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Julian Kal Seinfeld


Facts of Julian Kal Seinfeld

Full NameJulian Kal Seinfeld
First NameJulian
Middle NameKal
Last NameSeinfeld
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CityNew York, New York
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameJerry Seinfeld
Father Professionstand-up comedian, actor, writer and producer
Mother NameJessica Seinfeld
Mother Professionauthor and philanthropist
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual Orientationstraight
SibilingsSascha Seinfeld and Shepherd Kellen Seinfeld
Insta Profile
Date of BirthMarch 1,2003
Age20 years

Julian Kal Seinfeld is the celebrity son of an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer and producer named Jerry Seinfeld. Julian is still young and lives with his parents and siblings. 

Jerry is considered a TV legend as he is extremely talented and has a successful career as a comedian, and has starred in many hit TV shows and films. 

He has been in the entertainment industry for a very long time now. 

He first started in 1976, which means he has been in the spotlight for more than 45 years now, and he has only gotten more and more success as time has passed. 

He has been nominated and won numerous prestigious awards and titles and has been successful in creating a legacy.

Julian Kal Seinfeld with his family.
Julian Kal Seinfeld with his family. Source: YouTube


Julian is still very young for marriage, and there are no records of dating or any sort of news related to his love life.

Jerry is married to Jessica Seinfeld, who is an author and philanthropist. They have been together for a long time now. 

They first met in 1998, and after 23 years of being together, they still have a very strong bond and love each other the same as day one. 

They have three children together named Sascha Seinfeld, Julian Kal and Shepherd Kellen Seinfeld. Their eldest kid, Sascha, is currently studying at Duke University

Even after being a daughter of such a successful and well-known celebrity, she likes to maintain a low profile life. 

There is not much information about Julian and Shepherd. Both of them are in their teenage years.

Julian Kal Seinfeld father Jerry Seinfeld and sister Sascha.
Julian Kal Seinfeld father Jerry Seinfeld and sister Sascha. Source: Instagram

How did they meet?

Jerry and Jessica first met at the Reebok Sports Club. Jessica had just returned from her honeymoon with her then-husband Eric Nederlander, a theatrical producer and scion of a theater-owning family. 

According to Jessica, they were involved in couple’s therapy even before the marriage and later filed for a divorce with Eric and married Jerry in 1999

The best man at their wedding was none other than Comedian George Wallace

Jessica saved Jerry:

Jerry openly admitted that Jessica gave him a reason to live as he was already 44 and had a successful career but was tired of being single and, at the same time, didn’t want to get married. 

So, he was stuck with what else he could do and have until he met Jessica. She was the reason to change everything, get married, and have a family of his own.

He also admitted that he fell for Jessica instantly, and he knew that he wanted to spend his life with her as it felt very comfortable even when she was in his house.

Julian Kal Seinfeld parents Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Seinfeld.
Julian Kal Seinfeld parents Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Seinfeld. Source: Instagram

Underage affair:

Jerry once dated a girl who was just 17 years old when he was 38 years old

The girl was Shoshanna Lonstein, a fashion designer and the founder and creative director of the fashion label Shoshanna

She became controversial after the news broke about her dating Jerry. They had a relationship for 4 years and later broke up.

The reason behind Jerry shaming an older man for wearing jeans

Jerry mentioned how one of the major problems of older men, like themselves is the jeans. He said there are no jeans for older men that nobody thinks look good. 

There are no jeans, and there is nothing you can do, Seinfeld added. Moreover, Jerry mentioned that he reached a certain age where it’s just bad. 

It’s Bad; you look bad and claim that men shouldn’t wear jeans. He says that if you try and look cool, is that going to work? He was confident and stated that it was not going to work. 

He pointed to himself that if someone saw him in really cool jeans, a person would think, what an idiot. But also, if Jerry is wearing lame jeans, there is no answer to this. 

He said, You can’t wear them now, but are still wearing jeans in which we don’t look good. Jerry says that despite not looking good, nobody is going to tell them about that. 

Later, the picture of Jerry was shown clad in jeans where he says that he doesn’t look cool. However, he knows there is nothing he can do. 

For more interesting talks, visit the link below.

How did Jerry develop an interest in comedy?

It’s claimed that Jerry had an interest in comedy since a young age. He got influenced by his dad, a sign maker who also served as a closet comedian. 

While Jerry was just eight years of age, he got involved in rigorous comic training, watching TV all day and night in order to observe and study the techniques of comedians.  

No doubt, as the years passed, Jerry developed a unique style of comedy that led him to center on his wry observations of life mundanities. 

Well, Jerry had made his debut back in 1976 and worked all his way to be appeared on “The Tonight Show” back in the year 1981

Undoubtedly, it gave Jerry his first-ever national exposure. Lastly, he is considered one of the highest-profile stand-up comedians in the United States

Net worth:

The net worth of Julian is not known, and he has not worked yet as he is still young to have a job.

The net worth of Jerry is estimated to be around $950 Million. He gets his income from his career as a comedian, movies, TV shows, and Series.

$950 Millioncomedian, movies, TV shows, Series, writer, producer


  1. Julian is 18 years old. He was born on March 1, 2003.

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