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Kal-El Cage


Facts of Kal El Cage

Full NameKal El Cage
First NameKal
Middle NameEl
Last NameCage
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameNicolas Cage
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameAlice Kim
Mother ProfessionActress
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsWeston Cage
Date of BirthOctober 3,2005
Age18 years

Kal-El Cage is the son of an American actor, Nicolas Cage. He was born on October 3, 2005, and is an actor. 

He is the youngest one. 

Kal-El Cage with his Father Nicolas Cage.
Kal-El Cage with his Father Nicolas Cage. Source: Pinterest

How did he get his name Kal-El?

There is an interesting story about how he got his name. 

His father, Nicolas, is very well known for his fondness, admiration towards superheroes. 

Everybody knows his craziness for Superman

He chooses his second son's name after the fictional character Superman

The real name of Superman is Kal-El. Kal-El got his name because of his father's endless love for the fictional character.

Parents and siblings

His father's name is Nicolas Cage, and his mother's name is Alice Kim. Both of his parents are actors. 

He is the only child, but he has an elder stepbrother named Weston Cage

He is loved and admired by everyone in his Coppola Family. He is the junior one of his family.

His debut as an Actor

At 13, Kal-El did his first-ever debut with an animated movie named Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

He played the role of young Bruce Wayne in that movie and had voiced the character. 

The movie is about a group of young heroes who wants to save the world and have their own life based movie. 

In this movie, Kal-El's father has also voiced the character of Superman

This small opportunity is just the beginning of Kal-El's career. 

Although we could only hear his voice in this movie, there will be a time when we will get a chance to see his face on a big screen as well, just like his father.

About his father, Nicolas Cage

Kal-El's father, Nicolas, is a very well-known actor. He was born on 1964 January 7

Nicolas's father is a professor, whereas his mother is a dancer. 

He had two sons. In the year 1982, his career as an actor began with a small role. 

And after that year, his journey started as an actor, and he played in many movies. 

Now, he is also a film producer. He has got married five times in his whole life. 

He has had several girlfriends. He has wed and divorced his four wives. 

In the year, 2021, he got married to his fifth wife. His first son is with his girlfriend named Christina Fulton

And Kal is the son of him and his third wife, Alice Kim.

How did Kal-El's parents meet?

They met when his mother, Alice, was doing her job as a waitress. 

His mother was just a 19 years old girl working to earn her living, whereas his father was already a film star. 

They met for just two months and eventually fell in love with each other. 

They got married in the year 2004. Nicolas is much older than Alice

There is a huge age gap of 20 years. Having a huge age gap never made a problem in their relationship.

Kal-El Cage parents Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim.
Kal-El Cage parents Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim. Source: Pinterest

His parents got divorced

After being together for 11 years, Kal-El's parent's relationship had a new turnout. 

In the year 2016, they got divorced. They both separated in a friendly way. 

It was their mutual decision with no hard feelings. It was one of the long-lasting marriages of his father, Nicolas

After being separated from each other, they are still a good friend and support each other.

Nicolas is not on any social media.

Despite being a renowned actor, to date, Nicolas is not there on any social media handles, but he did say that it is antithetical to his beliefs. 

However, he did answer some of his audience’s questions. 

Nicolas says that it will be arrogant for him to determine what movie role he would be better at than somebody else. 

Another interesting question that popped up was that he bought a 70-million-year-old dinosaur skull worth $150 million, to which he responded that it’s true that he bought the skull at an auction and bought it legally too. 

But the Mongolian government stated that they needed it back, which the actor returned to them but also confronted that he never got his money back and someone at the auction house should be in jail. 

Other than that, the actor praises, saying that Spider-Man Noir was great and as an actor, he did enjoy playing that part too. 

He explained that he liked it because he was able to bring out some of his own personal interests as well in the early actors of the 30s and ’40s like Cagney and Bogart, that were all in there at Noir films which claim to the fun times. 

Lastly, when asked if his abs on Ghost Rider are real, to which the actor replies, saying it is real but also confronting that he will never in his lifetime work out that hard again. 

He also gave the reason for not wanting to do it again as no one wanted to believe that his abs were real. Nicolas also admitted that he all the time did turn down movie offers. 

He also says that’s not the urban myth one wanted to be, but he turns them down all the time. Lastly, the favorite meme he liked of him was the vampire one right off the bat. 

The actor also says that he had no relationship with TikTok whatsoever. 

Nevertheless, Nicolas says that it would have been really fascinating to look at someone else playing him, but the people in the production wanted the real him to play, Nicolas added.

Net worth and income sources

Kal-El's information about salary is unknown. 

His father, a famous American Actor, Film Producer, has a net worth of $25 million, and his mother, who is also an actor, Alice Kim's net worth is around $1 million.

Age, Height, and weight

  1. Kal-El Cage was born in the year 2005, and he is 15 years old.
  2. His weight and height are not revealed.
  3. He is a Libra.

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