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Facts of Julian Broadus

Full NameJulian Broadus
First NameJulian
Last NameBroadus
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameSnoop Dogg
Father Professionrapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, actor and media personality
Mother NameLaurie Holmond
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusSingle
EducationDiamond Bar High School
Insta Profile
Date of Birth1998

Julian Broadus's real name is Julian Corrie Broadus. Julian is the son of famous artist Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., aka Snoop Dogg

Before, he was unknown to the public; however, in 2008, there was a revelation of him being a celebrity son.  

Originally, he belonged to the United States. Julian's nationality is American and his ethnicity is Black-American

Julian's parents influenced him to be in the music field?

Young Julian Broadus.
Young Julian Broadus. Source: Instagram

Well, the popularity of his dad has also brought the spotlight on his life as the followers on his social media have rapidly increased.

We assume that young Julian has inherited many things from his rapper father, whether his height or passion for music. 

During his time at Diamond Bar High School, he took two extracurricular activities, i.e., music and basketball. 

Julian, in an interview, shared that he found basketball games unique yet challenging. 

Nevertheless, a hand injury led him to quit basketball and focus on music. 

The young talent revealed that he had started working on his music career and insisted audiences not compare him with his legendary dad or neither think that his dad's power has made his career.

Lastly, Julian chose his music genre in RnB and pop.

Who are Julian's siblings?

Julian has a total of three half-siblings from his father's side. His older half-brother's name is Corde Broadus

Professionally, he also serves as a rapper. Coming to his second half-brother, his name is Cordell Broadus, a filmmaker and model. 

Cordell is a married man, and his spouse Phia Broadus is an entrepreneur. 

Lastly, his half-sister named, Cori Broadus, professionally serves as an R&B singer and owns a CHOC factory. 

Cori went through the phase of mental trauma and depression for numerous years.

Does Julian have a girlfriend?

As per the current scenario, Julian is more focused on following in his dad's footsteps. 

Talking about his girlfriend, the young boy hasn't shared anything on the matter, assuming him to be single. 

Also, Julian has never been linked to any other lady publicly to the date. 

Nevertheless, through his Instagram handles, we can capture him mainly hanging with his mates and siblings. 

Also, he actively shares the skills video almost every day on social media.

Are the odd pairs, Snoop and Martha Stewart, dating?

Julian Broadus father Snoop Dogg with Martha in an event.
Julian Broadus father Snoop Dogg with Martha in an event. Source: Pinterest 

Snoop and Martha are listed to be the odd pair who has now caught the attention of audiences whenever they head out. 

The individuals have known each other for more than a decade. However, they are not dating but have remained great friends and business partners for a long time. 

The individuals first met on the set of "The Martha Stewart Show" back in 2008. They are often spotted praising each other and their friendship on-screen too. 

The individuals' odd chemistry, age gap, nature, and different lifestyle seen on camera has made their fans and audience gush towards them. 

Snoop changed his name to Snoop Lion

One of the interesting facts about the artist is that after traveling to Jamaica in 2012, Snoop had claimed that he's been reincarnated and been changed to Rastafarian indeed. 

Lastly, he changed his name to Snoop Lion. Not only this, but he also conducted a press conference stating that he is tired of rap music. 

Further adding, he felt exhausted with performing gangster rap and shared his feeling that he now wants to create music that his children and grandparents would listen to. 

Nevertheless, that phase of Snoop only lasted for a time and later came back to his Snoop Dogg again.

Get to know more about Julian

Julian is currently creating his brand for the Cannabis lifestyle, and also he is training to play professionally, whether in the NBA, G-League, or overseas. 

He says whatever opportunity comes first and whichever is best for him and the situation he is in, whenever the time comes, he is going to follow the right path and from there on create his legacy even more and build on what his grandfather and father have done.

He says he came from being him not knowing anything about music and grew up just listening to his father’s music. 

He never tried, but it just naturally fell into, and he started doing music. 

He bought a computer and engineered his sound after he got the files for waves plugins and pro tools all on his own. There was no help from anybody. 

He says somebody who’s that statures like a son, daughter, whatever there is already a lot of standards are held to and are looked at very differently. 

It’s all about taking one step at a time, which was the biggest lesson he learned. 

When his dad stopped taking care of him financially, he started having to do everything himself, and the thing that never left him was music.

He does three things when he is stressed out. The first thing is playing basketball, the second is smoking weeds, and the third thing is making music. 

He started everything early, started school early, graduated early, and also started smoking weeds early. He was just 12 years old when he started smoking weeds. 

People used to laugh at him because he smoked weed and thought he was different, but he wasn’t, he says. 

He is socially awkward sometimes because there are certain situations he is not comfortable with, and he is learning to work out of his comfort zone as a man growing up and don’t want his future wife and kids to feel discredited or uncomfortable because of what he is doing, he added.

He does love having a girlfriend, but he doesn’t want to rush. He has had a girlfriend, but she cheated on him. 

He says he was hurt, but at the same time, he learned a lesson and grew up from that. 

He wouldn’t want someone to come up to him whenever he approaches someone he is interested in. 

He is always respectful and has learned from experience that you cannot make someone love you.

He says he will always love his father no matter what and loves everything his father has done and all the hardworking. 

He says he aspires to push himself every day because he sees him pushing himself every day but does not aspires to be like him. 

Net worth

Since Julian's net worth is not out there yet, we will rely on his dad's income having $150 million in total.

Net worth$150 million
Income sourceAmerican rapper, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur


  1. He is 24 years old.

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