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Journey River Green


Facts of Journey River Green

Full NameJourney River Green
First NameJourney
Middle NameRiver
Last NameGreen
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CityLos Angeles, California
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameBrian Austin Green
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameMegan Fox
Mother ProfessionActress
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsNoah Shannon Green and Bodhi Ransom Green
Date of BirthAugust 4,2016
Age7 years

Journey River Green is the four-year-old son of American actress Megan Fox and actor Brian Austin Green

He is the third child of Fox and Brian

Megan is very attached to his youngest son, and she even moved to a new place for her third baby boy.


Journey has two brothers from the same parents who are Noah Shannon Green and Bodhi Ransom Green

He also has one brother from his stepmother, whose name is Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green.

Journey River Green with parents Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green and brothers.
Journey River Green with parents Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green and brothers. Source: Instagram 

Megan married life

Megan met Brian while shooting for the movie Hope and Faith

The actress was only 18 years old, and Green was 30 years old

It was awkward for Green to enter into the relationship due to the huge age gap between them, but an actress was more outspoken and confident. 

They got engaged in November 2006. After dating for so many years, they got married on June 24, 2010, in a secret private ceremony. 

They have three children together.

Now, the news of their divorce has been the current headline as they are already separated. 

An actress is currently dating a singer Machine Gun Kelly

They went public with their relationship after releasing his song Bloody Valentine which also featured Fox in the music video. 

Lately, the Transformers actress filed a divorce from Green in November 2020.

Little Journey River Green in Controversy

A baby boy was in controversy due to the dispute between his parents Fox and Brian

Fox accuses her ex-husband of being intoxicated and making her feel not such a caring mother in front of the media. 

Green had posted a photo of himself and the youngest son celebrating Halloween in which other family members were cropped, which made Fox feel inferior. 

She immediately commented in his post, saying not to act like she doesn't care for her children while other children were also present there, and she had a great Halloween with them. 

After that, Green immediately deleted that photo and posted an original photo.

Journey River Green with his mother Megan Fox.
Journey River Green with his mother Megan Fox. Source: Instagram

Megan considered a Sex symbol

Megan Fox is an American actress and model. Her first movie was Holiday in the sun

Fox got worldwide recognition through her blockbuster action film Transformers

The Transformers actress is considered a sex symbol because of her looks. 

She has appeared in numerous magazines such as Maxim, Rolling Stone, and FHM.


Fox is bisexual and doesn't hesitate to say that because she believes that all humans are born to attract both sexes. 

She also said that she would never date a girl who dates a man because she thinks men are dirty. 

She doesn't like people's perception to take her as a 'Wild and crazy sexpot' because she is asocial and has been sexually intimate with her childhood sweetheart and Brian Austin Green

She was also voted the sexiest female in the world in 2008.

Los Angeles Times called her the "Sex symbol of the highest order" and said she was "the first bona fide sex symbol of 21st century."

Megan’s Dating Partner Introduced to Kids

Megan’s boyfriend, Kelly, met her kids for the first time in 2020. It was just a few days after their romantic date in Santa Monica.

The idea of introducing children to her partner was a natural step for her as the love birds were getting serious about their relationship. 

The two of them are strongly connected, and they are planning a future together. By getting connected to the children, Kelly is becoming an important part of their lives. 

The lovely couple loves to spend as much time together as they can. 

Megan Called Ellen a Fertility Good Luck Charm

In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Megan called Ellen a fertility good luck charm.  

As said by Megan, she was pregnant the first time she was on the show. The second time she was on the show, she just had another child.

In the show, she talked about her little ones and the challenges of filming a movie while pregnant with her second child, Bodhi

She was shooting for an action movie named Ninja Turtles that required running, jumping, and stunts. 

Megan was aware of being an actress since young

Great actress Megan Fox was captured in an interview with KBS WORLD TV. She was caught candid talking about her April character's similarity with the real her. 

Megan told how she has a few of that brave streak in her. Elaborating it, Megan means that if she believes in something, then no matter what other people think of it, it doesn’t matter to her, and she goes for it. 

On to the next one, the host asked if she knew before that she would choose this acting career path and become an actress? 

Surprisingly, Megan replied she did. Megan stated that she believes she was one in a past life.

Megan recalled her memories, saying that while she was two years old, the artist told her mother that she was going to be an actress one day. 

At two years old, she was barely speaking but knew she wanted to be in this profession, Megan added. 

She said that it might be because she was already a psychic as a baby. She also shared her motherhood experience further; to know, visit the link below.

Interesting Facts about Journey’s Mom

Here, we will mention some of Journey’s mom Megan’s facts. Young Megan was brought up modestly in rural Tennessee

Megan shared that her father used to hunt ducks while her mother put them in the pot. She accepted they had very little money then. 

