is a way more logical, where one is love as talking to herself whatever she feels or evokes. 

She inspirationally is what she is pulling in, which includes her mind, her logic, ideas, and creative space.

Net Worth

Kandy's net worth has not been estimated yet. She is a Pharmacy Assistant by profession. 

As per WHO, the annual starting salary for a pharmacist in Barbados is BDS$43, 7929, which is around US$21, 896

Her younger sister, Rihanna net worth is estimated to be $600 Million.

How Does Her Sister Earn Money?

Kandy's sister, Rihanna, is a singer, songwriter, model, actress, and businesswoman

At present, she is the World's wealthiest female musician

He earns her fortune through album selling, tours, concerts, and different business ventures

Partnering with the third richest person in the world, on fashion and beauty products Bernard Arnault of LVMH, has helped her to increase her net worth. 

Her beauty line 'Fenty Beauty' alone has generated an estimated $570 Million in revenue only after a few months in business.

Below is the list of Business Venture by Rihanna

Fenty BeautyBeauty Line
Clara Lionel FoundationNon-Profit Organization
FentyFashion House
XccessoriesSex-Toy Line

Bond With Sibling

Kandy has a good bond with her sibling and father. She met Rihanna for the first time when Rihanna age 15. 

As per Kandy, Even then, she was cool. 

Both her daughter loves and adore their aunt and uncles and are their huge fans. 

She is very proud of her sister, her achievements, and how far she had come.

Kandy Fenty's half-siblings
Kandy Fenty's half-siblings. Source: Instagram

The picture consists of Ronald Fenty's children.


  1. Kandy Fenty is born in 1971, which makes her age 49 as of 2020.
  2. We collect most of the information about Kandy Fenty as it is difficult to find on other wiki sites.

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