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Judith Ann Hawkins


Facts of Judith Ann Hawkins

Full NameJudith Ann Hawkins
First NameJudith
Middle NameAnn
Last NameHawkins
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
NationalityBritish American
Birth CitySawley Derbyshire, England
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Father NameEarl Ellsworth Hawkins
Mother NameNellie Dicken
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SpouseJerome Jesse Berry
No Of Children2

Judith Ann Hawkins is the mother of Halle Berry. Halle, real name Halle Maria Berry professionally serves as an actress. 

Also, Judith herself served as a psychiatric nurse.

Judith Ann Hawkins with her daughter Halle Berry.
Judith Ann Hawkins with her daughter Halle Berry. Source: Pinterest

Who did Judith Ann marry?

Judith Ann married an Afro-American man named Jerome Jesse Berry. Jerome was professionally engaged as a hospital attendant. 

However, they had never shared details about their events. Later on, they split up with each other. 

Jerome passed away in January 2003. It has been stated that the reason for his expiry is due to a brain tumor. 

So, he took his last breath in his home in Ohio, the United States.

Judith had been the victim of domestic violence during her wedding phase

It has never been a happy life for her after being wed to Jerome

It's because she had been attacked by her spouse during the relationship. The lady has been the main victim in it. 

Moreover, it's been stated that her ex-partner used to assault her physically. 

Their daughter Halle also remembers that her father had misbehaved with her mother when she was just five years old. 

She further added that her father used to raise his hands almost every day to Judith

Her father had also kicked their mother downstairs, hitting her with a wine bottle in her head. 

That's why their daughters have a great bond with their mother rather than with their abusive father. 

That's why Halle has been spotted with her mother in many events as well.

Mother of two children

Judith Ann Hawkins with her younger daughter Halle Berry.
Judith Ann Hawkins with her younger daughter Halle Berry. Source: Pinterest

Judith had experienced motherhood twice. 

She first gave birth to their daughter, whom they named Heidi Berry, in 1964

Later after two years, they welcomed their second child named Halle Berry in 1966.

Well, Halle is a big name in the film industry as she serves as an actress. 

Halle had started with her career as a model. She had been an active participant in several beauty pageants too.

Moreover, she had been spotted in movies like The Flintstones, Bulworth, and many more. 

After their parents divorced, Judith raised both daughters as a single parent. 

Their daughter also mentioned that they haven't been in touch with their dad since he left. 

Judith's daughter Halle had become wives of these men

Judith's younger daughter Halle had been in a relationship with many men. 

Here, we will mention only the names of men with whom she had married. 

Halle took the vows and became wife to David Justice in 1993

Only after four years, the pair decide to stop their relationship fully. 

After a gap, the lady met Eric Benet, with whom she carried on the rituals in 2001.

But the man went through s*x addiction treatment which made their relationship fail. 

Lastly, the news popped out of Halle and Olivier Martinez's engagement in 2012

The couple tied the knot in 2013, but their relationship didn't last forever. They officially got separated in 2016.

Halle has one son Maceo Robert Martinez from Oliver and one daughter with Nahla Ariela Aubry from Garbiel Aubry.

Unknown facts about Halle Berry

Besides her work, Halle had suffered from racism from a very early age as the lady attended all the white schools from the very beginning. 

It cannot be denied that she is a multi-talented one. 

The lady has served as a newspaper editor, class president, head cheerleader, and extracurricular activities while schooling. 

Also, Halle had diabetes early. Therefore, she maintains a healthy diet balancing it with regular workouts.

Halle takes the initiative and says it’s time for Black women to shine in Hollywood

Judith’s popular daughter Halle says that it’s time for black women to take their rightful place in Hollywood. Halle stated that you don’t win big if you don’t risk big. 

She talks about the low-budget indie movie, but Halle played such big responsibility in playing the role as a directorial debut. She described it as the risk all way around. 

Halle shared she can’t say that people believed in it in the beginning, claiming it to be a new story. The story of a black it’s an old genre but a new story with a black woman. 

Halle describes herself as first a black woman before being a Halle Berry. She admitted that she gets reminded of that over and over again. 

So she has always kept pushing and kept trying and keep proving that we are worthy. And as for black women, it’s time for them to take a rightful place, she added. 

And lastly, she speaks, saying we had to fight for that. Halle says that from her experience, she learned that she had to be so ready to lead fearlessly even though she had no idea where she was going. 