Before acting, she used to serve in a smoothie shop behind the register. But once a week, she had to clad like a giant banana because someone had to be standing by the highway as a piece of fruit. 

Other than that, Megan got banned from Walmart because of stealing. Yes, she was a teenager at that time. 

She was caught red-handed stealing makeup from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen line of cosmetics. 

Lastly, Megan, as a child, believed that she was outgoing. She shared putting on shows in her living room. 

Megan said that she wanted everyone’s attention and focus, but she hates it after becoming popular among the media. 

Excited to have a baby brother

Journey and his siblings are excited to have a new baby brother who is on the way as his father with his girlfriend Sharna Burgess are expecting their first child together. 

The couple revealed that they were expecting their first child together in February. In an Instagram Q&A on the 8th of March, 2022, Sharna was asked by a fan if Brian’s children are excited for the new baby, to which she replied saying, “They are.” 

She added, saying that they have snuggle time with peanut, referring to her baby bump, and the kids come and say good morning to him giving him cuddles. 

They are curious to know how much longer it is going to take for the arrival of their baby and keep on asking. 

According to her, their favorite line is “Wow you are so much bigger.” She concluded by saying it’s beautiful how connected to him they are already. 

They will welcome their baby brother in July. Sharna also confessed to being on birth control when she got pregnant as they were thinking of trying later, which she calls a happy incident.

Megan, after finding out about Sharna’s pregnancy, congratulated the couple. Megan said of Sharna that she thinks Sharna is such a doll and feels she is a total blessing and is going to be an amazing mom.

Journey River Green and his siblings are excited to welcome their baby brother.
Journey River Green and his siblings are excited to welcome their baby brother. Source: Instagram

How did his father meet his now-girlfriend?

Five months after splitting from Megan Fox, Brian Austin started dating Sharna Burgess in October 2020

Talking to PEOPLE, Sharna said they met at a coffee shop through a mutual friend who followed with a few dates until they got locked in the house together. 

She confessed to being grateful for that as it allowed them to take their time. While Brian said that his meeting with Burgess was something he had never experienced before in his life. 

They just completely lost track of time on their first date, and the same things happened the next time. 

He further explained that he was not sure what that meant until they had their first kiss, and then it was the attraction and a whole bunch more.

Journey River Green father Broan Austin with Sharna Burgess are soon going to be parents.
Journey River Green father Broan Austin with Sharna Burgess are soon going to be parents. Source: Instagram

Sharna Burgess on her wedding timeline, marriage pressure before baby, and on her soon-to-be husband

During an interview with US Weekly, Sharna Burgess discussed her wedding timeline, marriage pressure before having a baby, and her soon-to-be husband, Brian Austin. Here is what she has to say on the following things:

  • On her wedding timeline

According to Burgess, she and Austin never had a timeline. They allow things to flow. She added that it’s on the cards, and they have talked about whether the wedding is going to be big or small, and there has been a discussion about rings over the time they have been together, and they are in the End Game. 

During their relationship, they were never made the timeline like they were going to be married at this time, have a baby at this time, and all. They were like, let life be life and enjoy each other and trust the things will happen when they are mean to.

  • On feeling pressure to be married before a baby

Burgess says it’s an old-fashioned belief on feeling pressure to be married before a baby. She does not feel pressured.

According to her, she does see people commenting on it now and then, which she thinks is their belief system, and that’s fine for her. 

She says she does not need to have a ring on her finger to know that she is going to be loved and supported by her man and so will be their child to know that they are happy together; it does not give her any more sense of security. 

She doesn’t need to have that necessarily, although she wants it, so she doesn’t think she needs to have it before the baby.

  • On her soon-to-be husband

One of the things Burgess fell in love with Austin was watching him be a dad and thinking that she had never known a man like him. 

She praised his parenting skills, the way he teaches them, the way he instills them, the way he guides them with so much love and kindness. 

Though she also grew up with all love and kindness, having seen Austin the way he does is way more beautiful. 

She thought that Austin was the man she would want to be the father of her children.  

She also praised him for his great co-parenting skills, saying he is amazingly co-parenting and the kids are so balanced and loving and kind. 

She says there is a lot of love in their home, and the kids are incredibly happy with them.

Journey River Green with Sharna Burgess and siblings Noah Shannon and Bodhi Ransom.
Journey River Green with Sharna Burgess and siblings Noah Shannon and Bodhi Ransom. Source: YouTube

Net Worth

Journey is a small baby boy, so he is not able to work and have an income. 

His mother, Megan is an actress and model. Her net worth is:

 YearNet Worth
Megan Fox2021$8 million


  1. Journey was born on August 4, 2016. He is now four years old.
  2. He has an aunt too and her name is Kristi Branim Fox.

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