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John Carl Dinklage

Facts of John Carl Dinklage

Full NameJohn Carl Dinklage
First NameJohn
Middle NameCarl
Last NameDinklage
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseDiane Dinklage

John Carl Dinklage is the father of a celebrity actor in Hollywood, Peter Dinklage. By profession, he was a salesman in an insurance company. Before his son, no one from his family belonged to this entertainment industry.  

Simple Father and a celebrity son Peter Dinklage

Being born in a middle-class family and achieving a bigger success in the acting career is a real accomplishment. None of his family belongs to this industry. 

His father was a salesman and had worked from 9 to 5 pm. Likewise, his mother worked in a school as a music teacher. 

Peter Dinklage has an elder brother named Jonathan. Before becoming a celebrity, he and his brother used to perform for people in their neighborhoods. 

Entering Hollywood hadn't been easy for him. He struggled a lot. He had participated in several theatrical shows and worked as an employee in a company for five years. 

The actor has given his older brother credit, saying 

"He is the real performer who supported him and kept forcing him to follow the dream I dreamt." He also added "I didn't live a luxurious life. I was a simple guy, and before counting me as a celebrity, I wanted to be counted as a simple son of a simple father."

A Silent Marriage of a simple living family

John Carl Dinklage Son's Family
John Carl Dinklage Son's Family Source: Instagram

John Carl Dinklage is a simple man who lived his life doing a 9-5 pm job. Well, due to that, his personal life remains private. Nothing from his past can be discovered. 

Their family came into the limelight when his younger son became one of the industry's known faces. When asked about their marriage, he said nothing fancy, just a simple wedding with promises. 

He only said that his life partner's name is Diane Dinklage, and she is a teacher in an elementary school. That's how a simple family celebrates their special day. 

John Children's Jonathan and Peter are the two famous artist

Even though their father is not engaged with the entertainment industry, two of his children have made their name in the industry. 

His older son Jonathan Dinklage is a lead Violinist for Hamilton and has earned a lot of respect and honors from the musicians and music industry. 

On the other hand, his younger son, Peter is the famous American actor/producer who had been seen in the series starring Game of Thrones from the year 2011 to 2019

This series has given him the name and fame. Both of them have an opposite career path from their parents. And we must say that what they have chosen is correct and are successful artists of today.

Jonathan is more closer to my Wife Diane, John Replied

John Carl Dinklage Son Performing In An Event
John Carl Dinklage Son Performing In An Event Source: YouTube

We all know that John has two sons. When asked in an interview, who is Jonathan closed to? His father or mother. He reacted by saying; 

"Obviously, the answer is my Wife. She is also a part of the music as she has worked as an elementary school music teacher. More than me, my elder son connects with his mom more. They have the same taste, and thus I would love to hear from them. You can say I am the audience of my home when it comes to music." 

Did Peter state his wife as his Cyrano?

Many of you might not know, but Peter’s wife, Erica Schmidt, wrote the screenplay and did bring this first version of a stage play. 

Peter stated that he did it as a theater piece before there in New York. Continued the conversation when the host asked if his spouse, in this case, is Cyrano? 

As the host clarifies that his wife is the one putting the beautiful words in Peter’s mouth and also asks Peter is that what a writer is to an actor? 

Also, asking if Peter’s wife is his Cyrano? Peter instantly replied, “Yes,“ and says, 

“Why do you think I married her? 

He again said no, and claimed the question was an interesting one. Peter says that he thinks that’s what actors do. We sound a lot smarter because of their writers, Peter added. 

Peter stated that he totally enjoys playing intelligent people as it is more fun to take people on that intelligent ride. Other than that, he also recalls his days in Sicily

He was there for the shoot. However, his wife and kids were also present there. Peter shared that his son still wakes up in the night going "Grenita"

It is basically an Italian dessert. However, he also says that they missed the place, so they did bring home a reminder though. 

There were puppies everywhere, so they brought home a Puppy. They named the puppy Roxy because she eats Rocks, the actor mentioned. 

Peter is an animal rights activist

John’s son Peter is considered to be the most popular PETA spokesperson of all. 

Also, when Game of Thrones fans began seeking huskies that had similar looks to Dire Wolfs, the actor encouraged them all to adopt them from the animal shelters providing help to save animals rather than purchasing them. 

Many of you might not know, but Peter portrays the role of a spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary, whose main motive is to promote awareness of the need to behave kindly to farm animals. 

Also, he actively participated in the face your food video captured for PETA, where he showed how meat factories torture animals. 

It is claimed to be one of the most graphic ones ever made. 

Net worth

John Carl Dinklage was a salesman in a company. He earns $116,940 annually. His younger son thus earns $1 million per episode.

The net worth of John Carl Dinklage$116,940
Income SourceInsurance Company

Age & Height

  1. He was 72 years old when he passed away.
  2. His height was 5 feet and 7 inches tall, i.e., 1.70 meters.

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