She says the phrase, fake it until you make it.  

Halle surrounded by controversy 

Halle faced controversy when she called Cardi B the Queen of Hip-Hop

Well, the actress had gone through backlash from the fans of Nicki Minaj after she spoke during the time of her movie Bruised screening. 

While in the interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, she doubled down on her original statement. However, she explains that there is always room for more than one queen. 

Further explains that Nicki is also the queen in her own right, claiming H.E.R. as a queen. She concluded that all of the ladies to her are queens, and there is always more than one. 

Other than that, to promote their new project, Cardi B and Halle interviewed each other too. 

They talked about their favorite sex positions, their biggest purchases, and many more. 

How would Ellen have saved Halle from these three marriages?

Halle was captured in the show with Ellen, where they discussed that they saw each other at the People’s Choice Awards

Ellen revealed her grabbing and assaulting Halle and expressed how much she loves her. Halle responded by saying she loves being assaulted by Ellen

Halle also revealed her outfit that day was sequined beautiful jumpsuit. She claims it reminded her of her childhood days as it has a zipper across the butt. 

Continuing the conversation, when asked what her son is into, she instantly replied saying cursing and explained how children nowadays go with this thing. 

She explained that her son found those curse words and is on a tear now. As soon as he reached eight years old, which is this year, he started doing it. 

Halle also shared a part of her son’s story where they were reading stories of the fox and the rabbit and her son being like F*** Fox and F**** rabbit and F*** them all. 

Other than that, when the host of the show, Ellen, said that Halle’s boyfriend had been in the show during Season one. 

Halle shared how she and her partner had a conversation a few days ago after knowing Halle would be there. 

Halle told her partner that she was on Ellen’s show first season and her partner was like so was he. 

Halle then reacted by saying her partner would have found her two decades back and saved her from all those miseries she had gone through. 

Halle giggled and asked Ellen how she could not arrange that scenario. Ellen recalled and said the pair were on her show just two months apart. 

Halle then goes like Ellen would have saved her from three marriages. Ellen, in return, stated if she did so, Halle would not have the presence of the little [BLEEP] kid in her life. 

Halle broke down into laughter after hearing that savage reply. 

Halle didn’t stop there, and the actress added that now she had two other [BLEEP] kids which whom the lady wouldn’t have shared two [BLEEP] daddies with. 

Halle then blamed all the way to Ellen for it but in a joking way. To hear more about their fun conversation, visit the link below.

Her denial to financially help her daughter 

Judith raised her kids as a single parent following her divorce from her ex-husband when Halle was just four years old

As a mom, she always supported her daughter and shared an extremely close bond. 

But there was a time when her daughter Halle did not talk to her for a year after she refused to help her. 

At the age of 18, Halle moved to Chicago carrying a dream of becoming a model, but things didn’t go as she had expected, as she soon found herself broke. 

She was staying with one of the models in a one-bedroom apartment until the model left the town, after which she was left alone, having to pay the whole rent. 

At the time, she called Judith seeking financial help. Judith, in an interview, recalled getting a call from Halle asking $500 to do her portfolio. 

She said she was actually at a time herself when she didn’t have that sort of money to send her. 

Halle was completely shattered by her refusal and was like, “How could my mother say no”? 

And that her ego and pride kicked in, so she did not talk to Judith for a little over a year, Halle said in an interview. 

Halle later realized that her refusal to help when she was in need was the best thing that happened to her as it shaped her into the person she is today. 

While opening up with People about her struggling days in New York City, Halle, said that the best thing her mother did for her was refusing her to help. 

She recalled her mom saying to her that if she wanted to be there, then she needed to work it out, and she had to work it out anyhow. 

When she was asked if she thought of giving up, she said that giving up was never her option. It was to prove to her mother and everybody else that she could do it. 

It took her right back to her high school years. “You say I can’t, Watch me I am going to figure it out, she said. 

And the shelter part was figuring it out for a minute till she could get a waitressing job. 

Then she got the bartending job, and until she could figure, that’s what she did, she added.

Net worth

Since Judith Ann Hawkins's exact financial details aren't given. 

Instead, we can rely on her daughter Halle who has the total estimated net worth of $90 million.

Net worth$90 million
Income sourceProfessional actress


  1. She is 82 years old.

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