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Facts of Julian Ozanne

Full NameJulian Ozanne
First NameJulian
Last NameOzanne
ProfessionDirector, Producer, Social Activist and Photojournalist
Birth CountryKenya
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Date of Birth1965

Julian Ozanne, who is also recognized as Jules, is a director, producer, social activist, and a former photojournalist. Julian is also known as the ex-spouse of Gillian Anderson.

Is Julian first husband of Gillian?

If you think Julian is her first husband, then it's incorrect. Gillian has followed the marriage ritual twice, not with the same but different men. 

The first knot she had tied with is Clyde Klotz's real name, Errol Clyde Klotz. Professionally, he is a Canadian production designer. 

Their relationship lasted for only three years altogether; after that, the couple decided to part their ways. After seven years, the lady's life was filled with love again, and this time it was Julian

Unfortunately, this relationship was also not destined forever and split up after the same three years in 2007.

Is wedding the main reason for Gillian and Peter Morgan's separation?

It isn't clear whether the wedding is the only reason for their split up. Surprisingly, the former couple was so perfect in keeping the relationship private that no one knew that they were together at that time. 

They were almost together for four whole years. After their separation, both of them haven't discussed the topic. 

However, the lady had contended to claim for the boundaries with Peter while working and was asked not to speak on the script also Peter isn't allowed to make any comment on the performance.

Is Gillian wife of Mark Griffiths?

No, Gillian and Mark Griffiths aren't married, nor is she the wife of Mark. But the couple was together for almost six years. Yes, you heard it true. 

But this togetherness didn't last forever. The actress has stated that she doesn't feel anything is missing in her life after the breakup.

Further she added that being a human, she also has the needs and wants she can't compromise about in her life. 

Also, she added that she hasn't meet anybody because she is occupied either in the sets, or a flight, or with her kids. 

Moreover, if someone close to her refers to someone out there, she would not hesitate to show up, but mother to three kids makes it difficult for her to manage time.

Mother of three children

The actress is a mother to three adorable children. Let us get in detail who their fathers are. Classifying the kids, she is surrounded by a daughter and two sons from her ex-partners. 

Piper Maru Klotz is the child of Gillian and Clyde. Born in 1994, Piper is now grown up and is in her mid-twenties. 

Julian Ozanne's ex-wife Gillian Anderson with her daughter Piper Maru Klotz
Julian Ozanne's ex-wife Gillian Anderson with her daughter Piper Maru Klotz. Source: The Sun

Next comes her two sons, whose father is Mark Griffiths. Her elder son's name is Oscar Griffiths, and the younger one is Felix Griffiths. Both are 14 and 12 years old.  

Get to know Gillian Anderson a little closer

Gillian is also an art collector, and many of you will be surprised that she bought an art piece from her first amount received through X-files. 

The lady is a die-hard fan of architecture and interior design and is often engaged in floor and house projects. 

Other than that, she is a true feminist, and the lady herself has stated that if there arises anything related to women, she doesn't hesitate to react on the topic. 

Also, she has many tattoos in her body, which symbolizes the right mind, action, and peace of mind.

Gillian spilled out the Secret to Happiness

Many of you might not be aware, but Gillian Anderson and her friend Jennifer Nadel had published the book together titled "WE." 

On asking, Gillian stated that she and Jennifer had been friends for over a decade, and the book is something they had wished to have in their lives. 

She explained the book contains the principles, basically tools, and universal values, and it is a practical workbook that teaches you to look at the inside and be the best at the outside; for instance, the best parent, partners, and many more. 

The actress further shared some of the practical tools we need to follow in our lives to keep ourselves happy. 

They are kindness, honesty, trust, and humility, along with the essential practices like meditation, being kind to ourselves, doing exercises, practicing kind acts to ourselves and others. 

Gillian elaborated that these small steps can shift the focus on our lives in a good way. She said that it would surely help one to look at the difference between the lives we are living and the lives we want to live. 

Lastly, Gillian shared that it is very hard to keep our lives balanced every time. So, she thinks that first of all, for being a human, we should be okay for being however we are. 

Gillian's Honesty attracts female fans

While asking why many ladies seem to fangirl on Gillian, the actress replied it's because she champions woman. 

Elaborating, Gillian says that she tells people directly what she sees. For instance, she compliments people when they look beautiful or praises other artists when their performances are amazing. 

That might be the cause why women feel more comfortable around her. Further adding, she also claimed she isn't the perfect human either. She tells about her flabby thighs, 5 feet 3 inches in height, and aging. 

Gillian stated that she has a conversation about her failing in contemporary society but in terms of food, gyms, or any other. Lastly, the actress concluded by saying that she has a polite appreciation of being honest. 

Net Worth

Since her ex-spouse financial detail isn't found, Gillian has the total estimated net worth of $35 million.

Net worth$35 million
Income SourceAmerican actress


  1. Julian is 56 years old.

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