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Facts of Jorge Messi

Full NameJorge Messi
First NameJorge
Last NameMessi
ProfessionCelebrity Father
Birth CountryArgentina
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseCelia Cuccittini
No Of Children4
Height170 cm
Date of Birth1958

Jorge Messi is the father of Argentine professional football player Lionel Messi.

He is also a steel factory manager.

Early life and coaching Lionel 

Jorge resided with his wife in Rosario, the largest city in Argentina, with four children. 

His wife, Celia Cuccittini, worked in a magnet manufacturing workshop while Jorge worked as a steel factory manager. 

Jorge is of Italian and Spanish descent. His great grandfather was an immigrant from the northcentral Adriatic Marche region of Italy

Jorge and Celia had three sons Rodrigo Messi, Matias Messi, and Lionel Messi

Residing in a tight-knit, football-loving family, Jorge enjoyed playing and watching football with his family members. 

Lionel developed a passion for the sport from an early age, regularly playing with his older siblings Rodrigo and Matias

He would also join his cousins Maximiliano and Emanuel. The two of them have even become professional footballers. 

Lionel joined a local club called Grandoli at the age of four. He was trained by his father, while his earliest influence as a player came from his maternal grandmother. Since he was 14, Jorge has been Lionel Messi's agent, and his oldest brother, Rodrigo, managed his daily schedule and ads. 

His mother and his other brother, Matías, run the Leo Messi Foundation, a charitable organization.

Jorge Messi and Lionel Messi posing in front of Messi's achievements
Jorge Messi and Lionel Messi posing in front of Messi's achievements Source: Instagram

Jorge under investigation for money laundering

Investigators cleared Jorge, Barcelona star Lionel's father, after a Spanish newspaper article accused and wrote that he was under investigation for money laundering connection with drug traffickers

According to Marca, the claims from El Mundo (via Neil McLeman) that Jorge was being investigated as being involved in the suspected money laundering involving fundraising matches for Messi and Friends, a famous charity, were rebutted by Spanish investigators.

"There is no connection between Jorge and this case," said LMM in a statement. He was not investigated or called, much less charged, to testify, "He has not been investigated or called to testify, much less charged." The management went further and said, "we hope that the paper El Mundo will verify and correct the Interior Ministry's story and investigation."

Relationship, wife, and kids

Lionel and Antonella Roccuzzo were childhood sweethearts, and there's no greater joy than marrying your childhood crush, someone who loves and cares everything about you, and that's the real thing that happened to Lionel and Antonella

For quite a long time, Lionel and Antonella dated each other and got married. 

They are proud parents of Thiago, Ciro, and Mateo Messi.

Messi's first contract was noted on a napkin

Messi's first Barcelona contract was laid out in detail on a paper napkin. Sporting director Carles Rexach of FC Barcelona was so pleased with Messi's abilities that he decided to sign a contract immediately, and at that time, there was no document available.

He had a growth hormone deficiency 

Messi was, like the other boys around, not very safe and nutritious in his childhood days. He was diagnosed with a condition in his childhood. 

It was a deficiency of growth hormone, which stopped his natural growth rate at the tender age of 11. 

His parents were unable to afford his care, which was $900 a month, paid for by Barcelona after signing him.

Net worth and earnings 

Jorge Messi's worth has not been revealed yet, but his son Lionel's net worth is estimated to be a whopping $400 million

Lionel is one of the highest-paid football players in the world. His earnings and time period are calculated as follows:

Time period Estimated earnings 
Per week $6,46,000
Per month $8.9 million 
Annually $100 million 

Age, height, and weight 

  1. Jorge Messi was born in 1958, making him 62 years old.
  2. His height is estimated to be 1.7 meters.
  3. His weight has not been revealed yet.
  4. Jorge loves sports, especially football and soccer.
  5. He is of Italian descent.
  6. His full name is Jorge Horacio Messi.

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